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UPDATE! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to my newest article, "THE SILENT EXODUS OUT OF AMERICA," following this report. This is important information for all Americans who realize these ominous events leading to martial law may be unfolding very soon.-Pamela

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian Biblical perspective-

MARTIAL LAW! Many people in America now know what these two ominous words mean. They mean a loss of OUR CONSTITUTION and all our previously enjoyed freedoms under it, including religious freedoms involving freedom to assemble and freedom of speech. MARTIAL LAW means coming under Presidential Executive Orders already written designed to make our nation into a POLICE STATE of "BIG NWO BROTHER."

My CIA sources (former, now whistleblowers, underground such as Michael Maholy) and many OTHER insider sources warned me that MARTIAL LAW means ROUND-UP TIME of all "potential terrorists" on the HOMELAND SECURITY/FEMA/GOV/MIL watch list, to be place on prisoner boxcars with shackles and taken to the FEMA/HOMELAND camps to be given "special treatment." This includes "brainwashing and re-education" or TERMINATION.

Here are some warning signals to watch for:

-Large numbers of strange-looking BOXCARS appearing in your neighborhood/region. They may be prisoner boxcars for future arrests, or military related. (this is happening now in areas around NYC and Newcastle, Indiana, and elsewhere across the nation.

-FOREIGN TROOPS AND VEHICLES sighted in your region. Here in NC, I have just received reports from a local source about the sighting of RUSSIAN MILITARY VEHICLES in this area, with Russian symbols on them. Foreign troops will be used to seize our weapons and march us off to boxcars, etc. There are MANY in Washington state and Oregon, for example.

-"PANDEMIC" attacks of "swine and avian flu" and other military biological warfare they will release deliberately in your area to create CRISIS leading to MARTIAL LAW DECLARATION in YOUR region. They will also release deadly CHEMICAL WARFARE in your air and public water reservoirs, according to CIA MICROBIOLOGIST LARRY WAYNE HARRIS my personal friend and information source. He told me how they were trained in the CIA to develop deadly microbes and chemical/biological warfare to be deliberately released against the America people, to neutralize and weaken them under martial law SO THEY CANNOT RESIST OR FIGHT BACK SUCCESSFULLY. (Beware of government COINTELPRO/misinformation on Harris on the Internet. They do not want people to believe his true information and reports.)

The PENTAGON has has a program of the the same kind of warfare against the America people, practicing on the unfortunate people of IDAHO AND MONTANA, where I just came from with research. I have been the only independent investigator to come out with a full report from a reliable source admitting that the Pentagon has been using the PEOPLE OF MONTANA as human guinea pigs to test their deadly chemicals on them for the past 7 years now. They did not even spare the AMISH COMMUNITY in LIBBY, MONTANA, that spring that I came to visit and pray for them for a week, 2 years ago.

By the admission of the wife of the leader of that community, terrible weakness and other symptoms hit the entire community while I was there, during that deadly testing session. Through a series of tip-offs, I was led to a NSA-linked local source who told me all about this horrible testing going on in Montana, by the PENTAGON itself. It took me five months and much detoxifying (through natural health foods/supplements including CHLORELLA) to recover from that attack.;article=122790;show_parent=1

-MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS from various government/military black ops sources will hit major cities and regions in our nation in the future. MISSILES will even come from our own US military bases, according to my military sources including one Pentagon source and a person from ELLSWORTH AFB in Rapid City, SD. This ties in with "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," a dark and terrible plan from the NWO agenda supporters in Washington DC, to bring America finally to it's knees with their planned explosions that will result in the declaration of MARTIAL LAW across our nation. Here is a brief excerpt from my previous report on OPERATION RING OF FIRE:

"Famed Patriot investigator ED PACK presented me with his inside information, obtained through various "moles" ( who are sympathetic to the Constitution) planted in the White House and other locations, who gave him the inside info on "OPERATION: RING OF FIRE." This inside report exposed the government's covert plan to deliberately foment crisis nationwide by triggering a series of explosions or "terrorist attacks" that would be conveniently blamed on "terrorists" and create a state of martial law and national crisis. But of course, the REAL terrorists would be those working covertly for the government/military for the NEW WORLD ORDER/UN takeover agenda... ";article=121808;

Even NOW, missiles from ELLSWORTH AFB, near Rapid City, SD, are poised to hit four major city targets in our nation, upon given cue. This information came to me from a true insider source, a man whose father is a USAF general working with NATO in Europe to help bring America under the NWO. This information source was with the Air National Guard in that area, and would only give his name of "BRAVO 6" when I interviewed him for my radio broadcast then with WWCR and GENESIS.

BRAVO SIX told me that his USAF General father told him that the USAF lied to the American public public, and that the missiles in ELLSWORTH have NOT been removed from the underground silos as news told them! He said, "My father told me to NEVER reveal this to anyone, BUT the missiles have been REDIRECTED TOWARDS INTERNAL TARGETS for their NEW WORLD ORDER/MARTIAL LAW AGENDA!" In other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER will CREATE THE CHAOS by ANY MEANS to bring down their MARTIAL LAW AGENDA!!!

They will THEN blame any target group they choose for their own hidden agendas, whether AL QAEDA (a CIA creation) or others. BEWARE OF OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT EXPLANATIONS when these things all begin to come down!

I told "BRAVO SIX" I BELIEVED him. And asked then, WHAT CITIES??? He told me.

Washington DC. Omaha, NE. CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN NORAD. And finally RAPID CITY area.

"And they will send missile after missile into CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN to destroy every underground floor they have, if necessary," he added.

BELIEVE THIS SOURCE when he reveals that WASHINGTON DC will go up in flames! IT is predestined to by the NWO itself! I have already read articles revealing that the NEW MILITARY CAPITOL OF THE USA UNDER MARTIAL LAW is DENVER, COLORADO! And for this to happen, the OLD Capitol has to go up in flames!

Even now, many government agencies are quietly moving out of the Washington DC area and relocating their headquarters to DENVER, including the CIA. And many others (including businesses, etc.) are quietly relocating OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON DC as well. (Northern Virginia, Maryland, etc.)

AL CUPPETT (Mr. "C" or SEA), famed Pentagon source exposing the NWO, admitted to me that he knew of INTERNAL TARGETS for our own missiles in our own military bases also. He told me of encountering a General who was angry and told him about the MISSILES FROM OUR BASES AIMED AT OUR OWN CITIES for a hidden NWO agenda.

We are now hearing of a "BANKERS HOLIDAY"
planned for September, and FORCED VACCINATIONS at the same time period as well.
Watch for PLANNED FAMINE and economic collapse. On the heels of a planned economic collapse, they will set up FEMA/military emergency centers to dole out food. YOU CANNOT GET FOOD if you do NOT accept their FORCED VACCINATIONS and other government plan to comply with! "NO COMPLY-YOU DIE!"

And of course, I have exclusively reported on the plan to use the YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO in a simulated "eruption" to bring down martial law in the large region, so they can then go after the large numbers of militias and gun owners throughout that region that have vowed to fight the NWO to the end.;article=123190;

There are so many other possibilities! PROJECT HAARP can be used to trigger earthquakes as well. With so many foreign nations involved in this horrible NWO agenda (Russia, China, the EU in Europe, etc.), there are many sources of the dark hidden plans to bring this nation down under martial law, and NONE sympathetic to the American people nor their well-being.

PRAY for protection in your region. Stay UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, all of you CHRISTIANS out there! FAST AND PRAY that God will hold back the horror of their insane plans a season longer. Your prayers can truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from NC

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  1. Good now try and stop us.

  2. I wondering, if "they" are ready for the fight! Many, very many that believe in our Constitution will fight for the freedom it brings. Yes, many will die but "they" will loose many. True Americans will do not know the tern "surrender". We will fight, and we will win! God Save the Republic!

  3. Their is anunder ground movement that is in place today. This movement is a movement of the Sons of Liberty. These men are men with Honor and integrity. These men believe in God and in our Lord. These men have seen combat before and know how to fight and how to die. These men do not know the term surrender. They will defend the "Constitution of these United States".