Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Children Asked to Design Communist Flags in TX Schools!


Well, my readers, what have I been saying about a Communist/socialist agenda (NWO globalist) for "Amerika?" 

Take the time to briefly study the history of Marxist/Communist countries like RUSSIA and CHINA. Study carefully the horrors that religious and political opponents of Communism were forced to suffer under such infamous regimes of tyranny and terror. 

Take the time to research and identify the kinds of people BEHIND this Communist/Globalist push for America. Who are the Congressmen behind this? What agencies and organizations in America support this kind of agenda?

And ask yourself this question: is THIS the kind of government and destiny I want for MY nation, America? Is THIS the kind of future I want for myself and my children? 
And if NOT, what are YOU doing to counter this dark agenda for YOUR nation??? The future of America is UP TO YOU. Because "WE THE PEOPLE" are America! The people behind the Communist/Globalist agenda for America are investing billions of dollars and ceaseless efforts of many supporters to bring their dark agenda to come to pass.

They understand clearly that in this world, you get what you work for...even the wicked and ungodly. And knowing this, they work ceaselessly for their NWO agenda.

What are YOU doing to COUNTER this??? Because without good people throughout America to stop this, they will simply proceed as planned...and you will have no one to blame but yourself for doing NOTHING

I hear so many Americans complaining about what is wrong in America today...But what have they DONE to change America? And merely complaining does not stop them nor count as effective action to stop it!


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

6th graders are being asked to design new flags for communist countries in school districts across Texas as part of a curriculum critics have decried as "mind control" intended to make children sympathize with socialist ideals.
One lesson plan involved students being set the task of designing symbols for communist flags. The plan, "showed different countries' flags and instructed students to "notice that socialist and communist countries use symbolism on their flags." It went on to ask students what symbols they would use if they were to create a flag for a new socialist country."
What I find bizarre is that it always seems like when stories like this come out, it's in Texas.  Always in Texas.  Texas is roughly the most 'American' state in the contry.  As country as country gets and as Christian as Christian gets.  It's like they are being experimentedon to see how far they can push things in Texas first or something.  -Mort


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