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The ROLE of FOREIGN TROOPS in USA Under Martial Law: German BUNDESWEHR

The following is a reposting of an important previous report I made while researching in Germany and at Alamogordo, NM (home to the GERMAN AIR FORCE in America now at Holloman AFB), regarding the presence of German troops on our American soil,and their grim purpose for being stationed in over ohe hundred of our US military bases nationwide.

With martial law SO apparently close under OBAMA, it is important to understand the role of foreign troops in our nation NOW.-Pamela Schuffert



by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

One of the purposes of my journey to Germany in 2001 was to uncover the dark link between "The Final Solution" that was drawn up during the (Lake) Wansee Conference of 1942 outside Berlin, attended by Nazi SS Obergruppenfuhrer REINHARD HEYDRICH and Reichfuhrer, Gestapo head Heinrich HIMMLER and others, and the modern version of the NWO Holocaust that will be triggered in America under coming martial law.

During this conference the Nazis decided that should “The Final Solution” fail through Germany, they would transplant this agenda to establish a new world order to the United States.

You see, "The Final Solution" was far more than a plan to terminate the Jews! Hitler and his henchmen were in fact Illuminati and part of the German secret societies "Bavarian Thule" and "Bavarian Illuminati." The term "Illuminati" or "Illuminated one" is simply a polite term for "Satanist."

(Much of this is disclosed in books such as The Twisted Cross by Joseph Carr, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumby, and the video series Occult Secrets of the Third Reich.)

It is a fact, revealed in The Twisted Cross, that Hitler would come to the Bavarian Alps to climb into the mountains and scream into the wind for Satan to possess him; he wanted power to become the Antichrist of the thousand year reign of the New World Order! His Jesuit instructors had taught him well on this subject, according to many books.

Interestingly, that same year, 1942, the OSS was formed. The OSS is considered the actual beginnings of the modern CIA, established later in 1947. It was through the OSS/CIA, according to reports from Operation Paperclip, that ultimately thousands of Nazi war criminals (SS, Einsatzgruppen, Gestapo, etc.) came "legally" into America.

They brought with them intelligence techniques and military strategies that were helpful to the American military. They brought with them medical experimentation data from victims who died undergoing human experimentation in the concentration camps. And they ALSO brought with them the doctrines of “The Final Solution,” Hitler's Illuminist agenda for the New World Order.

I used to wonder when former CIA supporters of the New World Order, (who are now opposing and fighting it) told me, "We even called this plan to seize America for the New World Order, 'The Final Solution' from inside the CIA."

This was mentioned when my CIA insiders admitted to me how they had helped design some of the very concentration camps I was then investigating that will be activated under coming martial law in America."The Final Solution." Where had I heard that phrase before?

I began to follow that dark thread of information to uncover the German Nazi connection to America's present hour and the complete plan for martial law takeover of this nation to be used to bring this nation out from her Constitution and under the New World Order, UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace troops and more.

I now know for a fact that Germany has and will play a major role in bringing America under martial law.

The thousands of German Bundeswehr troops stationed in over 100 different military facilities will in fact be used under martial law to help arrest us, fire upon us, seize our weapons and ultimately march all resisters of the U.N. world government to the prisoner boxcars fitted with shackles, to be hauled away Nazi-style to the NWO death camps of America!

Admitted one German Bundeswehr officer stationed at Holloman AFB, home now to the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) in America, "Don't you Americans know why your government keeps shipping out your American troops and bringing in more of us German troops? Your government knows that under martial law your American troops don't really want to fire upon you, but we Germans won’t have a problem!"

(I spent six weeks in Alamogordo, NM, interviewing both German troops and American locals to uncover the truth.) The German Bundeswehr (military)I interviewed in Munich, fresh from the killing fields of Kosovo and pistols strapped to their sides, admitted to me that, yes, they knew their German troops were stationed throughout America; and, yes, they knew that martial law was coming to America; and, yes, they knew that their troops were stationed in America to help arrest, fire upon and seize weapons from the American people under martial law.

When I then asked one Bundeswehr MP from Kosovo (KFOR) if he could fire upon me if we were in America under martial law, he refused to reply. But as I gazed into his hard, professional military countenance and cold eyes, I knew the answer already.

These young German military stationed in our nation for martial law will have no problem arresting or firing upon any of us under martial law!

(Funny…neither did a previous generation of young German puppet soldiers have any problems arresting, firing upon or marching innocents off to death camps either!) Does history repeat itself...even on American soil?

When I attended the high level international Munich Conference on Security, held at the impressive Bayerischerhof Hotel in Munich in Feb. 2001(in the press room as a journalist), I noted how German vice chancellor Fischer stood up to address the international audience and how he emphasized Germany's "wonderful" relationship with America (Germany and America are the two strongest allies in NATO) and how he praised America for creating the German Bundeswehr presence in the U.S.

Indeed, it was a gushing "love affair" between German reps and American reps at this world conference on military security (prevention of future world wars, etc.).

And well might Mr. Fischer, as a German, praise this fact! For both Fischer, Germany's leader, Shroeder, and the top leaders in the German Bundeswehr know that America has been handed to them on a silver platter, both by our government and military, in the event of martial law!

For you see, the future of the world is the New World Order! The New World Order is, among other things (including world globalist communism) the E.U. coupled with the world policing power of the UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace and multinational troops presently active in Europe.

And it is a fact that Germany is the most powerful nation in the E.U.! And Germany has fully embraced world government under the U.N. and NATO troops. In fact, their Bundeswehr are serving under UN blue berets even now. According to one British newspaper, Germany is calling for a world government, world army and more.

Indeed, I marveled as every other paragraph spoken by Donald Rumsfeld was "It's a new world [order]." (And I noted how the international attendees beamed with pleasure every time he emphasized this New World Order trigger phrase.) I learned to read between the lines at this conference and got the message clearly.

In Europe, it is a new world order! And by golly, Germany is going to do her part (with the full blessing and enabling of the "5th column" NWO sell-out traitors in our U.S. government and military) in forcing Americans to comply with EU/UN/NATO demands under future martial law. ‘Comply or die!’

Young German soldiers will help arrest and force captive Americans to waiting prisoner boxcars, to be hauled to FEMA /Homeland Security death camps to be terminated as NWO resisters. They will go door-to-door to seize our weapons and ammunition and arrest every one "one the list." They will imitate a previous generation of jack-booted Nazis who kicked in doors and cried "RAUS!"

How many are in fact SECRET NAZIS, as I discovered when I read an article declaring that RIGHT WING CRIME is up 75% in the German military! And the rising UNDERGROUND NAZI YOUTH MOVEMENT in Germany is gaining forces every day!

The German troops will be assigned to take over and inhabit the many beautiful American homes that will be left quite empty as a result of martial law. This is always how it works during a time of war!

You see, in the Presidential Executive Orders that will be activated under martial law, your home can be legally seized, along with your car, all your possessions, even your family members can be legally seized! And they will use the foreign troops in a large part to do so.

These young German military will think ‘Payback time from the Germans’ for what the Americans did to Germany during World War 2! Yes, Germans admitted to me in Germany that there is still lingering resentment towards the Americans over the past war.

In fact, many Germans won’t have a problem arresting or firing upon us! And the Illuminati insiders (both German and American) who understand in-depth the truth about The Final Solution and the plan to have it transplanted onto American soil will only sit back and smile!

And once again, will acrid smoke will fill the air surrounding the dread FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps as the burned bodies of all those who dared resist their Illuminist NWO agenda go up in smoke...THIS time on American soil?

But then again, why not? There are over 800 FEMA/military detention camps now in place in the U.S. for the hour of martial law! "Oh, all of us in the CIA know about the concentration camps and their purposes. We all know that they are there to terminate the resisters of the New World Order under martial law." (Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years Naval Intelligence and CIA, under President George H.W. Bush.)

When I was interviewing one German Bundeswehr at Holloman AFB, who admitted it was all true about coming martial law and the German role under it, I noticed a cruel smile that he kept trying to hold back. But it kept resurfacing. Finally, he could hold it back no longer as tears appeared in my eyes and I said, "I never thought I would see the day that there would be literal concentration camps on American soil."

He then laughed in my face, with the attitude of, "We are your future conquerors!" He then turned to walk away, quite triumphant, but spat the words in my face, "....and furthermore, I don’t believe in God!"

I see. Was he telling me that he too was a part of the German Illuminati (Satanists) who fully believe in the Luciferian New World Order, and as such will indeed have no problem terminating us under martial law?And North America?

North America is viewed through jaundiced European eyes as that "rogue nation" (as it were) that still demands their total U.S. independence and sovereignty, apart from their EU World Government! And as such, America as we have known it must go! Make way for the New World Order!

Europe is getting impatient for America to make its transition to their agenda! And Germany is happy to supply its Bundeswehr soldiers to assist in this deadly transition under martial law.

A previous generation of young German soldiers marched those found to be ‘on the lists’ to awaiting prisoner boxcars, to be taken to death camps for termination in the name of their earlier Final Solution. Why not during the new, updated NWO version of "The Final Solution?"

Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich and his Final Solution cronies would be proud, if they were alive today, to witness how their plan to expand "The Final Solution" to America's shores has apparently succeeded beyond their wildest hopes and expectation. Indeed, Hitler killed his many victims (and NOT ALL were JEWS! Numerous POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS OPPONENTS were ALL arrested and taken to the camps in the first attempt to impose the New World Order and its dictator.

But in America under martial law they will help to round up and kill tens of millions!

However, perhaps Americans shouldn't feel too bad about this (pardon my dry sarcasm.) After all, you see, Germany has now brought two AMERICAN BASED factories in to help manufacture boxcars and shackles for their holocaust of all New World Order resisters, as well. (And Germany has many future NWO resisters, as the people I interviewed admitted to me. They will seek to round up and terminate all NWO resistance throughout Germany and Europe also, unfortunately. So there is also a need for detention/termination camps in Europe as well.)

Greenbrier is the parent company of Gunderson Steel Fabrication of Portland, OR, the company under secret government contract to produce thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles for the hour of martial law. Greenbrier now has two manufacturing factories: one in Hamburg and the other in Berlin (both are major EU cities).

And interestingly, Germany has previously given the order to close down many of its former Bundeswehr military bases, just like America has closed her bases down.

Why is this significant? Because we have uncovered the fact that many of the closed military bases in America have been retrofitted to be turned into future civilian detention camps -- some have even been turned into termination camps (like Indiantown Gap Military Reservation in PA, complete with gassing/crematory facilities, as witnessed by five investigators).

As I stood in front of a major Bundeswehr base in Murnau, Germany, that is slated to be closed down, I wondered, will this base also be used to terminate future German resisters of the NWO?

And then I prayed, "Oh God, wasn't one Holocaust of political and religious 'undesirables' through Germans enough?"And as I rode the trains across Germany, I wondered once again if these train tracks would one day carry prisoners to their deaths at the modern concentration camps of the updated version of "The Final Solution."

And THIS time around, it is NOT the Jews who are the major targets at all, but freedom loving Americans and THE CHRISTIANS both in America and across the globe who stand in the way of the NWO!

And as I stood in front of the aging crematory oven in Dachau, with my hand resting on the oven's door, pondering all this, I wondered: WILL THIS TYPE OF SCENARIO BE REPEATED IN "AMERIKA" SOMEDAY UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND MARTIAL LAW???

And if a present generation of American Patriots will stand up against this heinous NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for martial law, can we not by God's grace experience victory in Jesus’ name?

So now you understand the purpose of the German Bundeswehr military stationed in over one hundred of our US military bases nationwide, and also in Canada as well.

America, isn't it time to wake up?

Pamela Schuffert

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  1. Thank you for this amazing article. I am printing it to read it again a few times so that I can memorise these facts for future reference. Just out of curiosity: which prophecies do you think these events refer to? Do you believe that America is modern day Manasseh? And is Germany modern day Assyria?
    Patricia from the Netherlands