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"While Obama is no stranger to National Emergency rhetoric, the real factor in this instance will be Russia’s response to the asset seizure..."-Ed Brown

Obama Declares National Emergency 

In a letter from  President Barack Obama to the Speaker of The House of Representatives and the President of The Senate, Barack Obama has declared a National Emergency under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act in regards to highly enriched uranium by the Russian Federation. 

The letter details the President's new asset confiscation Executive Order labeled Russian Highly Enriched Uranium. Links to both official documents can be found at the end of this article. According to the letter and attached Executive Order the United States will be seizing property and  assets owned or managed by the Russian Federation directly relating to nuclear production/materials and or items as well as programs linked to Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU).

This move comes after Obama’s update of the NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS Executive Order in March of this year, an EO which has been updated by nearly every president since it’s creation in the late 30′s and a gravely sinister EO which could in times of National Emergency grant complete control and confiscation of U.S. assets, infrastructure, and manpower to the office of the president. Overall, most of the Obama update dealt with shifting responsibilities from FEMA to the Department of Homeland Security – also a move many in certain politically intelligent camps didn’t wholeheartedly embrace as DHS is quickly becoming one of the most suspect departments in regards to American Liberty violations. 

This latest declaration of Emergency will  surely exacerbate those apprehensions because the obvious stipulation for the NDRP EO to become effective is there must be an official declaration of National Emergency. 

What most people don’t realize is we”ve been under a constant state of National Emergency since 1933 as part of Rooselvet’s “New Deal” Emergency Relief Act, which has never been deactivated or repealed by any subsequent president for obvious reasons which include loss of privilege, authority and power as most  drastically worded EO’s do require the presence of National Emergency.  

As for Obama-Esque National Emergencies, take your pick:
Those are a few of the highlights from just the first page of the official White House “Presidential Actions” category … a section which spans 19,600 (nineteen thousand six hundred) subsequent pages with each page calling 10 separate actions for the search term “Obama National Emergency.” You can take a look for yourself here. To spare you the calculator, that’s 196,000 separate references to National Emergency from the Obama Administration in 3.5 years.
While Obama is no stranger to National Emergency rhetoric, the real factor in this instance will be Russia’s response to the asset seizure. If they perceive it as a hostile act it may actually cause a National Emergency. With NATO and Russia getting their noses firmly lodged into the Syrian conflict, Israel and Iran trading insults on a daily basis, and now Egypt electing it’s first Muslim Brotherhood president who will be bolstering the Palestinian Hamas who shares (cough cough) it’s border with neighboring Israel, it’s safe to say that this move from Obama seems like his way of stirring a pot of what will most likely get us boiled in our own juices, one way or another.
Russian Highly Enriched Uranium Letter
Russian Highly Enriched Uranium Executive order

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