Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Hare TODAY, Gone TOMORROW!" Eskimo Hunter Donates Arctic Hares

Lance the mighty Inupiaq hunter from KOTZEBUE donates Arctic hare to feed Lisa's family.....

                        Arctic hare native to region

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Sigh...") Well, it was going to happen eventually, especially here in the Arctic circle. And especially since the cost of living here is unbelievable (food especially), so that we have to "live off the land" like the locals have always done.

Pamela, lover and coddler of cute little pet baby bunnies in the past like the above, has now become the BUNNY connoisseur and skinning/gutting gourmet chef of Lisa's kitchen! Yech...and I can just hear Ferdinand the duck in BABE on the farm as the Christmas duck is about to be slaughtered, screaming "CARNAGE!" once again, this time in my ear. (Sigh...)

Well, it's a dirty job but SOMEONE'S gotta do it!

Now hold it right there, PETA fans! I dare you to come to Native villages here with your protests and cans of red paint to splatter on their lovely fur "parkees." Or chase me around with your protest signs. You'd be laughed out of every village...AFTER they grabbed your can of paint and dumped it on your heads for being so rude and insensitive to their ancient culture of SURVIVAL.
                            PETA protester with red paint

(Go for it, Inupiaq guys! ESKIMO POWER in the KOTZ! Kotzville ROCKS! Whoa...has living here for only a few months already caused me to think and talk more and more like the locals? Yep,  I guess it has. Gotta watch myself here! Ahem...I must regain my more serious composure readers are gasping in shock...whew!)

The amazing local tribes including INUPIAQ here have survived for centuries on local wildlife and seafood. Moose, caribou, bear, bunnies, seal, whale and and other seafood have provided their very basis for survival in the brutal Arctic climate for thousands of years.
The last thing these resourceful people need, are more outsiders coming here to try and tell them how to run their lives. And so, I am learning from them about survival.

And so, dear readers, if you are bold enough to come and visit "the Kotz," give us a ring, let us know and we'll cook a little extra morsel of moose, stir fry lynx, prime caribou rib au jus, or arctic hare stew ...just for you! And if you have a soft place in your heart, like I admittedly still do, for cute little bun-buns, we'll discreetly serve you some thing else. Salmon, anyone?

"Pam's Diner" can always manage to seat 'n serve one more cold and hungry visitor.

Special THANKS to LANCE KRAMER for the tasty Arctic game you donate so kindly to us.

Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from "the Kotz," Alaska

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