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Why Do Many Christians Often Become Sick?


Hosea 4:6 

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout these many years I have enjoyed being a born again Christian, I have noticed that so many Christians seem to be suffering from illness today. Yet the Bible gives us so many Scriptures of promise for miracles and healing for God's people.

First of all, I believe in miracles, including that of healing. Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever. The same Almighty God Who healed through His Son Jesus Christ on the earth 2000 years ago, is able to heal us today.

I know this personally, because I was dying 42 years ago, at the age of 18. After two doctors failed, I finally reached up to Jesus Christ for salvation and for A MIRACLE. And that miracle actually happened! My doctor confirmed that I had a healing miracle that was medically unexplainable following testing at his office.

My doctor exclaimed, "I don't care what you have have had a medically unexplainable miracle happen. No doctors and no drugs could have done what has happened to you!"

That was many years ago. Since then, I have had no more epilepsy nor brain damage nor seizures...not one. I have refused to be on prescription drugs, rarely get sick or see a doctor, and have lived an active and healthy life all these years.

I have also witnessed many other people receive divine miracles through faith in God's Word through Jesus Christ and His power throughout the years.

But I have also noticed a disturbing trend in today's modern world: so many Christians become sick and are seemingly NOT healed even after prayer and standing on God's word. This bothered me, and I began to pray about this intensely. Didn't God's word promise healing and miracles for those that believe?

The Divine Holy Spirit began to lead at that point into studying health issues, including the problem of toxic foods in America (and the rest of the world) today. You see, we ARE what we eat and drink physically. The Bible teaches us that whatever we SOW, we shall also reap. 

If a person consumes food filled with toxins and artificial ingredients and refined sugar, that person is actually poisoning the body and it will eventually result in lack of energy, sickness, and for many it will cause various forms of cancer and lead to death.

The Bible teaches us that "faith without works is dead." God does His part, the DIVINE, and we are called to do our part, the practical. Together this makes a perfect combination to achieve success in our lives.

I remember years ago, after I went to Bible college and was exposed to schools of "superfaith," that I began to pray for another miracle, that of divine weight loss. Due to genetic and inherited problems predispositioning me to battles with obesity for the rest of my life, I became weary of the battle and cried out for God to set me free at last.

God heard my cry. He clearly impressed on me to "go organic." 
And so I started researching this subject and was shocked at what I discovered. How processed foods literally triggered the obesity epidemic so rampant in America today. How people are developing cancer and all sorts of other illnesses directly as a result of consuming deadly GMO foods and non-organic food laced with pesticides. How refined SUGAR is a killer and causes fat cells to be produced by the liver.

I was horrified to discover the terrible ingredients hidden in the fast foods of today, including that deadly neurotoxin called MSG, and how this also causes obesity as well.

I soon became outraged at what I realized was indeed the mass poisoning of the American people, and sadly Christians are by no means immune. And ever since I researched the world population reduction agenda for the world, I personally believe that much of this is quite deliberate.

In fact, many American Christians also suffer from problems with obesity and many forms of illness besides due to the foods they consume every single day, without taking the time to research exactly WHAT their foods contain that may be harmful and even deadly.

Following much extensive research into this important subject, I was shocked into reality. I purposed to be ignorant no longer. I immediately began to change my eating habits. And soon, GONE were the unhealthy hamburgers at the fast food joints! GONE was the morning breakfast cereal laden with artificial colors and flavors and the ever-ubiquitous SUGAR. 

Bye-bye, fast food chains and junk foods, like deadly potato chips fried in harmful and pesticide laden cottonseed oil and made with potatoes already filled with toxic pesticides. Popular sodas quickly went out the window as well. (Few Americans understand how deadly to their health the popular cans of soda pops we all grew up drinking, really are.)

But will the greedy processed foods industries, hungry for your business and your dollars, ever TELL Americans the tragic truth about their processed foods and drinks they sell you daily??? NO! 

ONLY by keeping the consumers in the dark about their harmful ingredients added to their products daily, can they continue to successfully market their foods to the American consumer. Yes, they may list ingredients (but not all) as required by law, BUT they will never tell you just how harmful some of those ingredients really are.

Foods that are readily available to the consumer are actually capable of making you sick. 

Many cancers and heart disease, infertility, autoimmune diseases and more can be directly linked with unhealthy food consumption. And also linked to the LACK of consuming HEALTHY ORGANIC/NON-GMO FOODS as well.

After several years of educating myself and putting this kind of information into personal practice, I believe that I have finally discovered a major reason why so many Christians are sick today. And none of this is the will of God for His people.

However, that is exactly why Bible verses like the following were written for our edification:

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

This verse can be applied to not only lack of spiritual knowledge, but also practical knowledge in many fields as well. Every day Christians are injuring themselves unwitting by consuming food and drink filled with harmful ingredients. 
Yummy...but deadly

Furthermore, they are failing to build up their health by consuming healthy alternatives to processed foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables, nutritious nuts and berries, etc.

This is where the Bible verse "faith without works is dead" come into focus. A Christian can pray all day to be healthy, BUT if that same person loads the body with junk food and processed, refined foods and neglects their health, HOW can this prayer be fully answered?

It then falls into the category of putting God to a foolish test. "Hey, God! Bless me with perfect health and healing even as I consume all this junk and soda and candy...'cuz your word says I can pray and ask You for anything I want, in Jesus' name!" ( the old flesh wishes it would work this way! But in reality, it doesn't.)
As mature Christians, we are called to work together with God and His promises, to see such prayers for our health needs fulfilled fully.

I pray daily for God to bless my health. But then I also take practical steps to do my part as I work together with God's word for a healthy body. 

My daily food habits include only organic and non-GMO foods, the purest bottled water I can find, healthy and safe cooking habits (but mostly raw for maximum benefits,) plus sprouting and other healthy food habits. Fasting periodically is also important for maximum health.

Foods I used to consume throughout the years have been discarded, once I discovered they are unhealthy. This is not always easy,because our bodies love certain tastes and have developed a liking to many foods that are not necessarily good for us. But the benefits to our health are well worth the sacrifice!

Daily exercise is also very important for our cardiovascular health and for many other reasons besides, including keeping our weight down.

This is often the hardest for me. Journalism requires many hours of research and composing at the computer, which requires much sitting. By the end of the day, I find myself very tired from this work, and it can be hard to make my body take a walk or hike for an hour or so, or work out. But I continue to coach myself in this area, because physical exercise is so very critical to achieving good health.

If you are a Christian struggling with health issues, disappointed that even after prayer there seems to be no improvement, then this article may be helpful for you. God has not failed you, nor can He fail. His word remains ever true. Continue to trust in Him and stand on His many words of promise.

But then, you must purpose in your heart to become informed on this important subject of WHY we need to go with organic/non-GMO foods/drink in this toxic world. 

Take the time to study this subject and begin to make your life healthier immediately by throwing out your unhealthy processed foods and junk food, and purchasing healthy organic alternatives instead. 
Forget the saying that "but ORGANIC is more expensive!" How costly is your health, after all? Isn't it worth EVERYTHING? And think of the expensive medical bills you will end up paying someday if you DON'T invest in healthy food for a healthier body now!

Actually, I found eating organic/non-GMO is MUCH cheaper! How so? Because of the money I save by NOT purchasing the expensive non-organic processed foods, including mostly eliminating unhealthy and expensive meats, milk and dairy products.

I can easily afford to go organic daily because of this, even on my very tight journalist's "shoestring budget."

Here is one more reason Christians need to become informed on this subject. It grieves my heart whenever I attend a church picnic. 

Typically, spread out on the tables are mostly unhealthy foods laden with pesticides and MSG and GMO's and articificial ingredients. Bags of junk food often accompany this (chips, etc.).

On the dessert table I find all processed (box mix) cakes and cookies and brownies laden with GMO sugar and artificial ingredients and more. All of this does not minister LIFE to God's people, but in reality it causes eventual sickness and health problems.
Christians feeding homeless

Equally tragic are church outreaches to the homeless, in which "food" is provided and handed out, that is totally unhealthy for the receivers. I watched one homeless outreach project by one church, in which they set up booths for food distribution in one city on a Saturday.

Curious, I went to their booths to see what they were feeding the homeless. I was sad to discover that they were feeding them unhealthy hot dogs laden with nitrates and nitrates (which cause cancer and tumors) which was surrounded by a nutritionless refined white  flour bun. 

For drinks, they were serving bottles of soda pop, filled with sugar and artificial colors and flavors and other unhealthy ingredients. It is not enough to feed such people spiritual food, if it is then followed with unhealthy physical food that again can eventually lead to sickness and death as the final result of unhealthy eating.

Of course, the Christians doing this were very sweet and kind. None of this was intentional. But while appreciating that church's good intentions, I left that outreach feeling sad inside. Jesus fed thousands of people, but NEVER gave them food that was not good for them. He always gave them the bread of LIFE, both spiritually and practically.
Jesus gives us bread of life

God wants His people to be healthy, so He can use them mightily for His glory all over the world. It is very hard to serve the Lord when you are sick and struggling with health issues. Many of use realize this from personal experience.

When God created planet Earth "in the beginning," He only created fruits and vegetables and other foods that were filled with health and nutrition for both mankind and all other living creations. God's natural foods are packed with vitamins and enzymes, bioflavinoids and health benefits of every kind.

But man has ruined so much of God's perfect plan in the age of modern industry and technology. Man has now filled God's world with harmful foods and deadly pesticides that pollute both food and water today. MONSANTO has been producing both pesticides and seeds of death through genetically modifying and altering God's original fruits and vegetables.

Both people and animals are becoming sick from consuming genetically altered food products. Infertility also results from consuming such toxic foods. 
Rats fed GMO corn

To many of us it has become clear that MONSANTO is working for the "world population reduction agenda" goals. perhaps they should be relabeled "MONSATAN" instead! After all,  satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy...and that's exactly what GMO products to one's health.

Many Christians have found relief from their health problems, including cancers and autoimmune diseases, by researching this subject and then turning to healthy food alternatives and lifestyles instead.

Some people have been completely cured of even terminal cancer as well. Still others have found relief from chronic depression, and diabetes, and many other illnesses besides.

God had a purpose in Creation, when He formed healthy foods from the very beginning. It therefore behooves us as Christians to study more about God's wondrous creation and purposes through it, and then apply this to our daily lives.

Especially when it comes to our daily bread. Why don't you try God's healthy foods today? Your prayers for health and healing of your body may be answered much more quickly and effectively as you work together with God's plan for a healthy body! Join millions of other happy Christians who have discovered the practical secret to MORE ABUNDANT LIFE today!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
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