Friday, May 15, 2009

"Strategic Prayer Command"-How PRAYER Can COUNTER the NWO in America

Understanding that GOD HIMSELF is AGAINST the Satanic NEW WORLD ORDER:


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

May 15, 2009

When I was a child, I grew up in several USAF military installations, both in Germany and in the USA.When my famous USAF father was stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE, I learned even as a child about "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND," or SAC.

Offutt AFB at that time was home to SAC headquarters. As a child, I was impressed with that sounded very important! And I found out as a adult many years later, that SAC was important to our national security.

More recently, pondering the NWO agenda that threatens our nation, I meditated on the powerful effects that PRAYER will have on every nation and situation. Through spending time in prayer, God brought to remembrance one day the term "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND," and inspired a take-off from this, "STRATEGIC PRAYER COMMAND!"

As a born-again Christian of 38 years now, with numerous years spent in training in the Bible and various ministries as well, I KNOW the POWER OF PRAYER through faith in God and Jesus Christ.

And in the years I have been researching the horrors of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda to be imposed on our nation, I have learned to spend QUALITY TIME IN PRAYER DAILY against this deadly darkness and it's many agencies, organizations, players and strongholds against our heritage, our Constitution, and against the very foundation of our American freedom and religious liberties.

I cannot even begin to estimate the countless hours (and tears) spent in deep Biblical intercessory prayer AGAINST this satanic NWO agenda for our nation. This includes prayer FOR the people of our nation and for the Christians and various groups who stand gravely endangered by this tyrannical regime that will seek to arrest and terminate ultimately millions of NWO resisters under martial law.

Truly, this is a time for Christians throughout America to fast and pray as never before, and to join with others across this nation in STRATEGIC PRAYER that will target the power-bases of the NWO agenda and tear down satan's strongholds off our nation.

We need to pray for our endangered freedoms, and for the right to religious freedom to continue in this nation, and counter the growing satanic/occult threat that the NWO forces from hell pose to us.

WHAT EVERY AMERICAN MUST UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER:It is simply and basically SATAN'S MANIFEST KINGDOM ON EARTH. Many people do not understand this basic principle. And it is impossible to successfully battle ANY enemy, unless you understand what the enemy is really all about.

The Bible in Revelation 13 reveals this about the future world government of the spirit of antichrist. Former satanists, once supporters of the NWO now become Christians, explained their NWO agenda to me in simple terms.

"The NWO is satan's [or Lucifer's] kingdom, and we the satanists [or Illuminati/Luciferians] are the backbone of it, and therefore every Christian [and other opponent] HAS TO BE ELIMINATED."

Former satanists of the NWO agenda explained to me that this is WHY the detention camps have been established across America: to eliminate all opponents of their NWO agenda, especially under martial law.

The reason Christians rank so HIGH on their list for round-up, arrest and elimination by the NWO, is simply because Christians have this book called THE BIBLE that expressly FORBIDS them to participate in the NWO agenda and it's cashless society and satanic religious system in ANY way.

"We satanists KNEW the Christians would never accept our NWO agenda, and so we came up with idea of the detention camps to TERMINATE all Christians who stood in our way...."

(They also plan to eliminate ALL OTHER forms of NWO resistance in the camps also.This means FEMA camps. This means HOMELAND SECURITY camps.)

And so we understand that the NWO is satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13, that will indeed seek to target and eliminate all opponents, with CHRISTIANS ranking highest on the list. The grim FEMA/Homeland Security detention (can we admit "termination"?) camps stand to this day as a reminder of their future intentions to indeed eliminate all future Christian opposition as they seek to impose the NWO agenda on us under martial law.

Because the "backbone of the NWO" ARE satanists, many of whom already secretly killing abducted Christians by night on their satanic altars in countless rituals year after year (and the news will NEVER tell you the statistics regarding this grim reality), the NWO advocates will be brutal to the Christians they arrest and take to the camps as NWO resisters under martial law.

If EVERY Christian in America could understand this clearly, there would be NO LACK OF FASTING AND PRAYER in our nation today!Christians in America are in fact AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!

HOWEVER,I understand this clearly, because my father was recruited into the NWO agenda while working for the USAF and the Pentagon. He was recruited into it's religion, satanism. He turned into a Frankenstein, a NWO nightmare in our home.

I was persecuted by this man for years as he brought the horrors of NWO military indoctrination and ideology into our Washington DC home.Unless you have experienced this, you cannot imagine such cruelty.

He came home from the Pentagon making statements like, "EVERYONE who believes in GOD should be sent to concentration camps!" I would retreat in tears to my bedroom wondering at THAT time, so many years ago, what he meant.(And this was while I was training in Bible college to become a missionary!)

And now, so many years later, I understand perfectly what he meant and where this came from. The NWO satanists intend to send ALL Christians in America to the camps under martial law, to brutally eliminate all Christian opposition to their satanic NWO agenda.

Eternal Bible prophecy in Revelation 13 confirms perfectly that this is what satan's manifest kingdom on earth will seek to do: to put to death all those who will not comply, especially those with the testimony of JESUS CHRIST (Christians.)

The Bible even states that there are those who will be martyred, and those who will go INTO CAPTIVITY under this antichrist world government. The detention camps of the future captivity and martyrdom of the Christians in America are all in place...silently awaiting the hour of MARTIAL LAW.

Oh, Christians in America! What does it take to convince you of these sobering truths and to compel you to WAKE UP, and to begin to fast and pray as never before!!!

WHAT DOES IT TAKE to compel you to purge your lives from sin that has crept into the churches of today, to purge yourself of compromise and lukewarmness and carnality, and to become the true MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD who can rise to the occasion and stand boldly for your Savior JESUS CHRIST as the hour of persecution comes upon us!

ONLY Christians who mean business with God and have cast off sin and have become TRUE DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST and the CROSS, will be able to bear the level of persecution about to come to the Church in America in the future.

The compromised, those living in secret sin and hypocrisy, will NOT have the grace and power sufficient to stand when such winds of tribulation blow across our nation.

And such self-deceived will fall, many to perish eternally and never rise again under this persecution.

NOW IS THE TIME for the Christians in America to seek God as never before! NOW is the time to FAST AND PRAY, to clothe yourself in His precious Blood and righteousness. NOW is the time to be filled with the essential power of His Holy Spirit to enable you to STAND.

Begin to spend much time in quality prayer to counter this NWO darkness about to descend upon our nation as a deadly flood.

Remember: GOD HIMSELF is FOR HIS PEOPLE, and AGAINST satan and his NWO kingdom of darkness and those that labor for it. The Bible even states that the smoke of their eternal torment of these NWO advocates shall ascend forever and ever, so great is His wrath against this kingdom of darkness.

The Bible further states that Jesus Christ was MANIFESTED to DESTROY the works of the devil...and there IS no greater work of the satan's in the earth today, than his eternally damned NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

How is Jesus Christ manifested in our world today? THROUGH HIS PEOPLE! "Christ in YOU, the HOPE OF GLORY!"

Therefore, YOUR Christian faith and YOUR prayers are critically NEEDED in the battle against satan's onslaught through the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. God wants to use YOU to tear down the strongholds of the enemy!

Will YOU become a part of GOD'S ANSWER and counter to the NWO threat to our world today, and America? The very life of our nation and the souls of many hang in the balance in this hour. Your prayers can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

"The fervent effectual prayers of a righteous person avails much."

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across the nation

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