Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beware of False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK...Again

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I was grieved recently to read the latest spin Linda Newkirk put out following the frightening nuclear underground explosions below Chicago. Here are various reports of the actual event:

Linda Newkirk is a false prophet, a witch pretending to be a Christian (and naive Christians must understand there are many who infiltrate churches today) who plagiarizes from the reports of investigators like myself, then creates her spin wherein God is always praising her as somehow "my child" when in fact she is into heretical karma/reincarnation and believes she is a reincarnated Bible figure.She then publishes her spin and makes bucks selling it to what has sadly become her cult followers.
I knew her personally, tried to be a Christian friend, called her to repentance over her heresies on the phone one day...and she became angry and has attacked me with vicious lies ever since. In fact, Christians in South African who trusted her initially and even sponsored her to come and speak, soon detected her true nature and threw her out from their church, according to one South African church leader, Dirk.

Here is the email from highly respected Christian leader Dirk from South Africa about what he said about Newkirk when she visited:
From: "koerier"
To: Pam Schuffert
Subject: RE: Linda Newkirk 
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:01:27 +0200 

Dear Pamela Schuffert, 

My name is Dirk van Vuuren and I am from South Africa. I was involved with the Afrikaans translations of the books of Linda Newkirk, called FROM THE MOUNTAIN. Therein she (LINDA NEWKIRK) curses you to death and said to me personally that you are now dead. Could you verify that you still live, please, it is very urgent, because this woman is now in South Africa and is creating havoc with our people. We are presently compiling a file of her false prophecies and downright lies. 



This most recent false prophecy of hers regarding recent actual recent underground explosions, widely being circulated, is garbage. It is blatant disinformation in many cases, and more Newkirk spin designed to falsely portay herself as somehow "God's special rep" and to sell more of her books to her sadly deceived readers. 

She takes what is truth from many sources, and has plagiarized even my reporting as well, and then manages to weave it into her self-glorifying spin that somehow brings herself into the center of such catastrophes, promotes herself as "some great prophetess" and makes a buck.

But in fact she makes a lousy reporter. The facts are...

The NWO-compromised elements of US government/military are directly behind false flag operations like HAARP tornadoes/earthquakes and any efforts to trigger the NEW MADRID FAULT to create chaos, destabilize America and trigger MARTIAL LAW.

And while the US gov/mil will certainly use foreign troops including UN/NATO/PFP Russians and Chinese to do their NWO dirty work, the underground nuclear explosions in the New Madrid fault were NOT somehow the work of rogue "Russian terror squads" working independent of US military, as Newkirk seems to infer. 

The US MILITARY KEEPS AN EYE 24/7 ON ALL SUCH FOREIGN TROOPS PRESENT IN OUR NATION! Furthermore, an elaborate scheme of this nature requires months of preparation, briefings, preps including use of nuclear boring machines, and so much more.....

In other words, a group of Russian military, as what came in during May of this year for training, cannot just sneak off, somehow gain access to high security underground facilities, plus access to necessary multiple high tech nuclear explosive devices and then secretly plant/detonate them in strategic high security underground locations...without detection by military authorities and their intercepting them! But this is what Newkirk infers.

The truth is, Russian foreign troops have been in America for training long before this year: this kind of sensitive information has long been censored from the press. Russia has always played a part in the covert NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda in America, working together behind the scenes with America's traitorous NWO compromised elements in every Presidential admin and US shadow government. 

Russian military have been under secret contract from the US government to build detention camps for Americans on the Aleutian Islands. Russian military have already been training in mout (mock operation urban terrain exercises) in our bases as previously in Fort Polk LA. And so much more...

Russian troops here for the hour of martial law/NWO takeover are doing exactly what they are told to do, working with US military elements brainwashed into working for a NWO/COMMUNIST agenda.

Newkirk later refers to "Obama getting an iron grip...."

Obama nothing! Obama is nothing but a highly programmed mind-controlled puppet slave of his NWO "shadow government" handlers!

He signs the Executive Orders THEY hand him.

He orders "taken out" the people THEY WANT "taken out."

About the only things Obama can perform independent of his handlers are dress himself, perform marital duties, and hopefully proper bathroom functions...

And while this may be a humorous exaggeration, you get the picture.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out and understand that Chicago will go down when the New Madrid Fault earthquake finally occurs. And better people than herself have long ago prophesied the fall of Chicago...this is nothing new.

But Newkirk always manages to project herself into the midst of such recent events with her false prophecies, to try to make a name for herself and a buck out of such circumstances. She markets her books of pseudo-prophecies, throughout which she always portrays herself as the star of the show and God's favorite, and attempts to validate it all under the cover of "God said so."

It is no wonder that Jesus Christ had to warn His disciples, "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's' clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves." 

Matthew 7:15

In fact, one contact of mine was at Newkirk's home visiting at one time. This person told me, '"Linda took a broomstick, was banging the floor, and saying,'I MADE THE TWIN TOWERS GO DOWN! I JUDGED NYC!'" Newkirk hit the floor with the broomstick for added impetus with every sentence. 

This is evidence of a truly a delusional state of mind, when you consider the high level of explosives and months of covert planning factually used to bring them down. Her attitude also reeks of the spirit of witchcraft.

Her tactics remind me of the hucksters who came in after Hurricane Hugo ravaged our neighborhood in 1986 in SC. They capitalized on the disaster by then selling bags of ice $10 apiece. And the people who sold chainsaws for hundreds of dollars to victims whose homes were buried under fallen trees, that originally cost under $100 . 

Newkirk comes into the midst of tragedies like the recent underground detonations below Chicago in the Michigan/Indiana/Illinois area, and then capitalizes on it to lure converts and plagiarizes from solid investigative reporting, as she did from mine in the past, and spins it into her "prophecy from God Almighty" books that again make her the star of the show, providing a cult following and money through book sales.

Frankly, credible researchers like myself (who provide our reports for free and don't make a dime) get tired of watching people getting misled and then fleeced by such actions. Her tactics grieve me, when I watch some of the elect being deceived..especially when concerned journalists like myself work so hard, out of pure and non-profit motives, and because of genuine concern for the American people.

Readers, do yourself a favor, and get your information through quality investigative alternative news sources and researchers (and there are many out there), and avoid deceitful cult leaders like Linda Newkirk. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I have reported Linda Newkirk of North Little Rock, Arkansas to the FBI. She uses here website to blow her own horn. Which not illegal, but she uses God's Word on the internet using a Post Office box to seek money. I have spoken to her ex husband and he says she is totally insane and needs help. That is clear when she states online that President Bush raped her. Does she not know that NSA is watching her?

  2. I have also read the post of this Linda Newkirk and what is said here. There are many who will come in the name of Christ. Stick to the Word of God and not these rants of others such as Ms. Newkirk. Don't get your ears tickled with the prosperity message either.
    This people want something from you. Your mind, your heart, your soul, and most of all your money. I you have
    questions go to the Bible and search for what God has to say about your concerns. Those who use God's word to gain wealth for themselves and their agendas will reap what they sow in God's time. God's kingdom is not a building or television station or private jets. God's kingdom comes to the human heart. God is able to heal what is broken within a life if anyone be willing. Ms. Newkirk is on a path of self destruction the same as many today who use God's Word out of context for their own personal gain. God will deal with them. You followers of Jesus must use your will to get your mind and heart focused on God's Word. You do not need others such as Ms. Newkirk to do anything for you with a piece of cloth. As a Christian you have direct contact with your Lord and Savior through prayer. I prayer for these evil doers as the Word of God says to do that, but I will state what they are doing is wrong. You can not use God's Word for personal gain and twist and hack HIS WORD to deceive others to follow you. God will not stand for it for it is HIS WORD not yours. Holy is God and his justice is truth.

    1. I know of this woman. She is from Georgia and her maiden name is Linda Walton. She married Paul Anderson Duffy Jr. from Georgia and has a son Paul A. Duffy III of North Little Rock. She was Linda Duffy, but married Dennis Eugene Newkirk in Arkansas. She divorced in Faulkner County Arkansas. She likes to sue. Case No. 60-cv-95-12846. Just ask Tom Travis, Ken Berley, and Dave Borland of Fort Smith.

    2. If you read any of this woman Linda Newkirk's rants it is down right funny!
      She is getting a vision and she is typing out this vision online while God's talking to her? So stupid....but funny!

    3. I did a background check on Linda Newkirk's school psychologist license. She moved from Macon, Georgia. Georgia licensing board has no record of her. Arkansas board has no record or license for a Linda Duffy or Linda Newkirk. There is a license for Linda Hicks (husband Charles Hicks Attorney Little Rock) and Drew Camp
      (related to Ray Camp and Marcia Camp). You can not believe one word this Linda Newkirk says as you is deceiver and liar.
      She gives the word evil a whole new meaning. Her ex husband lives in Roswell, Georgia. I am going to give him and his wife a call and see what he has to say about her.
      Will keep you folks posted

    4. Ok. When Paul Anderson Duffy, Jr., married in Macon, Georgia, it was to Linda Walton. Linda Walton father was a David Walton and her mother was Omie Spillar Walton. Linda's father is deceased. Linda's mother later become Omie Spillar Thomas and she also deceased and buried in Georgia. Paul and Linda Duffy had a son, Paul Anderson Duffy, III. Paul Anderson Duffy, Jr. has the patent rights to a liquor filter distillery developed by his father Paul Anderson Duffy, Sr. deceased. Divorced from her first husband Linda Duffy moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas and married Dennis Eugene Newkirk. He was born in Kentucky but his parents moved to Florida. Dennis filed for divorce for Linda Newkirk in 2006 in Faulkner County (town is Mayflower), Arkansas. Dennis has worked for the VA hospital for some time at their information office. He now has a home in Austin, Arkansas. FBI investigator states Linda Newkirk resides in Mayflower, Arkansas, however she has a post office box in North Little Rock also in Arkansas.

  3. I met this woman in November 1995. I had just had breast surgery by a Dr. James Clay Wellborn at St. Vincents Hospital in Little Rock. Dr. Wellborn was suppose to remove capsules and implant material left from a surgery of 1/1993 by Dr. James E. Hagan. Dr. Wellborn talked to Dr. Hagan and got my records ftrom him without my permission. Dr. Hagans records state there was a post node under the right arm. In my surgery with Dr. Wellborn he removed 23 nodes in the chest and stapled the holes all these to the rib bones. Then he took a piece of the capsule and stapled that under the right arm. After his surgery my left breast was infected and a mass under right arm. Linda Newkirk, Diana Gordon, and a Shirley Goodner from Mena came into my home with a newspaper reporter
    named Frank. Linda and Diana said that Dr. Hagan had ruptured their implants too and they had attorneys
    Tom Travis, David Borland, and Ken Berley. I went to them with Linda. They filed a complaint with Judge Butts who use to head the Ethics Commission. However, nothing was ever done except Linda leading me to doctors to get the silicone out. She lead me to a Dr. Melmed in Dallas. I had surgery with him and he also too out a piece of the breast implant capsule. My father William McBurnett went with me. I nearly died after this surgery. Before this Linda told me of a Dr. Michael Middleton at UCSD MRI who did silicone studies. I went there with Linda and after the MRI the doctor said you have nothing wrong. Then a Pamela Tubbs contacts me and my husband and said we owe $20,000 in back taxes. My husband, Bill, my son, William, and his friend where going out of town to rest and hit by a lady who has no identity. Totaled our car. The police come in and tow the ladies car and her off the interstate. When I started realizing that nothing was happening to this Linda Newkirk and nothing was being done with the Dr. Hagans case I realized she was working for the attorneys and the doctors. I recently received a call from one of these so called "breast implant" women and she said that because I had filed a complaint against a Dr. Ellery and Judge Marion Humphrey for not hearing my case they had it in for me.

  4. My name is Deborah Elwood. I am the woman in the story above. I am ill right now as you can imagine with your chest stapled and you right under arm infected.
    Hooks and sponges put in the abdomen. Linda Newkirk did not do any of that but she got paid by the attorneys for leading me to doctors who either harmed me or used me for silicone studies. She is pure evil. I now know the whole story of all those involved. While they scrabble to hide or change their public records it is too late. The evidence is gathered and complete. Justice department and FBI have full story. Not everyone is corrupt and evil.

  5. Pamela-
    Some thing you talk about I do not know about. However, your calling Linda out for what she truly is takes courage. She wanted to destroy you, but did not get far.

    One incident I had with Linda involves a Dr. Talbert a plastic surgeon in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She called me and said she had an appointment for both us with Dr. Talbert. He would see us both at the same time. He examined me and examined her. Except she had no breast at all. No silicone capsules left behind.
    He begin to explain how a good plastic surgeon takes out an implant and capsule. She did not agree with him and told him she would just take her file. She had a hold of the file and he had a hold of the file and there was a screaming match. I was so sick and just said to the Lord not again. As she was screaming at the doctor I just turned and left. Later she phoned me and said I am going to file a lawsuit against him. I asked for what? She was the one that started the argument.
    She said I was going to be her witness. She said I filed a police report and you are to be the witness. I went down to the police department and asked about it. They said they did not know about or her. I told them I would not be a witness to a staged event in a doctors office period. They did so much to my family I would be better off dead but not before my story is told. My son had a nervous breakdown. Deborah Elwood

  6. I came across Linda's web blog when I was reading an Examiner's article of a girl who could produce fires. I am sure some of you have heard of the Philippine girl who was said to have pyrokinesis.

    The moment I first started reading Linda's blog, something in my soul stirred me with anger. I am a firm believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and Yahweh (God, Jehovah, Adonai), and her blog was rather infuriating to me. If there is one thing about false prophets that Yeshua has taught me, it is that they ALL self-glorify themselves and they seek to glorify others in some way.

    It boils my blood to see false prophets mislead people and cause others to focus on them. When I got to the part where she claimed she was the woman with the 12 stars described in Revelation, I really felt heated up.

    I am still looking through her blog, and honestly my fury is still waging war.. But I will let Yahweh deal with her (if He hasn't already).

    There was something else I noticed.. I haven't yet come across her mentioning Yeshua's Name, it was always My Son... Is it because she fears His Name? Or is it something else?

    Ep, never mind. She did use the name of Jesus.. Surprise, surprise.. Ahem, moving on though.

    I'll give some tips for those who come across a person claiming to be a prophet.

    1. All false prophets will use flowery terms at some point or another.

    2. All false prophet will tell you Yahweh commands you to... <- Keep in mind that anyone who has accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior, thus believed in Him and on Him, has direct access to the throne of Yahweh (God). If He has a command for you, He WILL tell you Himself. If you're too thickheaded, then He will send subtle hints through incidents and through your friends or family members, and so forth. But never will He send a command through a false prophet.

    3. All false prophets will have a type of physical controlling power.. For example, when you're touched by them, you may end up falling over. So don't let that happen. Some of them may have strange powers that seem of God, but are not. Be careful, test them out, and make them prove themselves. Yahweh and Yeshua will show you how if you ask and are sincere.

    4. False prophets will use a lot of glorifying words for themselves, for you, and on occasion for Yahweh. They may speak highly of Him, but as Yahweh once said: Their mouths praise Me, but their hearts are far from Me!

    Do not be fooled. When all else fails, look inside your spirit, to the center point where the heart of Yahweh, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit dwell. Ask Yeshua directly.

    And for those who are of another faith... I urge you to not be fooled by this woman. She is no prophet, only someone who is narcissistic, a little maniac depressive perhaps, and someone who seeks to use anyone she can, God, included to adulate herself. Be careful, do not listen to her, and do not give her money.

    Truthfully while I am angry at the fact she is doing this, my soul pities her. We can forgive her, but let us not be confounded to her ways. Be vigil, be cautious, and treat her so called prophecies less than a grain of salt.

    Now I'm off to bed to dream about flying unicorns. I hear they shoot out rainbows of skittles and I'd like to see that. Who knows, maybe I'll get to see Yeshua (Jesus) in a dream again.


  7. These stories are very interesting concerning Linda Duffy or Linda Newkirk now. I know her from years ago. She is always right in her own mind and you had better now cross her as she will try everything to get back at you. The information about her background in Georgia is correct. She has not been married four times as she states in lies in her website. People wake up! She knows exactly what she is doing. It is always all about Linda. She talks about receiving some money to buy a place in Mayflower with her last husband. She received this money from God she says. Hardly, she got that money from fraud in a lawsuit that she and Ken Berley filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court. The lawsuit settlement was for her work for Hillary Clinton and Dawne Benefield and Marion Kahn Bonner. LInda is a damage control person they used to cause the death a a woman they believed had an affair with Bill Clinton. They made up this fake lawsuit and Linda was paid. Wake up you people! This is are not Christians but believers in the here and now. They are back at work again doing damage control for Hillary in Arkansas to hide her lesbian group info she was involved in while Bill was doing his thing with my former friend Jennifer Flowers.

  8. I am a witness to the reality of this woman - I thought I found a friend - but instead found myself the target of her practice of voodoo and other demonically charged activities.

    Linda Newkirk calls herself "the queen of heaven" - scripture is clear that the "queen of heaven" is a Jezebel spirit of witchcraft! She is NOT the woman of Revelation 12 - but rather the woman of Revelation 2 where Christ sternly warns "Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet." For those of you that have been to her website - you KNOW the sickening feeling creeps over you as you read. This is the HOLY Spirit in you WARNING you - NO Jezebel allowed!

    For whatever reason - either my own stupidity or the Lord's leading - I found myself engaged in battle with her witchcraft for years - asking the Lord that HE stop her - and for awhile, she went silent. She is back at it as of last fall please join me in prayer that the Lord would stop her - ideally, lead her to repentance.