Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Should Christians Prepare For Persecution and Martyrdom in America?

Avoiding the UNPARDONABLE SIN by preparing to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

IS persecution and martyrdom coming to the Church in America? This is very timely question. It needs to be asked in the hearts of Christians in America today. It should be brought up in the pulpits of the churches America today. Christian television, radio, ministries and institution should ALL be asking this question.

And here is the answer, based on my many years of quality research, investigation and study of Bible prophecy as well.

Yes, Christians in North America need to realize that they WILL face great suffering, persecution and trials of their faith leading to martyrdom in many cases, and all of this is outlined in end-time Bible prophecy.

It is furthermore confirmed through my own personal years of performing investigative journalism to wake up the America people. And to sound the alarm to the Christians of this nation as well.

I can confidently declare, both from the authority of the words of Jesus Christ regarding end-time Bible prophecy, coupled and confirmed by my many years of investigative journalism to uncover the truth about this timely subject, that Christians will find themselves the major target of government persecution and wrath and hostilities.

Christians in America will wake up one day to discover that all their freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution are abolished forever. GONE will be their freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. GONE will be the freedom of pastors and ministers to speak freely the word of God from the pulpit.

Christians in America will some day witness the rising of the UNDERGROUND CHURCH, similar to underground churches formed under oppressive communist regimes in Russia, China, Cuba and wherever the Gospel is persecuted throughout the world.

Christians will witness the day in which FEMA will brazenly attempt to seize churches across this nation, just as communists seized churches through Russia under world globalist communism and a Bolshevik revolution fueled by the spirit of antichrist working through various unbelievers, both Jew and Gentile alike.

Christians will furthermore be confronted with the temptation to DENY THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST to join the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

They will be compelled to stand before rabbinical and military tribunals to face the MODERN GUILLOTINES and asked IF THEY WILL RENOUNCE THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST...or face EXECUTION BY BEHEADING for the "crimes" of "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry" as defined by the Jewish "NOAHIDE LAWS" written by Lubavitch Chabad and signed in to actual legislation by Bush Sr.

By Jewish/Noahide Law definition, "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry" as defined as THE WORSHIP AND HONORING OF JESUS CHRIST as MESSIAH and the SON OF GOD. This is part of Jewish tradition and quite historical. Jewish religious leaders condemned Jesus to be nailed to the cross and executed for "blasphemy," for stating that He was THE SON OF GOD. (And HE IS!)

And in the future, under NWO/martial law takeover of America, when any Christian refuses to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, that person will be compelled to place their head and hands into restraints and to be beheaded for their faith...perfectly fulfilling Bible prophecy (Revelation 20:4)regarding the coming beheading of all those who will not comply with a satanic antichrist NWO agenda outlined fully in Revelation 13 and many other Bible passages.

Sources from the CIA have outlined to me how greatly the Christians are hated by the forces of the NWO agenda, and how they designed the very detention camps I have faithfully reported on, as a means to remove and terminate the Christians and all other perceived resisters of their NWO agenda.

They told me from inside the CIA that Christians will be treated brutally under the coming NWO regime, and will eventually be terminated in the end, knowing that true Bible believing Christians will never willingly renounce their faith to join a satanic agenda instead. Christians are in fact forbidden by the word of God to participate in the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, according to Revelation 13/14.

Jesus Himself commands us to confess Him before men, and to be faithful unto death. We are commanded to NOT fear those who can destroy the body only and not the soul. We as Christians truly have no other option but to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH.

But WHY? WHY is this subject taboo in most of the pulpits of America today?

WHY are popular Christian radio and television hosts NOT addressing this issue of coming persecution to the Christians in America?

Could it be they have been bought by the US government, through FEMA enticements? Could it be they have been muzzled by the requirements of 501-C-3 tax exempt status? Have the pastors in America sold out their high calling of God in Christ Jesus to be watchmen on the wall, to sound the alarm, and to LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES to tell God's people THE TRUTH?

Have the "men of God" become in fact cowards when faced with the kind of information I and others who know this truth now publish?

When asking pastors the above kinds of questions, I heard from behind closed doors in churches the sad truth. Yes, many pastors and religious leaders HAVE sold out their high calling, for MONEY and PROMOTION, for popularity's sake, for self-protection (God forbid they should be persecuted for righteousness' sake!), and other unworthy reasons.

FEMA has been approaching pastors in many cases and offering them enticements IF they will coach their followers to jump through all the official government hoops under martial law, be docile, be led into boxcars and shackles to be taken to camps without protest, and there (unknown to them) terminated for their faith in Jesus Christ. And sadly, many pastors are accepting the bait, looking out for "NUMBER ONE" and their own personal well being and safety...forget the sheep God placed under their care!

Yes, these pastors have access to the same Internet and websites and reporting that we all do. They know the truth in many cases, as they personally admitted to me. But gleaning from what they told me, even many of the pastors in America are running scared.

Please tell me: how does this kind of cowardly fear response glorify God???

Is it any wonder that God has stated in His eternal word, that THE FEARFUL shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE, which is the second death? NO, it is not talking about NORMAL fear (fear of snakes, etc.)

The Bible is speaking of a much more dangerous fear, the kind that leads people to retreat from their faith in Jesus Christ because of FEAR OF PERSECUTION AND DEATH FOR HIS SAKE. The deadly kind of fear that leads men to DENY JESUS CHRIST BEFORE MEN.

This IS the soul-damning kind of fear that causes people, once Christians, to FALL AWAY and DENY THEIR FAITH, in order to spare themselves suffering, persecution and martyrdom.

This IS the UNPARDONABLE SIN. This IS the blasphemy that cannot be forgiven. THIS is why Jesus stated again and again, words to the effect of "BE THOU FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH...." and "HE THAT CONFESSES ME BEFORE MEN...." and WARNED that whoever denies Him before men will be denied before the angels of God.

You must understand: my work is dangerous. If arrested, I face severe questioning, interrogation, and the potential fro prolonged torture and brutal death. My reporting is hated by the government and many others.

I therefore think about these words of His warning every single day. And every day I reaffirm my faith in Him, and put into practice His words that state that we are to daily TAKE UP THE CROSS and FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST. Whoever seeks to save their life will LOSE it, but whoever loses their life for His sake will FIND it.

Years ago, when God called me to this kind of reporting, I had to reckon with many things, and realized that I would probably lay down my life in the end to warn my fellow Christians and to wake up America. BUT I BELIEVE GOD'S WORD. And I chose to put it into practice. And I have been laying down my life for this call of God and important work ever since.

I FEAR GOD who can destroy body and soul in hell, just as Jesus commanded. We ALL must!

But these are not popular words with church goers. Pastors do not like to preach on these subjects. They do not bring in big money givers to churches in America. They do not make a pastor popular and increase his membership. They frighten away those "weekend warrior" Christians who are only into Christianity for the "loaves and fishes."

And believe it nor not, pastors that I questioned on this subject in America, TOLD ME BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, that this is exactly their kind of thoughts on this issue! They TOLD me SO and mentioned to me all of the above.

BUT WHAT ABOUT the souls who will perish eternally IF NOT WARNED about these things to come to America? What about the Christians who are NOT prepared to face such persecution...and through sheer shock and terror by lack of being prepared and forewarned, are moved to deny Jesus to save loved ones, children, jobs, possessions, etc. without thinking of ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES???

I tell you, the blood of those who will perish under such circumstances as America comes under martial law and persecution descends on the Church nationwide, WILL BE UPON THE PASTORS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS OF THIS NATION who KNEW the truth about all this, but WOULD NOT WARN GOD'S PEOPLE!

And such false shepherds WILL give an account for every Christian under their leadership, who subsequently FALLS AWAY, because that pastor failed to be a faithful WATCHMAN ON THE WALL...and loved instead his popularity, his money, his church numbers and personal safety ABOVE the souls of his congregation. And God has shown me their damnation will be greater who KNEW these things and failed to sound the warning.

However, God also holds EACH Christian to personal accountability, and each Christian MUST be responsible for their own salvation. IF YOU as a Christian have been hearing that such persecution is coming to our nation ( and will ultimately come world wide,) God hold YOU responsible to PREPARE YOUR HEART for the coming tribulations, and to face them victoriously.

God has made provision, as revealed clearly in His word, for ALL Christians to receive sufficient strength, power, grace, and the ability to maintain their faith unto the end. He has provided the power of HIS GRACE which is sufficient, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST and His precious blood, and the glorious POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to enable us to maintain our faith and confession of Jesus Christ to the very end.

FASTING AND PRAYER and spending time in the word of God are powerful means by which to enter into deeper grace to face the coming tribulations. PRAYING in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT releases tremendous power to stand for Jesus Christ.

Because I have witnessed the tragic failure of the vast majority of pastors and Christian leaders in America to sound the warning to the people of God across this nation, I am going to reiterate this urgent message to God's people again...and again...and again. NO MAN'S BLOOD shall ever be on my hands, who perish and are moved to deny him. NO MAN'S!

I know what is coming to my nation and to my fellow Christians, and I know that many will face persecution, suffering and martyrdom for HIS NAME'S SAKE. I KNOW this lines up with Bible prophecy. And I KNOW what is coming to America.

And I also know that GOD HOLDS ME ACCOUNTABLE because of everything I know, to WARN HIS PEOPLE NOW!

Please, my fellow Christians and servants of Jesus Christ, be wise in this hour, and humbly come before His throne of grace to receive the strength and grace you will need to face the coming hours of testing and persecution that will come to our nation, America.

Your eternal soul is at stake. Nothing is more important than your eternal soul!

I certainly know that I face persecution, suffering and martyrdom for my faith in Jesus Christ of 38 years, and for everything I have witnessed to that has angered the forces of hell of the NWO agenda. But I know even better that JESUS CHRIST is WORTH IT ALL...and so is my eternal soul and destiny. And therefore I continue to take up the cross daily and follow Him. We ALL must, IF we take the Word of God seriously.

PRAY for God to prepare your heart fully to face what is to come, and to receive the grace to never enter into temptation when that hour of testing comes. Spend time in fasting and prayer and ask God to reveal these things to your heart, and His plan for you in this hour, that you may be fully prepared to stand for Jesus Christ uncompromised in that hour.

Also take the time to read what Christians have written about their own personal experiences of suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ, such as Richard Wurmbrand's "TORTURED FOR MY FAITH." Also an excellent book is "Jesus Freaks' VOICE OF THE MARTYRS" by DC Talk.

All of these speak of Christian martyrs and sufferers under communism. And what is coming to America is very similar to communist takeover in Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea and other places.

In closing, I urge you: use this precious time of freedom we have left in America wisely. And prepare your heart NOW to stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ TO THE END. Make sure you understand the COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP.

And become convinced forevermore that JESUS CHRIST, and your eternal soul, are worth it all.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Pamela, thank you so much for obeying God and writing this blog. I know you wrote it two years ago and I am just now seeing it; it is a word for me today (May 25, 2011). For the Lord has been talking to me about the coming persecution to America. I found your blog when I searched for "how to prepare for the coming persecution?" We need to others like you to SOUND THE ALARM and call people to prepare for what is coming. I will prepare my heart and life now as one that will one day be beheaded for my testimony of Jesus Christ and for proclaiming the word of God! Thank you again! Blessings!

  2. Thank you for this article. I am aware of what Christians are to face and I feel the need to prepare myself now for possible death for my faith in Jesus. I feel that the muslims who love to behead Christians and Jews may be coming into our govt soon and over run it. Therefore there will then be the mass murder of Christians and Jews. The growth of the muslim population around the world is the fastest growing in the world and I know their purpose for coming to the US: to populate and infiltrate the US as much as possible, to grow to such a number (like in Europe) that it will be easy to overthrow us. To get into our govt. I have seen them say "We do not come to a country to assimilate to the country, we come to a country and force them to assimilate to us. We will not ask to implement Sharia Law we will brutally FORCE Sharia Law." This is serious folks. Start preparing yourselves to die for Jesus. We MUST prepare. I've seen what they do to women (I am a woman) and it scares me to death and that is why I must prepare. Be it, I would rather die in the streets fighting than on my knees in chains and shackles, being raped daily and sodomized. They are sick and we all must prepare.

  3. I a an American missionary in Mexico, who has been living in Mexico for almost 19 years now (as of February 12, 2013). I also received a word from the Lord this year that a great wave of persecution is coming to the church in the United States. What I got in my heart is that about 90% of those who profess to be Christians will abandon their so-called faith and turn into the worst enemies of the true Christians. God is going to allow this persecution in order to cleanse the church in the U.S. This persecution will later be world-wide, before any "rapture" of the church takes place. As of this date, from what I have heard about what is happening in the church world in the States, hardly any pastors are preparing their people for this persecution, just as Pam has said. This is what distresses me the most. Please pray that a lot more bold voices such as Pam, Paul Washer and others will be raised up to warn Christians in America!