Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SO Much Is Happening Around the World!


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, I am able to fully resume my blogging and reporting at this time. 

The horrible asthmatic bronchitis attack that lasted for well over a week has ended, and I am now feeling restored. The deep depression that paralyzed me from within following my friend's health crisis announced several weeks ago, has finally lifted completely with this amazing news of her miracle of healing, a mighty answer to all our prayers. I feel wonderful!

However, during this previous time period of rest and recovery, I have been researching daily  across the Internet for unfolding news of important world events and things happening across America as well. Disturbing events continue to take place across the globe. 
Battles rage in the UKRAINE

This includes the crisis in the Ukraine escalating, with more attacks, violence and casualties from internal civil war being reported daily. Reports from many Islamic regime countries continue to surface of Christians being brutally attacked and murdered, and churches destroyed by Islamic militants.

In America, more Americans are becoming nervous as reports continue to come in of evident ongoing preparations for the unfolding police state and martial law. Articles published by various websites reveal that military vehicles with "DHS" stenciled on them are being delivered continually to police departments throughout our nation. This even includes machine guns and M-16's and other armored vehicles as well.

DHS vehicles in Kalispell, Montana

Only recently,
reports came out from KALISPELL, MONTANA (where I have spent many years researching the NWO agenda for America) that a DHS "SHOW OF FORCE" display took place openly on the streets. 

This intimidation tactic included armored vehicles with DHS stenciled on the sides, a CHINOOK helicopter with machine guns openly displayed, plus other official vehicles as well. One vehicle had the words "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" unit on it.

This has many locals wondering if in fact a FALSE FLAG EVENT is scheduled for their region, to bring down MARTIAL LAW regionally. This would then be used as a pretense to arrest everyone "on the list" (meaning patriotic gun owners, Constitutionalists, NWO resisters, etc.)

My readers remember my reporting last summer of my encounter with an ex-Navy SEAL in Kalispell, who revealed that he had been working with others to locate and deactivate dirty nukes planted covertly by the US government/military for future "false flag" events, designed to trigger martial law throughout the state of Montana.
The NWO hates the proud Patriotic American gun owners and NWO resisters that fill this region, and will use any tactic that it deems will be required to seize their weapons, arrest them and remove them permanently to the FEMS/DHS camps. 

This is why there are so many reports of  prisoner boxcars with shackles being sighted by locals throughout the years in this Kalispell, Montana, region and also throughout the rest of Montana.

I discovered throughout my years of living and researching in this region of Montana, that many people have relocated here in the Kalispell area from other parts of America, to stage their "last stand for freedom" should martial law come down. 
Downtown Kalispell, Montana

My many articles published in this region throughout the years have previously revealed the extensive government/military plans to take down all civilian resistance to martial law/NWO takeover in the Flathead Valley/Kalispell area.

Such revelations have included numerous eye-witness sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles, equipped with the military guillotines as well. More than one deep underground military base can be found throughout this region, including one even located in Glacier National Park as well.

I have reported from insider sources on how the former aluminum plant, only a few miles north of Kalispell in Columbia Falls, will be used to dispose of the dead bodies of the resistance once the conflicts begin. The furnace will be used as a crematory oven during this time. 
Aluminum plant, Columbia Falls, Montana

According to eye-witnesses I have interviewed, refrigerator morgue railroad cars are already parked with the facility, hidden behind it's gates and fences, prepared to transport dead bodies of casualties apparently anticipated in the future.

Aluminum plant furnace to be used as human crematory

Local Kalispell militia members
I have interviewed on the subject of martial law and the NWO agenda for America have informed me during interviews: 

"Yeah, lady, we know all about martial law, and it will be outta my cold dead hands they pry my guns, because we are not surrendering to the NEW WORLD ORDER, and I will never be taken alive to the FEMA camps...."

This was the general message I received from the majority of gun owners I interviewed throughout the region. NO surrender, no turning in weapons, no going peacefully to the camps under martial law. 

(And frankly, why should Constitutional and Patriotic, God-fearing Americans feel compelled to do so? Should anyone rightly feel compelled to surrender to the forces of hell that will then strip them of their right to life and liberty and reduce them to slaves of satan's NWO...and only murder them in the end? God's people are never required to meekly comply with satan's agenda for their destruction: the Bible clearly exhorts Christians to resist satan steadfastly.)

Of course, the US government is fully aware of this general attitude of resistance, due to numerous federal agents (including military intelligence) infiltrated into the Kalispell region to spy upon Americans. I have reported on this previously many times.

And so we are witnessing disturbing events escalate throughout American and the world as well. Due to America playing a major role in the destabilizing of the Ukraine, and Putin's full awareness of this, we now clearly face the potential for nuclear strikes on American soil, as many well researched articles posted on the Internet attest to.

Will previous prophecies declaring that Russia and China would someday attack America, finally come to pass as a result of this tense situation in the Ukraine???

Sadly, it looks like America is fully intent on provoking WW III by their involvement in the Ukraine crisis. As I have written previously, you can only provoke the Russian bear for so long, before it rises up to attack with a fury. How foolish can America's leaders be??? Or is this provocation all part of a bigger, darker and deliberate NWO agenda...???

And more is happening across the globe...
Fukushima radiation threatens the WORLD and America too

continues to poison the Pacific ocean and our atmosphere non-stop. Researchers believe that the world faces a genocide of up to 2 BILLION people if the number 4 building collapses. People are succumbing to the deadly radioactive particles being released, and dying in Japan at a record rate now.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE seemingly looms ever closer on the horizon for America, with fewer Americans employed, and many more on food stamps, even as the dollar is about to take a plunge on the world market as some nations begin to turn to other currency besides the American dollar.

AMERICA FACES FOOD FAMINE due to the collapse of agriculture beginning in California due to prolonged drought. Some researchers believe that this is in part due to military efforts using HAARP type frequencies to try to block Fukushima radiation from spreading from west to east across America...but also stopping the rains as well.

Christians under attack by Islamic extremists

in Islamic nations, especially throughout Africa. Christians are facing horrific massacres in Nigeria, being sentenced to death by Islamic courts in nations such as the Sudan and others. Syrian Islamic mercenary terrorists are brutally murdering Christians in Syria continually.

How the world needs Jesus Christ! If mankind were living by His teachings, none of the above could ever take place! Jesus Christ remains the ONLY hope and Savior of this world. 

And only His Christian children can spread His gospel of truth and salvation to a lost and dying world today. 

Christian reader, will you pray and help spread His word in this critical hour? Together we all can make a difference. 
Jesus remains the only hope of the world.

And we must: nothing else is capable 
of saving the world.


Due to my being ill and utterly exhausted and unable to blog for several weeks, I have exhausted all my resources at this time. I now have no funds for gas or to replace my depleted food supplies and am in great need at this time. If you can help, your support would be greatly appreciated as I finally return to my blogging and investigative journalism at this time.

Tomorrow, June 12th, is my brother's birthday. I feel discouraged because I don't even has the gas funds to travel out to see him in his nursing home, at least an hour away from where I am presently staying. 

Thank you for any kind support to help me get back on my feet and to continue in this important work of informing people of the truth, and to help encourage Christians who feel challenged by this world's darkness, to rise up and press on in Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers that led to my health recovery, and my friend's miracle of healing as well. Together as the Body of Christ, we shall overcome.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

P. O. Box 724,
Montreat, NC 28757

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