Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An American Outrage: DHS Gun Targets

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am outraged.

I couldn't believe it when I received an email from a friend today. The email was accompanied with photographs of specialized indoor shooting range targets produced by one company, "LAW ENFORCEMENT TARGETS, INC." for DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. 

Typical targets for law enforcement for a shooting range usually show the silhouette of a human being and various areas to preferably aim at to stop criminals and offenders.

However, the targets designed for "billions of bullets-buying" DHS are far from typical. In fact, they are inspiring AMERICAN OUTRAGE from viewers all across America as they see these ominous targets.

Can you imagine designing targets that have photographs of a little boy holding a gun? A pregnant woman in  her baby's nursery holding a gun (as if to defend her child)? An older man holding a shotgun to defend his property/life?

With every target I viewed, my anger grew by degrees until I was livid with anger. These targets are depicting MY fellow Americans!

However, the good side of all this is, the true ugly and anti-American face of the NEW WORLD ORDER/martial law agenda is becoming more and more plain to the good and patriotic American people. 

Shooting range targets now being  designed to make the good American people the "bad guy" targets, helps to make it very clear the DHS was never originally formed for the benefit and protection of the American people but rather to further the NWO Marxist agenda for our nation. And to destroy the good American people who dare to stand in their way.

You don't believe me? Then simply wait and watch as martial law comes down (the burning passion of every NWO communist and satanist) and they start moving against the traditional Patriotic American people to bring forth their NWO agenda. You will see clearly exactly WHO the huge and lethal DHS military vehicles are going to benefit and assist under martial law...and it will not be THE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

You will witness exactly on whom their thousand of assault rifles are really going to be used against, and exactly for WHOM the billions of DHS bullets will be for! 

Tragically, there are some of you who will someday even feel those bullets even as you stand boldly for FREEDOM...and they will be the last thing you will ever feel in this world. Thus is the true nature of NWO Marxist takeovers in any nation..they will enforce their NWO agendas down the barrel OF A GUN. 

Don't believe me? Learn from history!
Chinese Communist soldiers enforcing Communism
in one village that tried to rebel.

Below are the photographs of these outrageous anti-American targets produced for DHS. Hmm. Perhaps NOW more Americans can understand WHY all the millions of bullets DHS just ordered....WHY they purchased 7000 fully automatic assault rifles...WHY they now have huge and deadly armored military vehicles with DHS stamped on them.

Read the words below the pregnant woman defending her baby. "....highlighting the threat." Since when is a mother protecting her child  in America considered "...a threat"??? Threat to whom? A threat to the NWO Gestapo police as they break into her home under martial law to haul them off to detention camps ...and kill her baby in the process? Obviously. A pregnant mother is not going to be pulling a gun in her baby's nursery UNLESS someone has entered in and behaves threateningly, as if to endanger her and her child.

Take a good look at this little boy. Since when is a little boy defending himself a threat in America? This target obviously depicts a young child on his property, as if  helping to protect it and his family. But you must realize that when the NWO agenda unrolls under martial law, families and their children who have trained to defend their homes and members will ALL be considered "potential terrorists" and "enemy combatants" and "NWO RESISTERS" and will all be subject to violent military attack as such. 

"...a hostile young mother surrounded by children on a playground" a THREAT? Now, WHY would a mother on a playground be defending her child or children on a playground? Could it be the threat of a child abductor she is facing? Or protecting her child from hostile foreign troops taking over her region under martial law? Trust me...there is a very good reason why any mother would draw a gun to protect herself and her child on a playground! So WHY is she being portrayed as "THE ENEMY"???

Since when is a school-aged girl a threat, armed for self defense and protection, on the streets of America? She may indeed be a threat to a would-be abductor or rapist threatening her! Or a hostile military soldier patrolling the streets under martial law, who decides she's the cute one to drag away and rape...and then kill. don't think that could ever happen in America as foreign UN/NATO troops patrol our cities and streets under martial law? Read the horror stories of rape and sexual abuse of pretty young ladies in occupied nations under UN/NATO foreign troops. The flesh trade is EVERYWHERE in UN occupied territories...and outrages occur daily, even with young children.

But most Americans are finally waking up to what this is really all about...thankfully. And the more outrageous the NWO agenda minions and their  useful idiots become, the more Americans are finally seeing the light.


What a sad day it will be in America, when their insane NWO/martial law Marxist agenda finally comes to pass before our eyes.

(HINT-It will.)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, continuing to sound the alarm to my fellow Americans-

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