Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Americans Have Told Me At Gun Shows Nationwide

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

All across America, people from all walks of life are realizing with alarm what is happening in our nation. Thanks to alternative news through Internet websites, and similar alternative news broadcasts that are warning and informing Americans, millions are waking to grim reality of the coming NWO globalist police state.

In fact, the mainstream news media is now compelled to openly discuss martial law issues due to alarming recent legislation signed by Obama.

I have spent these past 15 years traveling nationwide and worldwide to research this important subject of AMERICA'S IMPERILED FUTURE and the traitorous people behind it. I have lectured, hosted several different radio broadcasts, interviewed numerous insider information sources that include CIA, Pentagon and many others, and written several books based on the information I gathered. I have interviewed thousands of Americans about this subject to get their opinion as well.
I have visited countless gun shows across this nation, and spent time interviewing both gun dealers and gun buyers. The vast majority of people at the gun shows have informed me, in their own words, that they are troubled about what is happening in our nation. 

Most admitted to me,when asked, that they know, through alternative radio and Internet, about the plans for a future police state to be imposed through martial law. And many admitted they are buying up guns and ammunition and survival equipment because of anticipation of this.

They expressed their desire to defend themselves and their families, especially under times of  martial law. They want to hunt to feed their families when necessary. When I asked how they would respond when their liberties and possessions were threatened, most people responded with words indicating they were preparing to fight if necessary to defend their property, their families and to safeguard their future against a NWO agenda under martial law.

Not one person I interviewed indicated they would be willing to surrender their weapons or their precious emergency food supplies or family members to a corrupt and anti-American NWO agenda.

When I asked Americans at gun shows how they felt about surrendering their weapons and being marched off to prisoner boxcars and FEMA camps for "re-education" or termination under martial law, the response was predictable. Utter contempt for such a traitorous and outrageous agenda was frequently expressed. 

Such a response was frequently accompanied with Americans declaring, each in his or her own words, that they would rather fight to the death to defend their families and their freedoms, than to ever surrender or be taken alive to the camps.

Everywhere I have traveled across America, I have heard this type of sentiment expressed, often quite passionately.

Most Americans are quite aware of what happens to people when they cannot defend themselves and are instead forced to go to concentration camps or gulags, as in the brutal regimes in Nazi Germany or under Communism in Russia and other captive nations.

The vast majority of Americans are not stupid. Many have simply been dumbed down by news media bias/blackout and government disinformation. But thanks to alternative news sources on the Internet and radio, more Americans than ever before have been becoming informed and aware of the ominous hidden agenda for our nation's future. And they are preparing accordingly.
Guns, ammunition, survival supplies, emergency food storage, even pre-fab backyard nuclear fallout shelters for some...Americans across the nation are rapidly stocking up and understandably preparing for what many feel is the coming inevitable conflict.

People working in gun stores and gun shows have been doing brisk business, admitting a HUGE increase in sales following Obama's election. My friend Brian in OKC works in a gun shop there. He shared with me how the sales of guns and ammunition began to climb after Obama was elected. He also noted that the people coming to purchase guns and ammo most frequently were not the street gang or shady thug-type.
Rather, he observed that most were simply your average middle-class concerned Americans, alerted through research and various sources of information, who now felt they  needed to take safety precautions to protect themselves and their families.
The security and well-being of millions of Americans has been repeatedly and  ruthlessly sacrificed on the altar of the tyrannical NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for our nation. This is patterned after communist takeovers of nations. Communism abolishes private ownership of many things. Simply study the ten planks of Communism and their goals, and compare them to the Presidential Executive Orders regarding the planned police state under martial law.

The communist inspired plan to seize America, her resources and her citizens and their possessions is clearly revealed by studying THE PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS to be activated under martial law.

Our freedoms are being exchanged for more and oppressive legislation turning America into a police state. And for those of us who don't agree with the NWO agenda, the prisoner boxcars with shackles await dissenters, prepositioned nationwide for the coming hour of conflict under martial law.

These boxcars will be used to haul all political and religious resisters to America's very own Gulag system, FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps. This is exactly what the communists did for decades to all political and religious resistance.

And this is what you will see someday in America, unless millions of good Americans from all walks of life stand up to this anti-American agenda and say NO!
Russian communist prisoner train going to THE GULAGS

Select units of US military and foreign troops alike have been training for this anticipated confrontation between the military and civilian NWO resistance, or Patriotic freedom fighters,  for years now.

They are being prepared to confiscate all weapons, shoot to kill on sight all opposition, release deadly chemical and biological warfare substances, round up all dissenters and millions of Americans "on the list" and shackle them into prisoner boxcars, helicopters or planes, to be taken to FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps to be"re-educated"...or destroyed by horrific and diverse means such as body organ harvesting, forced labor, human experimentation, etc.

These traitors to our Constitution are determined to establish their globalist agenda at the expense of millions of innocent American lives. Such a nice future the NWO has planned for you, eh?

BUT they can only succeed if the American people let them get away with it. (Will YOU?)
What about millions of  good freedom-loving, hard-working and law-abiding American people? How do THEY feel about this NWO martial agenda for their nation? (And does this corrupt government even care how millions of Americans feel? Quite obviously not.)
If you really want to know, plan to attend the next local gun show in your area. Then take the time to quietly discuss this subject with  various gun dealers and buyers. You will discover, as I did, that people that attend gun shows in general (both sellers and buyers) tend to be better informed on this subject than many mainstream Americans.

And being forewarned of the coming tyranny, they have finally decided to do something about it.

And perhap you will also discover, as I did, that the spirit of the freedom-loving American Revolutionary is very much alive in the hearts of the American people today.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I don't really think on Gods green earth that the government is going to collect all 300,000,000 some-odd guns in the US. Even if there is a gun grab, and just 1% hangs on to their weapons, that's still about 3,000,000 guns...

  2. The biggest entitlement is freedom and once you have it you will never give it up. They are trying to break us financially so we all have to be prepared to live more simply and take care of the basics and fight the NWO. If possible if things get bad we should get employers to stop automatically giving taxes from our paychecks to the government. I don't know if we could get everybody to do it but that is the way to stifle them. Why should we pay to be tyrannized