Tuesday, February 5, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


All across this nation, informed Christians are taking the time to both fast and pray and intercede over our nation.
Many Americans have become concerned with the troubling directions our nation is moving in. Alternative news journalism has been boldly exposing the truth that mainstream media will not tell the American people. 

And the truth is not pleasant to hear.

Warnings of food shortages and famine. Hints of economic collapse and banks closing. Military training exercises in various cities for anticipated riots and civil unrest. Evidence of foreign troops training in America for future gun confiscation. FEMA camps being built  for American citizens.Deadly chemtrails raining down on helpless Americans. Dangerous GMO foods flooding the grocery shelves and making millions of Americans sick. And so much more........
And Christians above all know that when a nation and it's leaders reject the counsel and commandments of Almighty God and His Word, that tragedy and disaster will ultimately follow. 


Because of the inherently sinful state of mankind. SIN is the fallen condition of mankind, alienated from a just and holy and merciful and righteous ALMIGHTY GOD. 

And sin that is not repented of or forgiven, can only merit JUDGMENT in the sight of a holy and just God.

We live in a world wherein wars occur continually, filled with barbarism and cruelty, driven by the demons of greed and lust for MORE. 

A world filled with heartache and tragedy, violence and death. A world alienated from God by SIN.
For this very reason, God sent His Son Jesus Christ into this sad world, to bear the penalty of our sins upon Himself, so that the world might be rescued from self-destruction by coming to Him. Jesus suffered and died in our place, to bear the penalty from God for our sins.

And when anyone turns to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation, they are rescued from the penalty of judgment from God for their sins. Jesus Christ bore it already for us! We are made right with God through faith in Him.

Only faith in and obedience to God's Word and upholding His commandments can keep a nation from self-destruction internally, and protect it from the enemies from without.

Whenever a nation and it's leaders turn from God Almighty and reject His word and commandments, and also begin to oppress the righteous in that nation who seek to uphold God's standards, judgment must inevitably follow.

Many Americans, like myself, see clearly the potential for great disaster and tragedy to strike this nation from both within and without. 

The plan to force America to conform to a NWO agenda, actually a satanist-dictated Communist agenda, is a plan for self-destruction of our nation. And a plan for the destruction of the Christians within our nation. 

Christians need to take the time to study exactly what the NEW WORLD ORDER concept is all about, and the dark people behind it. They need to fully understand what it means for God's elect, THE CHRISTIAN. 

And WE NEED to realize that tens of millions of Christians have already suffered and died throughout the world because of this dark plan for a world government controlled by those who  secretly worship the wicked one and who believe in the destruction of Christianity worldwide. This is the wicked world government described in Revelation 13 that will put Christians to death worldwide.

The groundwork by NWO supporters has been painstakingly laid for decades covertly here in America, to make this horror a reality someday. 

But only IF THEY CAN...and only if good and God-fearing Americans will ALLOW them to! 

The good news is, a VAST majority of Americans will not. And certainly neither will God's Christian people in America.

Many American Christians are awakening to the truth in this hour. They see the devastation already occurring incrementally in our nation. And they are responding with PRAYER all across this nation. 

This is the most desperate and dangerous time period that America has ever faced in her existence from her founding to this day.

We totter on the brink of martial law from within, and attack from enemy nations from without due to our foreign policies in the Middle East and beyond.

Traitors to America's Constitution and her Christian heritage have been waging war relentlessly against our free America. The Church in America faces peril such as she has never known before. 

In fact, the preparations for the martyring of millions of innocent American Christians are fully in place across this nation. Through years of research, I can state this without hesitation or apology.

What should the Christian response be in this hour in America? 
We must choose to rise to the challenge we now face, and to respond with mighty faith and ongoing prayer. We must cast off the shackles of fear and cowardice as well. 

Throughout the history of mankind, cowards have never won a battle. FAITH and COURAGE must walk hand-in-hand together, if Christians are to overcome and win the battle.

Every single day, I spend hours in prayer for our nation and my fellow Christians herein. 

At times, I also fast as well. I meditate on the unfailing promises of Almighty God and His eternal Son Jesus Christ.

I wage war against the spirit of fear, countering fear with the  mighty word of God.

Blessed are those Christians in America today, who will spend quality time in the Presence of God in prayer and fasting and seeking His face in this critical hour.
Blessed are those Christians who search their hearts for sin, and then repent of all that is unworthy of Him, coming to Him for cleansing through His mercy and His blood.

Many of the tribulations coming to America, are coming because of SIN. 

But there is no condemnation for those whose sins are forgiven, and who abide in Jesus Christ Our Savior. 

We read in the Bible that God uses His angels to execute judgment upon the wicked in the earth at His discretion.Jesus Christ has angels at His command as well, and the Bible tells us He will send them forth into the earth to execute judgment against the wicked at His return as well.

When God's angels of judgment must be sent against a nation or people because of sin, the blood of Jesus covering you is your protection!

There is no judgment for those who are redeemed from their sins by the blood of Jesus Christ His Son.

Christians must spend quality time in prayer for protection over their families and themselves. Both our children, the handicapped, the sick and elderly are most vulnerable throughout times such as we face.

We must also spend time in intercessory prayer to defeat the forces of hell seeking the destruction of America and the destruction of God's elect in our nation. This is the time for spiritual warfare as never before!

Prayer and Godly repentance over the sinful state of America at this time is critically needed. 

Will YOU join with millions of other Christians throughout this nation crying out to Almighty God for His grace, mercy and divine intervention over the destiny of America? 

America's destiny began with people of faith in Almighty God and prayer,
and it must ever be continued  with people of faith and prayer as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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