Saturday, June 28, 2014

UPDATE on "Prayer Journey Across America"

Pioneering Prayer Journey Across America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

 I realize by now that all my readers are wondering about the former plans for my  prayer journey adventure across these United States, heading out west. I love traveling and meeting new people all across America, in order to pray with and minister to them. I previously wrote several articles about this and my plans. 

However, the prayer journey has been temporarily delayed due to several factors. Only a few weeks ago, my precious Christian prayer warrior friend, Lynn, collapsed physically and I had to take her to the local emergency room ( at the same hospital that previously saved my brother's life last fall.)

I insisted she have a CAT scan. That scan indicated the distinct possibility of stage four pancreatic cancer. We were both deeply saddened by this report. Her sisters were called, and they came up to help escort her to their home and provide a home and care for her at this time.

And in an instant, our plans were shattered. We planned to travel and pray over various regions of America, visiting several places of Christian ministry for ourselves as well and to share out burden about what is coming to this nation. Arrangements had been made to work together in Montana to help fund this outreach and to provide housing for the ministry. And now, all of that has been put on hold.

While her latest PET scan indicates the possibility that she does not have stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but possibly something else much less severe, she is unable to travel at this time. We personally believe that she had a miracle visitation of God between the CAT scan and the PET scan's later results. However, she remains weak and with pain problems. And so I am compelled to pray about reformulating this special prayer journey.
Therefore, I spent all day yesterday in the presence of God in deep prayer, asking Him for His guidance and will in this matter. Jesus has promised us that whosoever follows Him shall not walk in darkness. 

God is a God of perfect wisdom and guidance. I am a Christian who believes in the importance of THE WILL OF GOD for each one of our lives. How much better His will and plans are for our lives than ours!

In this desperate hour America finds herself in, due to dangerous US foreign policies in Europe and the Middle East, both of which are capable of triggering WW III, I have zero time for anything less than the perfect will of God. 

How important it is for all of us to take the time from our busy schedules to LISTEN to what the Holy Spirit is telling each one of us in this hour. And then, to DO what He shows us.

This is exactly where I am at  presently. I am not stepping out to do anything of major importance until I am confident I have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell me "this is the way, walk ye in it." 

The greatest works of God through our lives are formulated when we take the time to listen to His voice, and then obey Him. I refuse to spend money and make plans and exert  efforts until I KNOW that I have heard from the Father and His will is made plain.

How many of you want to be in the right place at the right time whenever disaster and destruction  come to this nation???

"I do! I do!"


Right now America is facing the grave possibilities of severe attacks due to our foreign policies presently, and judging from numerous articles I have been reading, this may include nuclear strikes and EMP threats as well as other potential tragedies to come.

God is a God of perfect foreknowledge. He lives in the realms of eternity, far outside of time. He knows exactly what is to come to our nation.  And He has the divine insight and power to preserve the lives of His saints from sudden destruction.  

Simply read PSALM 91 and many other Bible verses of promise to better understand His wonderful ways. God does not lead His people into destruction. "He preserveth the lives of His saints." (Psalm 97:10)
Many Christians wonder whenever God's people suffer harm and tribulation. Some even fall into that trap of the "blame God" syndrome for every evil that happens in this world, forgetting we live in a fallen and sinful world alienated from God. They forget that the devil goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

It is the devil who leads God's people into harm and destruction, and not a holy God. Jesus warns us that the thief, satan, comes to steal, kill and destroy. And people who also behave this manner are truly Satan's servants and tools of destruction. 

A perfect illustration of this are the fanatic ISIL jihadists who have recently swept through Iraq. These barbaric hordes (that America has formerly funded and trained, to our great shame) have destroyed numerous churches and have murdered Christians, tempting them to deny Jesus first, and then killing them when they refuse to. 

These Islamic murderers are truly of their father the devil, and the Holy God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is not in this. Their false god "Allah" is NOT the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! And this is also why  the emerging cult of CHRISLAM is a deadly and deceptive false doctrine, and a lie, even if the Vatican itself promotes this.

And so, I am patiently waiting on the revelation of God at this time, seeking His wisdom and counsel for my life's direction and the future PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA. 

We know that God is faithful. He will give revelation to all of His children as they seek Him and wait patiently for His answers. Never be discouraged if you are seeking God for answers. His answers will come in His perfect timing.

As I wait, I am taking the time to minister to the people God is bring into my life. It is amazing what happens when you  pray and ask God to send people into your life that He wants you to minister to. And I pray for this to happen every single day.

Recently God caused me to encounter a young man in great need with a most unusual background and fascinating story. He is considered a "targeted individual" due to his tragic background of being forced into military mind control programs from his earliest youth. (I will write about his situation in another article soon.)
Christopher Rowland

Simply pray for Christopher Rowland, native American flute player and artist. I am buying him meals when I encounter him and spending time ministering to him, lifting him up from great heaviness and the never-ending attacks on his life due to his past. 

He loves Jesus and knows much of the Bible, in fact. But he struggles with every day life challenges and tragedies, even losing his home and having to live out of his car at this point.

God's love manifested through our prayers and acts of kindness can do much to lift up those in crisis. And there are people in crisis all around us in this nation today, including in YOUR world around you.

Please continue to keep North America in prayer. Don't think for a moment that what is happening to Christians in Syria and Iraq now, cannot happen in America's future should nuclear attack and war or martial law come to our nation. 

Many anointed men and women of God have prophesied of great and terrible persecutions to come to the Church in America, as judgment comes at last to this nation. Truly, this is a time to "watch and pray" for all of God's sincere remnant of true Believers in North America...and throughout the world as well.

Keep my beloved Christian friend Lynn in your prayers as well, for perfect health.

I need your prayers also. More recent auto repair bills have caused my present funds to run dry at this time. (This is the only reason I am frequently mentioning the need for support.) I am praying for all my readers, and our nation also. 

Let us remember to keep Christians who are suffering around the world in our prayers at this time. Persecution and martyrdom is striking many Christians in Africa and the Middle East and other nations at this time, most often due to Islamic terrorists acting out what is taught in the Koran and following the "fatwas" (edicts or laws) issued by their imams. 

Some imams are even issuing new fatwas for Americans to be killed and Christians as well. What a dangerous and deadly cult of cruelty, barbarity and death Islam has been proven to be! It will be difficult to convince people worldwide now about how Islam is "a peaceful religion." I am glad the truth has been clearly been shown to the world now through present  world events.
Christians crucified for their faith under Islam

But this is the nature of every cult and false religion. It's origins are always ultimately from the devil, the father of lies and of all false religions. And just like the devil, the cult of Islam also comes to bring persecution, death and destruction to the world. 
ISIS/ISIL executing opponents

As we can see clearly, Islam is spreading terror and death and destruction everywhere it seeks to take over and rule in the world. Such is Islam, with a false god "Allah" and a religious book full of error and lies, and a false prophet called Mohammad. The fruits of a false prophet and false doctrines not of the one true God are quite obvious.

Thank our Almighty and Living God for sending Jesus Christ to the world instead of leaving the world with deceivers and cults like ISLAM. 
"I Am the light of the world!"

After seeing the horrors of militant Islam on the march under ISIL in Iraq, tell me: which religion would you rather be ruled by? Jesus Christ and His wonderful teachings, or the doctrines taught by Islam that turn men into monsters and murderers? 

People are never the ultimate enemy, but rather the doctrines and teachings that govern the lives of men. People will always act out what they believe in and follow. It is therefore the doctrine and teachings that instruct and guide people, that are the greatest enemy of all. Doctrines can transform people into great SAINTS, or into terrible monsters.

I am so thankful to be a Christian and following the teachings of my Savior, Jesus Christ! And thankful that the Bible promises that JESUS CHRIST SHALL RETURN to put down all false cults and abominations and governments, and HE SHALL REIGN OVER ALL THE EARTH SOMEDAY!  And we who are faithful unto the end shall reign with Him.

"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is LORD OF LORDS  and KING OF KINGS. 
And they that are with Him 
are called, and CHOSEN, and faithful." 


Fellow Christians, aren't you glad you are with Him, and not with some destructive and soul-damning cult of death?

 I sure am glad I am with HIM, both in this world and in the world to come...HEAVEN SOMEDAY!

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. I hope to be able to soon have a "tent-making" position to earn some extra income to make this journalism possible, but for now, the only income I have is faithful reader support. 
"The fervent prayers of the righteous person avail much."

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for America
at this critical time, and for the persecuted Christians of the world.

And my fellow Christians, 
thank God that He has people 
in the world like YOU
to make the difference!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Maybe something is about to happen that God doesn't want you traveling across the States.I DEEPLY appreciate your prayers and I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ.The last few nights I have CRIED out to the Father with my health.Female issues--(( due to antibiotics NO MORE....I had to have them back in March 2014 almost 3 years that I didn't have to have any that I can remember and then I had to have them here in June 2014)).I have battled my whole life with ill health here and there however in the last almost 6 years it has been the HAREST.I would LOVE to FEEL WHOLE again.Please Pray with me,He healed me of asthma --(( my lungs can't run a marathon ))-- but I have been healed of asthma for years.

  2. Dear Pamela,
    I know that God has used this blog as another means of keeping me in the know of what is coming.I KNOW that I DEFINITELY want to be in the right place at the right time whenever disaster and destruction hit.I DEEPLY would appreciate your prayers at this time as I too am patiently waiting for HIS WILL and DIRECTION but also for His RETURN TO ME so that once again I can FEEL His Presence again in my life after almost 2 LONGGGGGGGGG YEARS.I always pray for Him to keep me humble,I know that desert seasons are times just before God is about to use a person............I know that I have ONLY ever wanted to do His will for my life.I have cried bucket fulls over the last 2 years almost.Plus,battling my health which is VERY tiring.I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MISS HIM / THEM--- Abba Father , Yeshua , & The Holy Spirit.I believe that I am battling candida......VERYYYY HARD.He has been my strength I LONG to FEEL WHOLE again.Every day I just keep hanging on that He will SURPRISE me and SHOW UP again.I REMEMBER the day He withdrew from me on July 30, 2012.