Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You CAN Be AN OVERCOMER Through the Coming Battles We Face!

IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN...YOU are called by God and Jesus Christ and His Word to be an OVERCOMER and NOT a succumber! You are called to be "MORE THAN CONQUERORS" and NOT the conquered! You are called to be THE VICTORIOUS, and not the defeated!

I encourage you to spend time in reading the WORD OF GOD on this subject of BEING AN OVERCOMER and MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. Get a good Bible concordance and begin to look up this subject. You may also GOOGLE up the subject and search for doctrinally sound Bible-based websites teaching more about this.

In the disturbing future of North America, your Christian faith and values will be challenged as NEVER before! But God in His foreknowledge has already long known about this! His eternal WORD has told us prophetically about the times we MUST face! And His eternal word has made provision for ALL OF US to emerge victoriously as well! If this were not true, then none of us could EVER be what the Bible declares we already are made to be: MORE THAN CONQUERORS in ALL THESE THINGS!

But NO ONE can do this for you! You must purpose to prepare your heart and your life to OVERCOME and emerge victorious through Jesus Christ and His provision for you.

This is just a brief word of encouragement for my readers in this critical hour of America's destiny. Make YOUR present time of grace and freedom count for all eternity!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from NC

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