Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finally...The NEXT Article!

Niagara Falls, NY

(Or, Practical Advice When You Feel You Are About To "Go  Over The Edge"...)

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from  Biblical Christian perspective-

How wonderful it is to be able to get back to my blogging again! I apologize to my readers for the long delay in this latest report. However, I have just been through a whirlwind of challenging circumstances that temporarily set me back, including issues with my health. But I am feeling much better today, thanks to Jesus and prayer and much rest and health food/vitamin therapy.

As you know, I wrote previously about my friend becoming very ill, and then being diagnosed through a CAT scan with a serious cancer condition. Her family had to come and pick her up to take her back home from here in NC. This was devastating to me, as a close personal friend and Christian companion. 

To add to this, I developed bronchitis to such a degree I could hardly breathe at times and found myself wheezing and gasping for breath, especially at night. Due to experiencing emotional devastation, followed by physical illness and coupled with deep exhaustion, I felt like the person about to go over the edge of Niagara Falls in a barrel, literally. Look out below! 

And so, I am finally taking a brief time for rest and recovery from much stress and hard labor these past two months, due to helping the couple in crisis in Florida and other factors. I will resume my PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA as soon as I am recovered with my health and strength.

While thankful for every one's prayer support and concern, my friend's family has requested privacy regarding her condition at this time. And so I had to remove all previous posts regarding her and her health issues. Please keep Lynn in your prayers as she deals with a very serious health situation. We are all believing God for a miracle in this!

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy God's creation and to take the time to be refreshed as we spend time in prayer and meditating on His word. I am surrounded with beautiful scenery and gently rolling mountains here, and lovely hiking paths with running creeks and an abundance of flowers and birds singing throughout.

While I love to help people, I have also learned that I must take the time to be refreshed in the presence of God and His glorious creation. We are limited and finite creations of the Most High. He alone is omnipotent: we are weak and frail and mortal flesh. God made us this way so we would be dependent upon Him continually.

The Creator loves His creation, especially humankind, made in His image. He longs to have fellowship with His beloved creation, and to both love and be loved by humankind. This is why He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world, to redeem each one of us from the curse and power of sin, so that we may then be able to come into His Holy Presence and fellowship with Him forever.
-Redeemed unto God through Jesus Christ His Son-

Many Christians involved in ministry are much like me. They love to help others and to share His word continually. But we often don't know the meaning of STOP AND REST!

I admit that I frequently feel pressured to minister continually, because of what my research has uncovered throughout the years. I know where America is going. I know what is coming to this nation. And I have a deep burden to reach as many people with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ as possible here in America, WHILE I CAN.

And so I push myself to the extreme. Inevitably, I then "crash and burn." Tiredness, exhaustion and stress weakens our immune system, making us much more vulnerable to disease. And that is exactly what happened recently with me. Extreme weakness followed all this.

And so, I have once again been forced to acknowledge my limitations, and to take time to rest and be restored. We can all learn a lesson from  nature: take time to smell the flowers!

Fellow Christian, are you feeling exhausted lately? Have you just received bad news that has left you in tears? Have you pushed yourself to the limits recently? Then please, take the time to come into the Presence of God through His glorious Son Jesus Christ. Spend time in prayer, reading His word of encouragement, and meditating on His comforting promises.

You will then receive a divine refreshing from the power of the Living God and His life-giving Holy Spirit. The Comforter will envelope you with His arms of love and mercy, and lift you up from all weariness and discouragement and heartache. Jesus said, "But you shall receive POWER after the Holy Spirit has come upon you...." The Bible further declares that the Holy Spirit is a LIFE GIVING SPIRIT. And we ALL need new life!

Jesus said, "I Am come that they might have LIFE and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY." As Christians, we can all pray for Jesus to fill us with life more abundant, especially at difficult times we must all face in this pilgrimage on earth.

"Come, Holy Spirit, and fill me with Your new life through Jesus Christ!"

When you've reached the end of your strength and exhaustion and weariness has filled your life, you too can come to the Giver of life more abundant and receive the promise of God TODAY.

If you have never received this marvelous Savior and Healer, Jesus Christ, into your life, today is the day for your life to change into something wonderful! As mere weak and mortal human beings, we simply do not have the power to save ourselves. 

It takes something...or Someone...greater than ourselves to save us and forgive our sins in order that we might receive freely all of God's eternal promises. And that Someone is Jesus Christ, the ONLY Son of God Who was sent to bring you the gift of eternal life and forgiveness of all your sins.

Please, pray for Jesus Christ to come into your life TODAY.
Ask Him to forgive all your sins, to save you eternally,
And to give you LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY now.

Your life will never be the same and you will be eternally thankful.

"For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life!"
~John 3:16~

"He that believes is not condemned..."
~John 3:18~

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~

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