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FROM MY MAILBOX-Special Information to Several Mailers

UPDATED HOT INFORMATION! Please go to and;article=126092;title=APFN for the latest important information warning against the forcing of SWINE FLU INOCULATIONS coming soon,and WHY they are dangerous to you and your family. This excellent website also covers in depth the information pertaining to coming MARTIAL LAW and the NWO for America.-Pamela

From my mailbox-

TO TEAL IN NC- THANK YOU so much and God bless you! I sent you a nice card...hope you got it. SO MUCH NWO PREPARATIONS have been occurring in NC! They (state government/military) are totally sold out to the NWO agenda in NC at the highest levels, as a major MASONIC/SATANIST STRONGHOLD STATE.

The military (ARMY) in FORT BRAGG already have the MODERN GUILLOTINES I REPORT ON, and are training their men secretly in the art of BEHEADING, to be used against Christians in the future per REVELATION 20:4.

Cities like ASHEVILLE, NC, are major satanist/pagan strongholds fully dedicated to bringing down their NWO with a passion.

RUSSIAN MILITARY VEHICLES AND TANKS have been reported constantly to me throughout the years in NC, again just recently with a Christian student I interviewed who told me of sighting Russian military and equipment in his small city in NC. Especially in the mountains of NC, we have been receiving reports of Russian T-80 type tanks and more. I also received a report of CHINESE MILITARY in a secret base in the mountains of WNC.

Sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES have also occurred in WNC.

ALWAYS WATCH OUT for large chain link fenced-in enclosures, with the top rows of barbed FACING IN rather than OUT, as if to CONTAIN PEOPLE INSIDE and keep them from escaping. They will frequently use such locations to detain people once they begin arresting them under martial law. Also watch for large trains containing foreign appearing military vehicles, tanks, etc. I saw such many years ago, 76 flatbeds carrying such equipment through NC when I used to live there.

UPDATED-Thank you TISHE from San Francisco. God bless you. California is going to go down hard under martial law. They have been preparing for a long time for martial law to come. They have many camps and prisoner boxcars in place now. There is a camp in the Mojave Desert. I am posting my link for this camp here:

And of course in Northern California you have the horrible Bohemian Grove as well. For their many abominations, California must be judged and fall utterly. They want to be first to declare MARTIAL LAW, to trigger it! But they will be judged severely in the end. If you are a born-again Christian , please pray about getting out of this state as soon as His grace permits. My friend LARRY in the Mojave has a wonderful website warning people about this coming, and has my reports on it as well. Go to:

I am sending you a lovely postcard of my region where I am now (I like to send one to everyone who writes me.) God bless and preserve you always, Pamela

UPDATED-Thank you PETER from NJ! You have been a blessing. NJ is also preparing for MARTIAL LAW as well. There is one military base with a detention camp, and there are photos of it on the Internet as well in NJ. (FORT DIX)

We have received reports of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES-type boxcars building up outside NYC and NJ. ANYWHERE near NY and NYC will be hit big time with martial law agendas. God bless and protect you there.-Pamela

Thank you PERRY from BUFFALO! I have been on radio in TORONTO, CANADA, (CLOAK AND DAGGER with LENNY BLOOM in the past)not far from where you are, talking about MARTIAL LAW IN CANADA. There has been much activity around NIAGARA FALLS and in fact around any major port of entry into Canada from America, preparing for martial law and Americans who will attempt to flee over the border into Canada. Canada will provide NO SAFE HAVEN for Americans fleeing under martial law, however, since they are under the same agenda as America to become REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten regions of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. I enjoyed visiting NIAGARA FALLS when I went to Bible college near Rochester, NY, years ago.

The Falls and the river leading to it gives you a picture of what will happen to people who are not aware of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. I noticed there were peaceful, idyllic streams leading to Niagara Falls, that only a few miles upstream from the Falls, one would never GUESS that these incredible falls would await them...UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE!

By the time you see the mist, hear the roar, and realize what you are heading to, TOO BAD! And OVER YOU GO to your destruction! How many AMERICANS and CANADIANS are peacefully drifting along in their own idyllic streams of life, never dreaming that a TERRIBLE AND RUDE AWAKENING AWAITS THEM as they near the precipice of "the falls" of coming MARTIAL LAW! READ about a woman concerned in NY about these things of MARTIAL LAW and what happened to her!

God bless you.-Pamela

To My Anonymous Friend in Asheville, NC-I just received your kind letter today, August 27,2009. I have been praying about everyone's prayer requests, and now your new unspoken ones (7), with much prayer. You asked about upcoming warning signs for martial law. There are many signs to watch for: scroll through my past reports for information as well.

Watch for: evidence of foreign troops and military movements nationwide. Watch for increased threats of PANDEMIC SWINE FLU nationwide (ALL government designed and quite deliberate!), and for forced vaccinations as well. Watch for massive explosions across America, in many regions or cities, to be falsely blamed on AL QAEDA or other smoke screens/CIA/gov created fronts for their OWN black ops to trigger martial law. They will be our own military/government black ops designed strategically to bring down martial region by region. Watch for signs of strange boxcars in your region. AND MORE. I will post more later, in fact a report on what to watch for NEXT.-Pamela

To Bob-Thank you for your kindness! It was so appreciated and so were your kind words of encouragement. They meant alot to me at this time of crisis!-Pamela

To MICHAEL from RHODE ISLAND-God bless you! Your kind words also helped me so much. New England is also preparing for MARTIAL LAW as well. In NEW HAMPSHIRE a veteran watchdog group told me of a PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES operation, in which older boxcars were being rebuilt into higher level boxcars with three floors (levels)for prisoners. These are like the ones produced by GUNDERSON STEEL of Portland, Oregon.

Gunderson's steel boxcars are higher than normal, with three levels for prisoners, according to actual workers (Russian Christians who work there) and their descriptions, as well as a Gunderson executive's wife (a concerned Christian) who held a meeting in her home and admitted the truth about the boxcars being produced there.

Also, the WITCHES OF SALEM, MA, with Laurie Cabot, only 45 minutes away from RI with their SALEM Witch Museum ( ), are by night hard-core human-sacrificing satanists (and not cutesy little "white witches" as they would have you to believe), according to the information of a former CIA/assassin/satanist I interviewed, now Christian and whistleblower exposing the darkness of satanism and the NWO.
In fact, when I was staying with one family, Gary and Lisa Ruby of RI, Gary came to me one day with shocking news.

He said, "Pam, ever since you came to stay with us, the witches of Salem have been contacting me and offering huge amounts of money if I would deposit you on their doorstep in SALEM. They finally upped the price on your head to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS if I would turn you over to them." Yes..turn me over to them to be SACRIFICED! Gary felt compelled to get me out of his area at that time, to a Christian camp I have worked at for many summers in Connecticut outside Hartford, for safety immediately. His wife wrote an important book exposing the "LEFT BEHIND" series and questioning the heretical RAPTURE teachings popular today. You can order it online:

God protect you in the times to come, Michael.-Pamela

To E____ from Sand Point, Idaho-THANK YOU SO MUCH! When I saw your mailing address and postmark, I realized it was important to send you some information from your region. I have performed much research in your area, including in Sand Point itself. Sand Point, IDAHO, is a hotbed for NWO/martial law preparations. IN fact, all up and down highway 95, going into CANADA, is a major a corridor for NWO/martial law preparations.

I often interviewed locals, including at the weekly farmers market in Sand Point, ID. Many locals told me they know strange things were going on in that region. Some told me of suspecting that DETENTION CAMPS were being built in that area. They saw huge deliveries of concertina barbed wire moving north on 95. Another , a professor, admitted seeing a camp BEING BUILT. Still another person told me of what appeared to be a detention facility near the port of entry into CANADA on 95, north past BONNER'S FERRY.

Sand Point is just plain WEIRD in so many ways! Even locals have admitted this to me, though they can't often put their finger on WHY. It has a large satanist/occult population there as well. And the "experimental tree farm" you may have already heard of is NOT what it appears to be! It holds dark underground secrets, and the mountain it is on has an underground military type facility, and has big radiation coming out from inside that mountain as well. I visited it with a Canadian film crew from Kelowna, BC, and we found out alot. ALL along highway 95, and Highway 2 through Idaho and Montana, and where they intersect at Bonner's Ferry, appears to major MILITARY CORRIDORS for NWO/martial law activities in the future.

You can be certain that the train trestle over part of the lake in Sand Point, has already carried it's share of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES and related NWO items to be prepositioned, by now.

Your postmark said SPOKANE, WA. I have done much research in SPOKANE. Russian Christian contacts there told me that RUSSIAN SPIES IN SPOKANE are openly bragging to them, saying, "as LIFE WAS IN RUSSIA, so shall it SOON BE IN AMERICA!" And they are RIGHT! Russian spies do alot of nasty things in Spokane, and in WA state and the Pacific Northwest as well, as Russian Christians warned me therein. In fact, the "pastor" of one Russian Pentecostal church in Spokane, Victor, is a KGB (FSB)SPY infiltrator, as several Russian Christians warned me. He was even sent by the KGB (FSB) after one member to ASSASSINATE him, they told me! Lots of strange things about Sand Point! God bless you, E_____!- Pamela

To ANONYMOUS from ASHEVILLE, NC- THANKYOU SO MUCH! You asked me to write more information about ASHEVILLE and the ILLUMINATI insiders there, and about VATICAN and certain JEWISH elements involved in the NWO agenda as well.

I am frankly tormented every day, as I listen to trains passing through only a half hour from Asheville. Insiders told me that the prisoner boxcars with shackles are already prepositioned near Asheville, ready to roll under coming MARTIAL LAW. These boxcars have the shackles, modern guillotines, PLUS, as former insiders admitted to me personally, satanic altars to sacrifice all NWO resisters arrested, to the "god" of the NWO. Yes, the Asheville satanist/Illuminati madmen are THAT evil and demented! My reports exposing them are still found at (Satanism in America today)

There is so much that could be said about all of the above, and much I have already published that you can look up. The VANDERBILT FAMILY is a major Illuminati family of the so called "rich, elite and powerful." The BILTMORE ESTATE in Asheville is truly an occult mansion and estate, with one room boasting a COVEN'S TABLE with 13 chairs, and satanic/occult carvings in much of it's interior woodwork.

Previously unreported, was the information I discovered about SEELY'S CASTLE on Town Mountain Road. When it was owned by JERRY STERNBERG (apparently a Jewish Sabbatean satanist..there are many in Asheville in fact among others), it was heavily used for horrific human sacrifice rituals, according to several former members of that particular coven in Asheville that I interviewed. ALL went into grim details that matched of infants tortured and cannibalized and sacrificed, and other victims as well. It was since sold to cover up it's dark past.

Scroll through my reports from previous months, and you will find reports on that certain element among the Jews who are a distinct part of the NWO agenda. Certainly not ALL Jews are! I want to clearly make that distinction.

To find more about the NWO agenda and the VATICAN's role, go to:

God bless you always! I am praying for your 5 unspoken prayer requests and for YOU as well!-Pamela

I will keep posting personalized regional information to my readers/mailers in the future...STAY TUNED! To those of you who chose to include return addresses, I have sent lovely "thank you" postcards today of the NC mountains. And God bless you ALL and THANK YOU AGAIN! You ALL have truly helped to rescue me from my very desperate situation!

Your support is still needed. I finally now have food to eat and much needed basic personal items...shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Due to the extreme stress factor I operate under in this challenging work and reporting, quality vitamins have always been essential to sustain me, and my supply is now low. I have found that NATURES PLUS "SOURCE OF LIFE" whole food vitamins totally revives and energizes me as no other natural/food-based vitamins. You too should try them! When I shared mine with people all over the country as I traveled previously, they all reported miracles of some kind. One diabetic man was OFF HIS INSULIN after only one week of taking them! (I gave him my extra bottle due to his health problems.) He gave some to his brother Kevin, who later told me he had so much energy that he couldn't even sleep at night! You will find quality vitamins essential in the times to come for endurance and stamina. Get yourself a good supply of quality ones! -Pamela

God bless and protect you ALL!-Pamela Schuffert reporting from North Carolina

Although I am almost "out of the woods" regarding basic needs of food, etc., support is still needed for a few more critically needed things. You may direct it to: PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757

Thank you AGAIN!


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  1. charlotte nc has a private jail that has been sitting for 10 years. they haven't allowed anyone to visit or take picutres of it. presley road charlotte nc