Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Please Pray for Rabbi of School Attended by Slain Jewish Children

              Rabbi Yosef Y. Matusof, Director of Jeunesse
              Lubavitch - Beth Habad Toulouse and the
              Ecole Gan Rachi school where the slain
              children had been learning.

The terrorist gunman has finally been stopped forever by French police and authorities. But this can never take away the deep heartache and pain of the families victimized by the murders committed by this man. Close friends of the grieving families also are filled with sorrow over this series of tragedies.

 When I began to read articles from many sources, including coverage of the profoundly moving funeral for the victims, one face began to stand out. It was a face filled with evident shock, sorrow and pain. I grieved for and with him as I looked at the photographs.
                       Rabbi Matusof, third on the right, center section

Upon further research, I discovered that this was Rabbi Yosef Y. Matusof , director of the school and daycare the children slain had attended. Rabbi Matusof is a distinguished member of the Jewish community in the area, having recieved the prestigious Edmond Tenoudji prize for excellence in Jewish education.

One can only imagine the suffering that he and his school staff and their families have endured throughout this crisis. The children who attend the school and their families are also affected.

The gunman may be dead, the funeral for the victims may be over, but the heartache and sorrow of the families and friends remains.

Please, dear readers, take special time to deeply pray for Rabbi Matusof, his staff, and others mentioned above. Their loss is all of our loss, and their pain must become ours as well.

True compassion, love and prayer know no international or religious boundaries.

We love you and are sincerely praying for you all.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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