Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Millions of FEMA Shackles And Martial Law: Lesson from EARLY CHURCH MARTYR Polycarp


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

May 20, 2009

In the long process of researching the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I began to receive reports of HUGE SHIPMENTS OF HANDCUFFS AND SHACKLES coming into America in huge crates and being stockpiled in warehouses, also seen at FEMA regional headquarters across the nation, etc.

People unloading these crates, as in Las Vegas, and placing them into warehouses for future use, admitted they heard LOUD RATTLING/JANGLING noises and became suspicious and peeked inside, and witnessed NOTHING BUT HANDCUFFS AND LEG SHACKLES!

Eye-witnesses saw piles of handcuffs and shackles at one regional headquarters of FEMA, in TEXAS.

And of course, reports are always coming in from eye-witness sightings across the nation of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to haul future NWO resistance TO THE CAMPS.

My research and documentation has also confirmed that religious opponents to the NWO agenda rank HIGH ON THE LIST for removal to the camps and elimination, as NWO resisters that will NOT compromise their religious beliefs to join a satanic system.

(Christians are especially targeted already by our government/military because of the Bible forbidding them to participate in this antichrist agenda outlined and described in the Bible in Revelation 13 and beyond.)

Therefore, it becomes clear to researchers like myself that so many of these chains, shackles and provisions to remove NWO resisters are ALSO MADE FOR THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA.

For most Christians in America, this kind of persecution will all be quite new. But has it happened before? From WHOM can we learn by prior experience, besides those persecuted in the Bible?

Here is what a famous EARLY CHURCH MARTYR "Polycarp Bishop of Smyrna" wrote about CHRISTIANS AND CHAINS FOR THEIR FAITH UNDER PERSECUTION:

"I have greatly rejoiced with you in our Lord Jesus Christ, because ye have followed the example of true love (as displayed by God), and have accompanied, as became you, those who were BOUND IN CHAINS, THE FITTING ORNAMENT OF SAINTS, and which are indeed the diadems [crowns] of THE TRUE ELECT OF GOD AND OUR LORD..."

Polycarp was praising these Christians for standing with and being among those who were bound in chains for their FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST under ANOTHER antichrist "WORLD GLOBALIST SYSTEM," that of ancient pagan ROME.

Richard Wurmbrand, in TORTURED FOR MY FAITH, wrote how when he and fellow Christians were arrested under COMMUNISM in Romania, they too were BOUND WITH CHAINS in prison, and learned to PRAISE GOD with these chains as if they were tambourines as they sang.

The writing on the wall is clear for the CHRISTIANS OF NORTH AMERICA (Canada too) for the COMING PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH under martial law and the NEW WORLD ORDER antichrist agenda.

How many Christians are prepared to PRAISE GOD in chains for their faith in Jesus Christ in the future in America?

And prepared to suffer and die for their faith as millions have before them under such repressive governments? (Too few, I fear, and WHO has prepared them from the pulpits of America today...?)

We Christians are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH, and for the true Christian who wants eternal salvation, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

Should YOU, as a CHRISTIAN, be caught up in the coming persecution under martial law in America, remember the WORDS OF POLYCARP, a true martyr and leader of the early Church, and what HE SAID ABOUT CHAINS and the CHRISTIANS.

Go to this link for the complete LETTER OF POLYCARP to the Philippians.

-Pamela Schuffert

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