Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Endless Nights of Ceaseless Prayer...

               Watching the aurora borealis as I pray nightly

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

A painful admission to my readers: I have forgotten what even one night of genuine sleep is really all about. I find myself remaining awake through most of the evening now, night after wearying night. Normal sleep patterns have vanished from my life. Why, you may ask?

Let me share my heart with you. I am tormented by the truths that I have uncovered throughout my past  15 years of painstaking investigative journalism. No, it is never a suicidal type sadness: I have total faith in the Living God of miracles. Suicide is a faithless act that has no place in the life of a true Christian.

Rather, my heart is filled with depths of sorrow impossible to adequately describe, as I think about the implications of the tragic  truths I have uncovered. I am compelled to spend night after night in ceaseless prayer on behalf of so many potential victims of NWO insanity, and to pray against the sheer wickedness of mankind today. I am particularly burdened by shocking revelations given to me by former CIA insiders once working for the dark NWO from within. Forever burned into my memories are the words warning me of brutal persecutions and genocide planned against millions of Christians.

But then, one only need to review the accounts of past history of COMMUNISM and the Rothschilds  and adherents, to painfully understand what it does to Christians and their churches and liberties in every nation it has overtaken. The term "NEW WORLD ORDER" is simply a modern term for the same Illuminati/satanist world takeover and "eliminate the Christians" agenda originally begun under the term "communism." While many underlings and recruits into the NWO/communism are ignorant of the dark occult Illuminati roots and inner operations, those operating at higher know the grim truth.

Why are Christians so hated by NWO (communist) supporters? WHY are they intent on arresting us Christians  under martial law, shackling us into prisoner boxcars to then be transported to a brutal death in the FEMA camps? The answer is very simple.  The NWO is in reality Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. His followers are the backbone, the movers, shakers, funders and instigators of this wicked kingdom.

The Bible fully outlines and confirms this in Revelation 13, wherein "THE DRAGON" (symbol of that doomed and fallen angel Lucifer,or Satan) gives to this "BEAST" of the world government "his thone, power and great authority," (Revelation 13:2)ALL of which are fallen, counterfeit and temporal and doomed to destruction by the Almighty Living God and Father of Abraham and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Former satanists and Illuminati, now Christians exposing the NWO, have all confirmed this to me in person. Genuine Christians are the ultimate resisters of Satan's kingdom on earth, and Christians have been battling him unflinchingly and victoriously  for 2000 years now. No true Christian can serve Jesus Christ AND the powers of hell behind the NWO. And for this reason, they hate us.

And as such, no true Christian can ever participate in any aspect of this satanic NWO world government. In fact, every Christian has a holy obligation to fast and pray for God's utter judgment and destruction of Satan's NWO. We ALL should be praying against the NWO and "the dragon" (Satan) and his deceived people behind it, because it is poised for the future destruction of countless millions of God's people, the Christians!

Furthermore, you must understand that horrific human sacrifices behind the scenes of NWO planning and preparations. Satanists universally believe that with every act of human sacrifice, Satan will give them more power to bring forth his NWO. Hundreds of thousands of innocent victims are abducted or bred annually in America alone to satisfy the blood lust of Satan and his followers. For these reasons, I never stop praying day and night for God to utterly judge and stop all wicked and murderous agendas of the satanists/Illuminati/communists and their damned (quite literally and Biblically) NWO agenda.

How can my heart not be broken in this hour? For I and my people have been singled out for persecution and slaughter...all because of our deeply held Christian convictions. And my heart is further broken because.I know that America is about to fall. War,  famine and many other sorrows are  coming to our nation as well.

According to US military insiders, they are preparing their food stockpiles in deep underground military bases to supply UP TO TEN YEARS worth of emergency food supplies. According to one construction worker I interviewed, the US military are building huge underground food supply storage refrigerated units. He personally worked on one and described what he saw to me. It was huge, the size of many football fields and very high and refrigerated. Admitted one military source from Kirtland AFB: "Because of our foreign policies in the MIDDLE EAST, it is not a matter of  IF but WHEN. There WILL BE NUCLEAR STRIKES on American soil..."

So, the US government and military know this. But, there are NO MASS EVACUATION PLANS OR SHELTERS for the American people! There is no warning being sounded to the American people, but only for "the ruling elite" and related military/government. We have become "as sheep led to slaughter" in their sight, not worthy of protecting, feeding or saving in time of war! In fact, FEMA plans to seize your precious food supplies so you can't feed your family under crisis! And they want to abolish the family backyard gardens for survival as well. What kind of pluralistic double standards are these? Does this sound like a military and government for the American people and their well-being?

(You can actually order pre-fab excellent fallout shelters, to be installed on your property, over the Internet. You can also order emergency food supplies to last for years over the Internet. DO SO and prepare to protect and feed yourself and your family, because your government  obviously WON'T!

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When you have researched a serious subject intensely for so many years, you finally become a reluctant visionary. The tragic yet inevitable future for our nation becomes more and more clear.  And the future I see coming to North America (and to the REST of our world ) is tragic indeed. The subject matter I have reported on for years now WILL come to pass, UNLESS the Divine hands of Almighty God intervene in the affairs of mortal men to restrain the madness! And we know from the eternal Word of God that PRAYER MOVES THE HANDS OF GOD!

As I have emphasized repeatedly, the NWO infrastructure is totally in place throughout North American. The necessary agencies are place. The military role is firmly in place. The PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS are all written, signed and poised to be activated under martial law, effectively turning America into a NWO NIGHTMARE POLICE STATE.

And this is why I cannot stop praying. It continues day and night relentlessly.

I pray throughout the day as I meditate on the latest disturbing information I receive through multiple sources. Later in the evening, I put on soothing background music from the Internet (usually "BBC 3 classical channel" or liturgical chants/music from "ANCIENT FAITH RADIO" and other Christian websites.) As the sound of music fills the room, I settle a comfortable chair and begin to focus on promises from the Bible. Brilliant displays of the northern lights often fill the skies here in Alaska, and I often gaze out the windows as I pray into the long night.

And then, the hours of ceaseless prayer begin, often accompanied by quiet moonlight framed by countless twinkling stars against a fascinating backdrop of the nightly aurora borealis. I take the time to thank God and praise Him for everything...His mercy, His grace, His provision, etc. I thank Him also for His great answers to prayer as well. God dwells in the praises of His people. Praise brings us into His presence.

This is then followed by prayer for my nation and  my fellow Americans. Prayer for my fellow Christians, often being persecuted or martyred for their faith, not only across the globe but right here in our nation. Prayer for eternal souls about to perish eternally who have never even heard of salvation through Jesus Christ. Prayer for the salvation of all in leadership...prayer for the unborn to be saved from abortion...prayer for the youth of our nation...prayer for the military hearts to be reached by the convicting Spirit of Almighty God, etc.

These are the things that many other Christians are also praying about. These may sound pretty generic, but such prayer is absolutely essential.

Finally, my prayers divert from the norm, to subject matter foreign to many Christians. The anguish locked deep in my heart begins to rise to the surface through such prayer.

Prayer against the horrors of a coming communist reign of terror and martial law...against the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles...against the deployment of military into the streets of America...against the deployment of the countless military guillotines upon innocent American Christians under martial law...against the NWO FEMA camps agenda...against the potential of nuclear strikes on American soil...against the terror of chemical/biological warfare being unleashed against us...against the military use of PROJECT HAARP frequencies for weather modification or deliberately caused earthquakes...and so much more do I find to pray against in this hour.

Did you know that, had it not been for countless Christians fasting and praying for the communist NWO/martial law agenda for North America to be held back, we would have been under it long ago??? I was invited to lecture in Vancouver WA area a while ago, about the coming police state to be imposed on our nation, not by the consent of the people, but by brute force. After the lecture, we prayed together. Someone then shared the following words:


This is the absolute truth.

As I continue in prayer far into the night, memories of the various subjects I have researched surface for ongoing intercession. I pray for the children who are continual victims of wicked adults worldwide... the children sold into prostitution by parents...the children in Chinese orphanages abandoned by parents, most to be murdered for  body organ harvesting/transplant purposes...the human trafficking of young women forced into prostitution around the world...dark satanist operations worldwide that include countless abductions, including infant and child abduction,  for their murderous rituals...and the list goes on ad infinitum.

The earthquake victims in Japan, and now the ongoing deadly radiation from from Fukushima nuclear plant polluting both air and ocean and causing both increased dangers and deaths in North American and beyond...the toxic poisoning of our fragile ecosystem by big greedy industry, resulting in sickness and untimely death for millions of affected people throughout America around the globe...the horrible living conditions on Native American reservations nationwide often leading to suicides and more...the tragedy of DRUG ABUSE coupled with the equally tragic reality of government complicity in aiding/abetting of it...the list of things to pray about can never really end when we live in a sinful world.

We live in a very precarious and endangered world today. PRAYER has the power to change the destinies of nations. PRAYER has the potential to change the hearts of men, even the hearts of those presently poised to persecute God's people under martial law. 

Saul of Tarsus once travelled to ancient Damascus, intent on persecuting the message of Jesus and arresting, even killing, Christians, but later left there as a CHANGED person prepared to give his life for Jesus and the Gospel following his divine encounter with Jesus and the anointed prayer of Ananias over him.

Prayer and fasting can change the hearts and minds of wicked men. Prayer can shape and form the destinies of people and nations. Prayer can shatter the plans of the wicked and bring forth the holy and divine will and purposes of God in it's place. In a sinful and depraved world alienated from God because of sin, it can be no wonder why we Christians are exhorted by Jesus Christ to pray,"... Thy Kingdom come, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH as it is in heaven..."

And now, at America's time of greatest peril and danger from deadly enemies within and without, DEDICATED  CHRISTIANS in the roles of  INTERCESSORY PRAYER WARRIORS are utterly essential in this hour.What did Jesus Christ do as He faced the impending hour of His greatest challenge and peril at the hands of sinful men? He PRAYED!

Christian readers, will you please respond to the call of God in your heart, to FAST AND PRAY in this desperate hour? Your sincere fasting and prayers and tears before the throne of God, CAN and WILL make an eternal difference.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert praying from Alaska


  1. Thank you Pamela. I will pray.

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