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What This BLOG Is All About

An Introduction by Pamela R. Schuffert, investigative researcher and journalist, lecturer, author

The blog you are about to enter is highly controversial and profoundly disturbing to many Americans. However, my years of research coupled with thousands of miles of personal worldwide travel to investigate the following information and to document it in many cases has validated what you are about to read.

Every American ought to be disturbed and awakened by the implications of such information being factual. And every American ought to be moved to great concern and subsequent appropriate actions to counter the threats that we now face to our sovereignty and Constitutionally guaranteed religious and national liberties and cherished Patriot heritage.

I was born at the headquarters of the United States Air Force, (Bolling AFB) in Washington, DC. I was raised in the greater Washington metropolitan area for most of my life, living less than a hour from the White House, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, CIA and FBI headquarters.Historic Mount Vernon, restored estate of our nation’s first President, was only a mile and a half from our home along the Potomac River.

My famous father, "Jake" Schuffert
( at both Bolling AFB and the Pentagon. (He died in 1998.) Even today, posthumously, he is referred to as the United States Air Force "icon cartoonist" whose military cartoons have filled USAF and US Army publications for many years.His cartoons continued to be published monthly, posthumously, for several years after he died in the widely read AIRMAN magazine, known and read by virtually every USAF person worldwide.

My mother at various times worked as a secretary for a Congressman on Capitol Hill (Congressman McClory of IL, and for the US Army/Department of Defense for many years.

The neighborhood that I grew up in was filled with high level military brass, the intelligence community (FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.), and the politically important…in essence, the "rich, the elite and the powerful" (as they love to refer to themselves as.)I am sharing this to establish my personal background in the reader’s mind so that you may understand that I know what I am talking about in the reports to follow.


Many of my information sources are in fact former and/or present intelligence community operatives (CIA, FBI, etc.)who have become deeply disturbed about what they know from the inside and are moved to sound the alarm by going public…even at the risk of their own personal lives.Others are credible military sources, both active and retired, who are equally disturbed over such information and it’s implications and are also going public.

I have traveled thousands of miles, both across CONUS (the continental United States, ) Canada, Alaska, and overseas to Germany and Europe, London, Israel, Hawaii, Costa Rica and elsewhere to interview contacts and information sources from many different backgrounds, all of whom are confirming the reality of THE COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

I have also lectured nationwide/worldwide on this subject as well. Locations include: Jerusalem, Israel to international audiences during FEAST OF TABERNACLES; Costa Rica; Honolulu, Hawaii, and many other locations as well.My previous radio broadcasts, DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY (WWCR RADIO), and several others, have presented this information to millions nationwide and worldwide. And radio listeners have frequently called in during my broadcasts to confirm such preparations taking place in their region across America for MARTIAL LAW and the coming Holocaust.

You are about to encounter reports that often defy belief…from the manufacture and importing of modern guillotines into America since the 1970’s and distributed to military bases nationwide for the beheading of NWO resisters under NOAHIDE LAWS PROVISIONS …to UN/FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles made to order by the thousands under secret contract with the US government…to modern-day FEMA/Homeland Security concentration camps equipped with various means of termination ranging from gassing/crematory facilities to ultra-modern microwaving facilities that will both terminate and dispose of victims’ remains in one action…to UN/NATO foreign troops already trained and prepositioned across this nation for the hour of NWO conquest under coming martial law, who are openly boasting, (as in the case of German Bundeswehr/Luftwaffe stationed at Holloman AFB and throughout the USA):

"We Germans won’t have a problem firing upon you Americans under martial law!"

Tragically, America’s political/military leadership from the WHITE HOUSE/PENTAGON on down has sold out at the highest levels to this ominous NWO/UN based agenda. Many of our own military bases have quietly been used to train the foreign troops that will be used to assist the NWO elements of our government/military in oppressing and arresting fellow Americans who will continue to stand up for our sovereignty, our Constitution and religious freedoms as they become threatened under coming events, beginning with "9/11" and culminating with martial law.

The twin tragedies of September 11th, 2001, served only to further move America, not by consent but by brute force, into the direction of the New World Order…even as Tom Brokaw boldly declared on NBC nightly news on October 11th, 2001.

What does the "New World Order" mean, in fact, for Patriotic Americans and Christians?It heralds the coming regime of tyrannical oppression of religious freedom of expression, and political freedom as well. It signals the end of national sovereignty of America (and every other nation ultimately,) and to be brought under the ruling force of the coming world government under the United Nations/NATO and the multinational military forces who will enforce the New World Order.It will consist of a world government, a world religious system and a world banking system.

Every person on the face of the earth will be tied into this system with their own personal access number assigned to them, without which no one will be able to buy or sell in the coming cashless society.

Here in AMERICA, we are about to enter, in fact, into that which has been long prophesied to the Church in the Book of Revelation, the kingdom of darkness on the earth called the Kingdom of the Beast, or Antichrist.

And to this kingdom Satan/the Dragon HAS ALREADY GIVEN his throne, power and great authority. Those in authority over this world system will be in fact the world’s Illuminati/Luciferians, or Satanists. COMMUNISM is a direct outcome of the ILLUMINATI planning and funding and carrying out, in fact, of their antipated world government. The Bolshevik Revolution was, in fact, the actual beginning of the Illuminati attempt at a satanic, antichrist world government. And it continues on relentlessly today in nation after nation.

The NEW WORLD ORDER is in fact a renaming of the same agenda of WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM. For North America, it is COMMUNISM coming in through the back door through MARTIAL LAW.

This world government will be demonically powered by Satan himself. And Satan will demand and receive the worship of himself in place of the true God throughout the earth…and his followers will have the power to make war with the people of God and put them to death for non-compliance and faithfulness unto Jesus Christ. (Revelation 13)

In the course of interviewing some of America’s former high level Satanists/Illuminati who had great power in the past, they have confirmed to me with one breath the reality of their Illuminati/Satanist/Luciferian-based New World Order and it’s globalist agenda. They also confirmed the plans for mass round-up, persecution and termination of ALL resisters of their NWO, with Bible-believing Christians placed highest on their list for arrest and termination.

Former Satanists from inside the CIA have confirmed to me personally that the concentration camps I have investigated and documented were indeed designed with the termination of "resisters of the NWO" in mind in America.

Also that Christians were considered their number one enemy and hindrance that stands in the way of their establishing their agenda throughout America.


I should know of the reality of this. What I did not previously reveal in this post regarding my father, Jake Schuffert, was that he tragically was recruited into the NWO agenda while working at Bolling AFB and the Pentagon, and also into the admitted religion of the NWO, Satanism/Luciferianism and Illuminism.People in the US military are constantly being quietly approached with the program to bring America under world globalist control, and are often threatened with failure of promotion, etc., if they will not consent to go along with this program.

Many I have interviewed in the military have confirmed this to me. Many have sold out our nation for the promise of "promotion, payraise and self-protection" IF they will fully cooperate with the NWO agenda for our nation.This dark NWO agenda recruitment goes on even in the White House…even on Capitol Hill…the intelligence community…and even in the Pentagon and throughout every branch of our military.Throughout our nation, multitudes have quietly sold out this nation to the oppressive and freedom-destroying agenda of the New World Order.

America’s Illuminati/Satanists, which I have interviewed nationwide, have confirmed with one voice that the New World Order IS Satan’s agenda for the world and this nation, and that they, the Satanists, are the backbone of this coming regime.And as such, the Christians as all other resisters MUST GO! The Bible itself confirms "the nature of the Beast." (Revelation 13.)

Tragically, my father sold out his family and his nation to this Satanist agenda in the 1970’s. And the warm, loving father I had known throughout childhood was slowly transformed by Illuminati/NWO doctrines into a tyrant in our home, well concealed from the public eye by the veneer of "the jolly USAF cartoonist"…a public role he played well.

But in our troubled home, we knew the truth. And I lived in terror of my father for many years. My once-loving Daddy was slowly transformed into a hard-core Satanist who upheld the New World Order’s anti-Christian agenda.

He would come home from the Pentagon breathing out the NWO-inspired hatred for Christians (my mother and I were both strong Christians.)He knew of the concentration camps established by the military for the detention and termination of NWO resisters under martial law, for he would make statements like:

"Everyone who believes in God and miracles should be sent to concentration camps!"

Little did I realize then that, in fact, many modern concentration camps now exist through North America for the hour of the great persecution of the Church under the coming New World Order agenda.I was in fact forced to combat the New World Order and it’s Satanist religion from early youth in my very own home!

(Through much painstaking Christian witness and prayer and longsuffering, my father finally repented and become a genuine Christian 6 months prior to his death. He was buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC, following a service in the Chapel which glorified Jesus Christ and shared his salvation experience.)

My extensive Christian background and training/experience of 38 years includes: Several years in a Bible College in NY, a session with YWAM-DTS in NJ, a year in SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION's Institute of Slavic Studies in Wheaton, IL, four years with OPERATION RESCUE Christian Pro-life Outreach nationwide, a period with a Christian television ministry, and years of missionary outreach to Russians, Jews, Native Americans, inner city, etc. I walk a very straight and Biblical walk as a single woman in ministry. Without holiness and a genuine walk with Jesus Christ, you simply HAVE NO MINISTRY.

In closing, I have just shown that, in fact, I do have solid background and basis from which to present the following reports and information to my fellow Americans.I beseech you, therefore, my fellow Christians and my fellow Americans, to take the following materials seriously, and to act accordingly.

Sincerely, Pamela Schuffert

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