Wednesday, August 19, 2009


BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Wednesday, August 19, 2009-

IMPORTANT ALERT- I have been in contact with many of my fellow researchers and information sources the past week, and they are warning me of a "FALL SURPRISE" from the NEW WORLD ORDER folks who desperately WANT martial law and their NWO agenda to commence.

From DAVID CHAPMAN ( trainer of many militias nationwide and broadcasting with MARK KOERNKE on a Patriot network) in NEW YORK; and from TED GUNDERSON (former FBI now exposing the NWO)in Los Angeles, I have received reports of a "BANKERS HOLIDAY" scheduled for SEPTEMBER. There are many links now reporting on the ominous threat of a "BANKERS HOLIDAY" coming.

Here is a sampling of some links:

And about the new currency they will allegedly bring in at this time as well:

David told me that because of the planned imposition of the toxic and deadly "VACCINES" for the alleged "SWINE FLU" pandemic coming, he and others predict that it may come to ALL OUT WAR by angry and protesting Americans against the US government/military intentions to impose this series of deadly vaccination. ALL OF THIS potentially means MARTIAL LAW. Read HERE about some of the major dangers of the Swine flu vaccination.

Did you KNOW that all swine flu vaccinations contain hidden microbiochips, that will be inserted into you without your knowledge??? The military satellites will then be able to track you, locate you, attack you, and FIND YOU worldwide and under martial law! A microbiologist revealed this several years ago, in an article that I tried to post on my previous website. The government knocked this article OFF MY WEBSITE every time I tried to post it! THIS is why they created the artificial PANDEMIC, to create a reason to force their vaccinations into your body, to CHIP you (and sicken you, etc.) AND TRACK YOU! A major agenda of the NWO!

When I called and spoke to TED GUNDERSON, he told me the very same thing.
(More about TED GUNDERSON-
By the way, because of Ted's accuracy in exposing corruption both in the US government and satanism and the NWO, he too has become a victim of government smear tactics and their COINTELPRO misinformation attacks as well. One government smear agent, Barbara Hartwell of the CIA,
( )has obviously been assigned to attempt to destroy his character on the Internet.

Stew Webb is another misinformation agent under COINTELPRO, working for the FBI, and he too has attacked Gunderson as well.

But, thank God, such efforts from both have largely failed, due to the public being forewarned and informed about COINTELPRO.( )Ted gets numerous invitations to lecture across the nation, go on radio, etc. People are finally catching on to corrupt government tactics to discredit good Americans who are telling our nation the truth.

This information regarding "BANKERS HOLIDAY" is circulating across the Internet and across the nation throughout the circles of the ever-growing GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT of informed Americans aware of the NWO agenda and coming MARTIAL LAW planned for their nation.

NOW IS THE TIME to make sure of your EMERGENCY SUPPLIES that include: gold/silver, LONG TERM quality food supplies, medical supplies, PLUS survival gear that includes backpacks/sleeping bags, hiking boots, water purifiers, camp stoves, alternate heating in your home, emergency gas supplies, etc.

DON'T THINK ABOUT THE COST as you gather up these supplies NOW. Rather, think of how badly YOU WILL NEED THEM TO SURVIVE in the perilous times you face in America. And think of how HARD you will kick yourself in the posterior IF you fail to obtain them NOW while you still can! And don't worry about, "BUT WHAT IF NOTHING HAPPENS!" You will ALWAYS need such supplies in the future of this nation anyhow, at SOME point in time.

Because MARTIAL LAW/NATIONAL EMERGENCY WILL HAPPEN in our nation some day! Only your/my prayers and the grace of God and His mercy has held it back thus far. But it WILL come!

For those of my readers who consider themselves Christian PRAYER WARRIORS, please consider taking the time to fast and pray against their dark and deadly agendas planned for this year and this fall. The Bible declares: "the fervent and effectual prayers of a righteous person avail much." And the Bible exhorts us to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. I do. I live in prayer.

People around me notice this at times, as they tell me. I then explain to them WHY I must LIVE IN PRAYER! I know what is coming to our nation. I can SEE the future victims...I can HEAR their cries...I can FEEL their pain and suffering...I can SEE their tears. I KNOW what these murderers will do to my fellow Americans and my fellow Christians udner martial law/NWO. Due to years of this kind of research, I often find myself subconsciously LIVING IN THE FUTURE when all these things will come to pass. HOW COULD ANYONE FAIL TO to be burdened and to PRAY CONSTANTLY, knowing what I KNOW!


There is coming a time of PLANNED FAMINE to America. I learned of this agenda years ago. Planned famine is a frequently used tactic of COMMUNISTS whenever they want to subdue any country beneath their cruel control. Make the people weak and impoverished by famine. Then they will be more helpless, passive and subject to forced compliance to government agendas. The US government has even practiced seizing national food distribution warehouses in TN for example, according to one eye-witness who worked in one such center. I have long informed my readers/listeners that a planned famine is coming, to force people to comply with military/ government demands OR RECEIVE NO FOOD.

And NOW we have received reports of a film being made by FEMA, that shows how people in the future must LINE UP AT A FEMA CENTER TO ACCEPT A FORCED VACCINATION, or be refused FOOD.

The US government/military will deliberately create circumstances where food supplies will be seized from the National Food Distribution warehouses. There will BE NO DELIVERIES of food to your local grocery stores. They will arrange this so that the American people will be forced to come to FEMA/military food distribution centers.
They will attempt to coerce you into taking the FLU VACCINATION and complying with OTHER NWO DEMANDS in order to get food for yourself and your family."NO COMPLY-YOU DIE!" NO food!

So purchase your long-term storage food supplies NOW from a reputable dealer. (GOOGLE on the Internet for one: there are MANY. Get freeze-dried as well. Don't forget emergency water supplies as well: good drinking water will be hard to get in the future.)


These NWO criminals intend fully to seize YOUR emergency food supplies. The PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS already signed, have made provision for FEMA to "legally"seize YOUR precious food supplies under martial law! Of course, this IS a criminal act under any circumstances. NO one can forbid you to supply food to feed your family! The Bible commands people to provide for their own households, including FOOD! The lawless criminals who have planned the NWO agenda for America have NO regard for the HIGHER laws of God. But God's Word is FOREVER. SO please prepare to defend your food supplies from seizures by FEMA/military under martial law.

One man in LIBBY MONTANA, the "HONEYBEE MAN," told me that FEMA moved their agents into the home next to his, and bragged to him that they would seize his food supplies under martial law. He told them "OH NO YOU WON'T!" He told them with the help of his friends "SMITH AND WESSON" he would defend his family and his food supplies! But they will try to seize emergency food supplies, nationwide.


You do NOT want to EVER accept the forced vaccinations! They are deadly, toxic, and ALSO HAVE A BIO-MICROCHIP IN EVERY DOSE! As one microbiologist revealed in one report I posted several years ago, they will use such vaccinations to bring in MICRO-CHIPPING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE for tracking, monitoring, etc., through the back door via the vaccinations! There are many excellent articles on the Internet warning against the dangers of these "swine flu" vaccinations and hidden agendas with them as well.

Again, please do NOT put off gathering your emergency supplies of every kind at this time, WHILE YOU CAN.

Readers, if you notice anything strange pertaining to what you suspect may be martial law preparations being made in YOUR region of America, send me an email describing what YOU see to:

(Foreign troops and vehicles, strange appearing boxcars, military convoys, etc.)

If I can get it confirmed, etc., I will then consider post it on this blog.

God save us ALL from what they have planned for "AMERIKA"!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from the nation

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