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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Okay, okay, I admit it. I haven't wanted to publish any more of the overwhelming piles of materials I have been receiving regarding the false flag black op "SANDY HOOK SHOOTING" that recently occurred in Connecticut.

Why? Because these NWO black-op goons LOVE ATTENTION! They and their dark agendas THRIVE on public attention, so they can use such staged horrors to push their globalist agenda...and in this case, GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION.

The major motto of the NWO is "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." 

However, THEY deliberately create the CHAOS, and out from it's rubble and ashes bring forth THEIR new order.

I was long ago anticipating another staged mall or school shooting around the holiday seasons (designed for major emotional impact on the public) and prayed intensely for God to hold back all such horrors this past holiday season. 

Other people who have also finally caught on to their nefarious and deadly globalist tactics, also told me the same thing: they were wondering if these people would once again stage another "shooting" for their gun control agenda around the Holiday season. 

And, lo and behold, these insane madmen did...once again. ( know what? It gets old after a while.)
Such lovely crocodile tears! Or do I sense a smirk
at American gullibility...?

By the way, just because God "allowed this to happen," does not somehow mean God is "weak" or "unable to answer prayer." Rather, we must also take into account that God has given mankind a free will, to do either good or evil, to obey God or not. And with it comes the consequences, both in this world and eternally. 

We live in a fallen world of sin wherein the will of God is NOT being done continually "...on earth as it is in Heaven." This is precisely WHY Jesus instructed us to pray, "Thy Kingdom COME, Thy will be DONE, on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN." 
And this is also WHY God needs His people to be DOING His will on earth as well. Jesus declared, "Not every man that says to Me, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only he that does the will of my Father in Heaven." How many Christians ever think about this?

The only reason why these NWO schemers literally get away with murder and their agendas repeatedly, is simply because there are not enough righteous people in our nation to counter and to stop them. There are not enough people fasting and praying. There are not enough people informed and concerned. There are not enough good people taking action against such events.

How many people are actually willing to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in America (and the world) today by their actions and their faith?

If it is wicked people working to destroy this nation, then it must be countered by righteous people willing to work hard to SAVE this nation from destruction and their NWO plans. 

Frankly, I hear so many Americans (including Christians) complaining every single day about what is happening to America. But WHO is DOING anything of major consequence to STOP IT and help CHANGE AMERICA'S DESTINY??? What have we done to stop this???
And now, back to the SANDY HOOK SHOOTING....

The evidence that "Sandy Hook" was just another staged black ops for NWO agendas, in this case GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION, is overwhelming. 

I have been reading reports that state that Adam Lanza was officially "dead" one day before the shooting...that the rifle allegedly used in the shooting was later found in the trunk of the car...that multiple gunmen were in fact observed...that evidently actors were used in some cases to portray distraught parents before the news cameras....evidence that points to his mother murdered NOT by Adam Lanza at all...that Adam Lanza's mother was falsely portrayed as a "doomsday prepper with guns," etc. (they NWO must always misrepresent their hated opponents, making them look foolish in the eyes of the public)...AND SO MUCH MORE.

All being the typical trademarks of the staged "false flag" black-op: error, contradictions, deception, false facts, evidence of cover-up, news media complicity, etc.

You can find excellent articles and videos exposing this staged black-op by going to the following links:

And there are many websites and videos besides the above. It's all out there on the Internet. Just use the search engines and spend time in numerous websites researching this staged "tragedy," all designed to push the gun control legislation the NWO so desperately wants in place, so they can THEN seize the weapons of self defense from good and Patriotic Americans and enforce their communist NWO agenda upon us down the barrel of THEIR many guns!

But like I said...judging from their previous patterns, I fully anticipated something  like this was coming and I knew that when it happened, it would be used to push gun control legislation for their NWO agenda.

I also realize that they thrive on public attention drawn to them through such operations. And I therefore decided I therefore was not going to give them what they wanted. This is why I have written very little on my blog about this "school shooting". The truth is out there on numerous websites and blogs and YOUTUBE for those who want to know it.

But finally, because of the volume of information I have been receiving by email about this, I decided to mention this to my readers once again.

Continue to pray that God will hold back and restrain their NWO madness and black ops that endanger so many innocent lives in our nation today. many of us sense that they have even darker and more catastrophic "false flag" staged tragedies planned to come in the future, to plunge America irrevocably into martial law and rescind the Constitution completely...which is what the NWO adherents have wanted all along.

The NWO  reasons that THEN, no American can refer to their "Second Amendment rights" as justification for owning guns, IF IT NO LONGER EXISTS.


Oh, how dark the hearts of unsaved people can be, who refuse God's salvation and mercy, and continue hell-bent on their path of destruction of everything that is good and moral and sane in this world!

But then, let me remind my readers that I have stated from THE BEGINNING, that the NWO remains Satan's manifest kingdom on  earth, that the satanists (or Illuminati) are the backbone of it worldwide, they take their marching orders therefore from THE WICKED ONE. And his plan has always been to enslave mankind , annihilate Christians, and ultimately  to destroy the world!

Every satanist and Illuminati member worth their title knows this, worldwide.

The Bible clearly states in Revelation 13 that the "dragon" or the devil, gives his throne, power and authority to the BEAST or world government of the NWO. Yes, satan has a counterfeit kingdom, counterfeit throne and counterfeit authority in his dark realms, all in imitation of the Lord God the Almighty. 
THE CONSPIRACY actually began in heaven, when Lucifer conspired with a third of the angels to rebel against God. He and his rebel angels were cast out of heaven by God Himself, when he decided to rebel against God and try to usurp HIS rightful throne and power and authority.

Lucifer, now known today as "satan" meaning "adversary," continues in THE CONSPIRACY against Almighty God and mankind to this very day. He recruits his useful idiots out of every generation to do his evil bidding and to ultimately bring forth LUCIFER'S new world order, wherein he replaces Almighty God, and all of mankind worships LUCIFER INSTEAD.

As Jesus once remarked to sinful people of His era, "You are of your father, the devil, and his lusts shall you do. He is a murderer and a liar, and the father of lies."  How true this is of the NWO adherents in our world today! Their entire NWO is built upon the false foundation of LIES (deception) and MURDER.

Christians in North America need to become educated and informed on this timely subject, and quickly. Because someday they are coming to destroy YOU! 

But again, ONLY if good people in America sit back and LET IT HAPPEN. 

Personally, I do not intend to any time soon...or EVER! God has not called me to merely sit back and let Satan and company have their way unchallenged in my nation or anywhere else in God's creation. And thankfully, millions of good Americans agree with me. 
Hold on to your guns and ammunition, your food and your survival supplies and your Bible...because you are going to need them ALL someday to stop their murderous NWO rampages and persecutions under martial law...which is precisely WHY they so desperately want YOUR GUNS NOW! 

And that is why Sandy Hook was staged........

Never give the NWO satanists what they want! Rather, it is appropriate to give them what they deserve, as human-sacrificing, child-raping, freedom-destroying and God-hating annihilators of mankind. Hell and eternal torment has been prepared for them by a just and holy God who is angered at them every single day.

To this very day, the world is groaning under the wickedness and oppression and terror these evil people create around the globe. 

Don't let it happen to America!


Begin on your knees in prayer. And then decide to move on to properly corresponding ACTIONS. Because the life you may save someday from them MAY BE YOURS! And the nation you rescue from their jaws of destruction WILL be yours!

"Faith without works is dead."
How thankful I am that my Pilgrim ancestors and those who fought in the American Revolution understood this! 

Because otherwise, we would not have America today. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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