Saturday, May 2, 2009

When A Russian Communist Leader Calls Obama "My NEW COMRADE..."

DANGER: When A Russian Communist Leader Calls Obama "MY NEW COMRADE..."

Chilling words for EVERY AMERICAN to understand their implication !

(READ also the boasts of Russian spies in America further down in this article...)

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

Here is a little basic information that all Americans dumbed-down by the lying news media need to grasp.

I have worked with Slavic/Russian peoples now since 1979, studying at the INSTITUTE OF SLAVIC STUDIES (then operated by Peter Deyneka, founder of The Slavic Gospel Association,in the Chicago area,) and have been periodically networking with Russian/Slavic peoples now for 30 years.

I studied Russian, and the history of communism and it's goals, worldview, history of brutal repression, agendas, etc.

Through years of this kind of research and working with such people, I knew immediately that the staged "FALL OF COMMUNISM" and ensuing "PERESTROIKA" was all a big hoax, a sham, to deceive MOST westerners into believing they were no longer a world threat, we could now peacefully work with them, etc.

However, COMMUNISM and it's world globalist agenda NEVER fell! The "made-for-Hollywood" staged coup was all a part of a much grander WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNIST PLAN that communists planned for decades, admitted in speeches, and finally carried out. Only in the eyes of those deceived by news media bias/blackout has Russian communism EVER fallen.

Beneath the propaganda and lies of the cooperating news media conglomerates, Russia has been feverishly building up her military and developing ever newer technology, missiles, submarines, and everything necessary to accomplish their long term communism WORLD GLOBALIST goals. It is a news media bias/blackout myth that "the Russian economy and military is in shambles."

The purpose of this staged "FALL OF COMMUNISM" in 1988 under NWO advocate GORBACHEV was in fact to lull Westerners into a false sense of "PEACE AND SAFETY" that later America would "..fall into our [Russian communist] hands like ripe fruit!"

Of course, America's leadership, pro-NWO (world globalist communism) all the way, were never deceived. They were a part of this! The NEW WORLD ORDER is simply the goals of WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM repackaged...that's all.

And just as Bolshevik communists brutally repressed all political and religious dissidents and resistance, taking opponents by train and plane to the camps (gulags), so our traitorous government has laid the plans for a similar type takeover in this nation, hauling Patriotic Americans to the camps under coming MARTIAL LAW.

Well, my Patriotic fellow Americans and Christians, you KNOW America is in deep trouble...when communist Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev puts HIS ARM AROUND OBAMA and calls him..."MY NEW COMRADE!"

"COMRADE" is the term for FELLOW COMMUNIST UPHOLDER'/BELIEVER! "Tovarish" is the Russian term for "COMRADE!"

For a Russian leader Medvedev (which translated from Russian means "son of the bear") to make a shocking statement like this to our "President" Obama, is to make clear the communist/world globalist NWO intentions for the use of their present puppet figure representing the SHADOW GOVERNMENT and the MANY nations behind the scenes who hope to get a "piece of the pie" as America is divided up, her Constitution and sovereignty rescinded, her Patriotic and religious freedom fighters rounded up or killed off, sent to the camps Bolshevik communist style, to be tortured and killed as NWO resisters.

Obama will prove to be NO FRIEND to America's historical and cultural and spiritual roots in CHRISTIANITY.

Couple ISLAMIC HATRED AND INTOLERANCE for Christian beliefs, with COMMUNIST/NWO intolerance for Christian beliefs, and the historical persecution/martyrdom of Christians both under ISLAM and COMMUNISM, and you have a potent brew of deadly ideology that will help to launch the NWO attack against the Christian foundations and people of AMERICA.

Are the JEWS of NWO ideology (communist/"kill off the Christians")worried about Obama's Islamic beliefs? No.

Those of that particular mindset welcome ANYTHING that will help move in their direction of repression of Christianity and the Christian ideals and belief system cherished by many in this nation. ANYTHING ANTICHRIST they will happily use for their NWO agenda.

Fresh in my mind to this very day, are the numerous accounts of Christian and political resisters of communism, who told me of the horrors of communist repression of religious and political beliefs in the former Soviet Union, the horrors of the Soviet prison and gulag system, the brutal rape, torture and death that so many Christians and political dissidents experienced in the camps under 8 decades of Bolshevik communism.

I cannot forget. The blood of tens of millions of my fellow Christians and dissidents shed under Bolshevik communist rule cries out to this very day. Their many grim accounts of the horrors suffered by millions under communism remain locked in my memories to this day.

And America cannot afford to forget what happened under the deadly communist world globalist agenda in RUSSIA and the FORMER SOVIET UNION. But sadly, most Americans have.

Is it any wonder that my Russian Christian friends are reporting back to me what arrogant Russian spies are openly now bragging to them in cities with large Russian population like SPOKANE, WA?

My friend Olga in Washington reported to me, as she translates my reports and distributes them to her fellow Russian Christians across America,

"Russian spies are now bragging to us Russian Christians in America! They are saying things like,

'HA HA! Stupid American People! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!'"

And I am compelled by all I have researched to look sadly into the eyes of my friend Olga and say, "Unfortunately, your Russian spies ARE CORRECT!"

Even now, Russian military types are strutting around in places in SOAP LAKE, WA, intimidating Americans living there by making statements like:

"Be CAREFUL what you CAREFUL what you DO...this is NO LONGER AMERICA!" And unfortunately, they are quite correct.

Did you know that Russian military, under secret contract with our traitorous government, are building MORE detention camps for Americans who will be arrested and taken away under martial law?

They are building them on the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS. I was informed of this by my talk show radios hosts as I was interviewed in Toronto, Canada.

And the largest NWO detention camp for American resistance has been established outside Anchorage, Alaska. it will reputedly hold up to ONE MILLION AMERICANS, has a crematory oven, accessible by plane or train only, and has RUSSIAN MILITARY ADVISERS OVER THIS FACILITY, and jointly flies a RUSSIAN and an AMERICAN FLAG.

Both Russian sources and US military have confirmed a huge military tunnel beneath the BERING STRAIT, linking SIBERIA with ALASKA. No, it was not DUG out, but BORED OUT using nuclear power that melted it's way through solid rock, six miles a day.

As I have stated repeatedly through 13 years of investigative research exposing the NWO agenda, we Americans have been betrayed from the highest levels BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT/MILITARY/INTELLIGENCE into the hands of the enemy and the repressive world globalist agenda.

We are destined to be rounded up and arrested BY THE MILLIONS, for our crime of being "NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTERS," whether for political or religious reasons. We have been marked for DEATH in the termination camps across this continent. FEMA and JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/military/Homeland Security (etc.) lists are VAST through years of covert monitoring of the American people via the internet, emails, phone, etc.

And JUST as Russian communists brutally terrorized, tortured, raped and THEN murdered their religious/political opponents in the GULAG system, nothing will change in AMERIKA THE POLICE STATE UNDER MARTIAL LAW.


My CIA sources who formerly helped plan the NWO agenda for America, then became whistleblowers, were not exaggerating when they told me personally,

"...It will be brutal rape, torture and death for the NWO resisters under martial law, once they get their hands on them...."

And just as under antichrist Bolshevik Communism, Christianity was brutally repressed, churches seized and turned over the the secular government, the genuine Church that refused to COMPROMISE forced UNDERGROUND, Christian leaders and lay people arrested, tortured, intimidated, and martyred, so shall it be in North America some day.

I state this factually and without apology.

And quite clearly, OBAMA is indeed the puppet of choice to assist the NEW WORLD ORDER in their ominous goals of transforming America into the COMING POLICE STATE.

My fellow Christians across America, are you listening? Are YOU waking up? Finally?

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across the nation


  1. You are so wrong about the jews not being a part of the NWO. Please read the book by Charles Weisman: "Who Is ESAU-EDOM".
    And, the book written in 1950 (oh how far have they come since 1950)by George W. Armstrong, "The Zionists".

  2. She is SO RIGHT - my ex husband is a communist and chief russian translator for the FBI, recruited by the KGB at UC Davis Russian Department - I left this jerk 35 years ago - and I hope he's happy with his triple bypass that he had a few years ago - due to stress - duh, ya think - ya got yourself involved with hard cord communists idiot - as for you Anonymous, you need to go sign up for a Russian class