Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Politicians Warn: Nuke Strike On US Coming!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Looks like things are really heating up on the world's scene this summer, friends...literally. For example, with new tensions fueled between Moscow and the US over who will control the Ukraine, Russia has just let loose with a show of power to the West. Here is an excerpt from one article recently published about this:


Russia Test Fires Six New Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

Putin orders military exercises amid new Ukraine tensions
Russian Air Force Tu-95 bombers fly in formation over Red Square / AP
Russian Air Force Tu-95 bombers fly in formation over Red Square / AP
Russian strategic air forces fired six new, precision-strike cruise missiles in test launches Friday amid new tensions between Moscow and the West over the crisis in Ukraine.
Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Friday that the missile firings took place during exercises involving eight Tu-95 Bear bombers—the same type of strategic bomber recently intercepted 50 miles off the California coast by U.S. jets.

Feinstein warns Americans may be attacked
And now certain US politicians are ominously hinting that America is going to suffer a nuclear and other attacks upon Americans soon." Seems like the ones doing the hinting are already known for their support of the NWO agenda for America. Here is the link to this article and video:
Even recently, ISIL, the Islamic terrorist military forces who are wreaking havoc throughout Iraq, including murdering Christians and destroying churches in it's deadly wake, is threatening to "attack America." (Never mind that the US military secretly trained and armed them in Jordan in 2012 for US Middle Eastern agendas...)
Judging from reports such as the above, it seems as if America is facing dangerous threats from many different sources. Such threats could involve WMD, including nuclear devices. This is what political insiders are warning at this time.
However, following the exposed false flag of "9/11", intelligent and informed Americans are now questioning if all this "warning" is simply a prelude leading to "the NEXT BIG ONE,"  a repeat of "9/11", only "bigger and badder", designed by the NWO globalists to irrevocably bring America to it's knees once and for all and to usher in MARTIAL LAW AT LAST.
Preparing for "Police State USA"
Only last summer, I went on radio nationwide to sound the warning of nuclear attacks on American soil, as revealed by my ex-Navy SEAL source in. He warned America of nukes planted covertly across the nation by our own military, to be used to deliberately trigger martial law as they were detonated one by one, and falsely blamed on US enemies. 
His information confirmed what I had reported on previously regarding "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," the covert NWO plan to detonate huge explosions across America as one of the final secret strategies to be used to bring America under martial law at last. This information was given to me by a man later murdered by the US government for knowing too much.
(Note-There are various factions throughout the US military and government who are covertly working for the NWO/martial law agenda. Obviously, not ALL are. But there are some. And those who are, are directly responsible for the many false flag black ops taking place in America.)
This ex-SEAL also shared with me how he and other veterans like himself were working secretly to locate these hidden nukes and to disable them wherever they were found. He admitted there were some in Montana they were working on when I encountered him in one city there.
Below is the link for my article pleading with the Pentagon not to carry out this deadly black op against America last summer. Following the SEAL's shocking revelations, this article simply had to be written without consideration for my personal safety:
Does America face this same sort of crisis 
once again this summer of 2014???
And of course, with the emerging ISIS/ISIL forces rampaging across Iraq and now threatening to attack America, the NWO gang will have no shortage of plausible terrorist groups to implicate falsely, should they decide to pull off one more false flag "disaster" against the American people this summer.
With America facing increasing enemies from within and without, should anything surprise us at this point? Whether we are facing a false flag attack against America from the inside for the NWO agenda, or a genuine attack from an enemy nation from without, it looks like America is facing increasingly grave dangers at this time.
My sage advice to my Christian readers and fellow Americans, keep PRAYING and keep PREPPING. Prayer is vitally important. However, we must always remember that "faith without works is dead." God does the IMPOSSIBLE, while we are expected to do the POSSIBLE.
Fellow Christian, continue to seek God for His grace to restrain all attacks for the sake of His elect in this nation. And then prepare as if they are going to come anyhow. This is because we simply don't know how much longer His mercy will hold the judgment and darkness back. Without nationwide repentance, judgment will surely come some day.
Remember from the Scriptures, how God was finally compelled to judge rebellious Israel when they turned from His commandments, began to worship other gods and commit abominations throughout their nation. 
The Bible reveals, "I Am the Lord: I CHANGE NOT." 
A holy God does not change, and just as He brought judgment upon Israel for their unfaithfulness to Him, so in an instant God can permit judgment to come to America for her many sins.
May God have mercy on all who walk in obedience to His word and trust in His Son, Jesus Christ, for salvation and deliverance from evil at this time, and always.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. I know that within me I have a feeling that A LOT is about to unfold.The NWO always tells you what is going to happen before it happens.Like that show that was on TV a few years back called "" Jericho"" where in a number of cities nukes went off in the States.I was in the States for a month and just got back 1 week ago today and where I was staying at this extended stay hotel military personal were there and of course would not let anything out as to why ?? they were there....meeting in the conference room......God knows which state.