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Celebrating Yet Another Birthday!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
February 16th will be my Birthday!

Every year in which I live to celebrate another Birthday, I take the time to whisper a heartfelt prayer to Almighty God, thanking Him that I have survived yet another year to continue in ministry and touching lives for Jesus in our troubled world.

It is a miracle that I am still alive! But why???

At the age of 18, both of my doctors gave up on my living past my 18th birthday. One was a distinguished Park Avenue physician at that time, Dr. Isaac N. Kugelmass. The other physician lived in Trenton, NJ. Both had treated me extensively for 5 years, with no improvement and in fact my health worsening. When my Park Avenue physician told my mother privately that I was going to die, that I would never have a normal life or be able to accomplish anything, she broke down and cried.

We flew home from New York City to the Washington DC area, filled with sadness and a sense of futility. After we walked into our home, my mother wept and cried out, "Oh, GOD...if you are there, PLEASE HELP US!" And God Almighty heard my precious mother's prayers and mine that very day!

In two weeks we found ourselves sitting unexpectedly  in a Church of God in Alexandria, Virginia, outside Washington DC. Our former church was dead, without spiritual life or hope, just filled with Sunday morning "feel-good" philosophy. The Gospel was not preached, people were not getting saved nor healed, and it was simply another dead church like so many found in America today. And so we came to a new church that Sunday.

However, the preacher in this Church of God, Pastor Abbott, was vibrant and alive, filled with the good news of Jesus and His love and power to forgive and to save us ALL! I  immediately sensed this church was different. He simply preached straight from the eternal Word of God. And every word he spoke about getting right with God through Jesus Christ became vibrantly alive inside of me. The Holy Spirit was bearing witness within me to the truth!
I realized several things that morning as I listened. I was A LOST SINNER, headed for hell without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. No "New Age" pagan teachings I had been looking for answers within for the previous 5 years had the power to save or heal me. Both doctors had tried and given up. I realized fully that morning that I NEEDED A SAVIOR to save me and heal me, and that Savior could be none other than JESUS CHRIST GOD'S SON!

AS the sermon ended, the pastor invited people to come forward and pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior that very day. We rushed out of our seats...and we did not care who was watching! We both prayed the sinner's prayer that day, and received Jesus Christ as our Savior. 

This was to become the true turning point in my life, that would change my destiny FOREVER! 

I returned to my home to perform a "holy housecleaning" by gathering up over 60 books on the occult and New Age related teachings. I threw them into our fireplace with a vengeance. Such false teachings had deceived me and held me in depression and spiritual captivity for 5 painful years! 
Dousing them with lighter fluid and setting them on fire, I renounced every one of these futile abominations containing "doctrines of demons" and watched with satisfaction as the smoke ascended up the chimney and they were reduced in a short time to ASHES!

I seized my crystal ball and smashed it into thousands of pieces. Finding my Ouija Board, I burned it up completely outdoors and cast every demon it had attracted into our home into hell, in Jesus' mighty name.

I then anointed our home with olive oil, symbolic of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus Christ, and blessed it in Jesus' Name, and commanded every single demon OUT of our home, every curse or spell OFF of our lives previously due to occult darkness,and felt the peace of God descend into our home from that day on.

The BIBLE replaced all my books on the occult immediately. I began attending church, and Bible studies and prayer meetings regularly. Learning that Jesus CAN HEAL THE SICK even today, my mother and I began to pray for a divine miracle of healing in my life. And within several months, I returned to my doctor knowing I HAD BEEN DIVINELY HEALED!

My doctor ran tests on me, and called my mother and I back into his office afterwards. "What have you done? You were epileptic, you were brain-damaged and practically a human vegetable...and NOW you are a normal human being before my very eyes! NO doctor or drugs could have done this! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???"

Looking intently at my doctor, I replied gently, "I know you are a Jewish doctor. But with all due respect I must tell you that JESUS CHRIST saved me and healed me!"

He replied quickly, "I don't care WHAT you have done...because IT HAS WORKED! I am writing a letter to give you  to show people that you have had A HEALING MIRACLE for which I have no medical explanation!"
He handed me that letter, which I gave then to my mother to place in safekeeping.

Since then, I have enjoyed 42 years of serving Almighty God through Jesus Christ my Savior. I first attended an excellent Bible College in New York state, and then many other schools of training for ministry as well. Serving God has taken me all over America, and all over the world as well. I have self-published several books, enjoyed hosting several radio broadcasts previously including DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY, lectured nationwide and worldwide.

Christian ministry has taken me to people in need across this nation.

Everything that both doctors had sadly concluded I would never do 42 years ago, I HAVE DONE since then...and even more!

Gone forever have been prescription medications and frequent doctor or hospital visits. I have had no health insurance throughout these past 42 years, because I never needed it. 


Like everyone else in this world, I have had my own personal challenges to face, however. Several times my life was in danger due to ministry or my investigative reporting. We all struggle with life's mundane challenges including jobs and career, finances, paying bills, providing food for ourselves and our families, etc.

But I can fully testify to the glory of God, that Jesus Christ my Savior has brought me safely through EVERY crisis, provided for EVERY need, has brought me through life-threatening circumstances more than once....and He has never failed me because AN ALMIGHTY GOD CANNOT FAIL! Failure is not a part of His vocabulary!

He is not called "ALMIGHTY" for nothing!!!

I want my true testimony to be an encouragement for YOU today. 

You may be going through  difficult testings and hardships right now. Perhaps there are members of your family who are not living for God. You may be struggling with illness or depression or discouragement. Financial needs are plaguing many people today in America. I can relate fully because I have suffered through all of the above in my life.

And I want to assure YOU that there is NO PROBLEM you are facing, that He does not HAVE THE POWER to fully confront and BRING YOU SAFELY THROUGH victoriously! His eternal word says so!

I am quite normal. I recently sent an email to a wonderful friend admitting that I was battling great sadness over the current state of America, and so many tragic things happening indicating that our nation is in for very hard times to come. 

And in spite of numerous applications and excellent references for work in my job field of taking care of the elderly and the sick, I only presently have 12 hours of work a week at this time. This amounts to about $400 a month...barely enough to cover lot rent for my RV! Much less provide food, electricity, gas to go to work, RV payments, etc. Because of remoteness and sparse population, Montana is one of the hardest states in America to find work in. But God has brought me here for His reasons.

Frankly, whose heart would not be saddened by the sheer wickedness and depravity of people who have planned such a terrible future for our nation, against so many innocent people??? I grieve every single day and pray long into the night about every I have should every Christian who is aware of these dangers America faces.

And so, I admittedly went through a  time of deep sadness today over these struggles and what is happening now throughout our nation. But no Christians can ever remain in the valley of depression and sorrow for very long. It only becomes self-defeating in the end and accomplishes nothing. That is why I finally decided to sit down and write this article of HOPE!

We as Christian overcomers must always learn to counter every challenge we face in life with THE WORD OF GOD and mighty faith! 
I have therefore taken the time to day to spend much time in prayer, and in "worship and praise" on a musical instrument, my harp, and also meditating on the good promises of God.
Always remember that this world is fleeting and will someday pass away. And so will the people bringing grief and suffering to the innocent and God's people, unless they repent and come to Jesus Christ for salvation. In heaven they will not be there to offend God's people any longer. The sufferings of this world will all pass away with it!

We must remember that we are called to LIVE FOR ETERNITY! We are to lay up our treasures in heaven daily by walking in obedience to God's word and the commands and example of Jesus Christ. For the God-fearing and Christ-believing CHRISTIAN, there is ALWAYS matter how dark life's circumstances may become in this sinful world.

After 18 years of investigating what is coming to America, I have a very good understanding of what we all may face soon in our nation. And many of you do as well.

But as a born-again Christian of 42 years now, I have an even BETTER understanding of THE UNFAILING PROMISES OF GOD and His power to preserve His people through every trial and test we may face in this world, through our faith in Jesus Christ!
"Father, Thy Word is Truth!"
~Jesus Christ~

I am therefore choosing to celebrate my upcoming Birthday this week with HOPE and GREAT EXPECTATION of what a merciful and Almighty God can do in the midst of life's difficulties! HOPE is a CHOICE!

His promises to each one of us cannot FAIL
because GOD CANNOT LIE! 

I can face the uncertain future of my nation with confidence because "you need not fear what the future holds, when you know HIM WHO HOLDS YOUR FUTURE...Jesus Christ!"

And so can YOU
Because your future is 
important to God as well!

Always remember...
"Your future is as bright 
as the 
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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Columbia Falls, MT 59912

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  1. Happy upcoming Birthday, Sister Pamela! Thank you for your diligent hard Work for the LORD and HIS Kingdom! May HE Bless you in a very special-type way on the 16th this month!