Friday, April 13, 2012

Guillotines Someday on the White House Lawn...???

"God has been giving me visions of Christians being beheaded for their faith in America under martial law. Children were seized from their Christian parents and taken to the guillotines...parents were told: 'DENY JESUS and join our NWO or we will behead your children!' God even showed me guillotines set up on the White House lawn and Christians being beheaded for their faith..."
-Revelation 20:4-

Testimony shared with me by Becky _____, committed Christian working for the Department of Agriculture in Washington DC

Militant Orthodox Jews and militant Muslims share one goal in common:


There is one area where ultra-orthodox Jews and militant Muslims are in agreement: both believe ultimately in beheading CHRISTIANS as "idolaters and blasphemers" or infidels.
12 year old Christian girl beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia

Muslims have been doing this periodically throughout the centuries in many places worldwide, to this very day. And militant Orthodox Jews in North America, specifically Lubavitch Chabad with their Noahide Laws signed into actual legislation by Bush Sr., also heartily approve of  the beheading Christians who love Jesus Christ and believe they stand in their path of anticipated Jewish Zionist world domination (NWO). 

For fifteen years I have been investigating the strange yet recurring reports of modern guillotines in North America, connected with truck drivers admitting  delivering them to military bases, CIA and military admissions, and multiple sightings by the American people across the nation.

Go to this link to read more about modern military guillotines in America today:

The modern military guillotines are very real, and they are located in numerous military facilities ( including but not limited to Fort Lewis-McChord, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg) and also closed military bases (like the facility in Glasgow, MT.) They are not only in North America, but in fact found in military bases worldwide. Eye witnesses have also testified to seeing them bolted into the prisoner boxcars with shackles as well.

Everywhere I have lectured across North America and other parts of the world including Jerusalem, Christians have come up to me after to  excitedly to share what they declared were personal visions God gave them of being BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH under the coming world government.

Christina Mitchell from New Zealand, Brian with YWAM in the Bahamas, Pastor Richards from California, a pastor's wife from Long Island, numerous people from Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, personal friends in South Carolina and many more throughout my years of research who have shared with me their visions of BEING BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH under a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Such visions are significant in light of the words of Jesus Christ. He promised His followers that God's Divine Holy Spirit would show them "THINGS TO COME."

"When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come."
-Words of Jesus Christ from John 16:13

Also, I noted  strange similarities in each one of these visions.  Christina from NZ, Brian from the Bahamas, the pastor's wife from Long Island, and personal contacts in SC all live thousands of miles apart from one another.


And my recent reports now confirm that US military is training our soldiers to operate these modern guillotines in many US bases nationwide. I personally believe that military from many nations, especially UN/NATO/PfP forces, including Russian and Chinese, have also been trained to operate these guillotines on NWO resistance...especially Christians.

But to get back to my subject, "GUILLOTINES ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN...," I remember pondering those words shared with me by Becky. I know the Divine Holy Spirit is exceedingly accurate when He gives visions and prophecies.

And I began to wonder how this could ever be fulfilled.

Somehow I could not envision a Orthodox Jewish Lubavitcher with fringes and sidecurls occupying the Oval Office someday, although such would be delighted to see Christian offenders of their Noahide Laws beheaded on the White House lawn...and worldwide even. (Oy, vay...)

But now, finally, a glimmer of revelation has begun to dawn in my mind.

For you see,
MUSLIMS are always
beheading Christians worldwide!
And it just  happens that the very person
occupying the office of President of the United States today

God bless you, President Obama, dear. We Christians across America continue to pray for you and your family as well. Please consider coming to Jesus Christ today, as in genuinely repenting of spiritual darkness, and acknowledging before men that Jesus Christ IS Lord, and forsaking all others.You know as I do that the guillotines are real, and they are here, and that our US military are training on them nationwide. AND THAT CHRISTIANS are the major target of the Noahide Laws/guillotines agenda.
Please use your Presidential powers to STOP this horrific agenda of Christian genocide and such needless, senseless bloodshed.

America cannot stand or remain strong if the sizable, influential and significant Christian elements, the true and original backbone of American society, are oppressed and destroyed by her very own government.

Every President needs the prayers and support of AMERICA'S CHRISTIANS.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Note also recent commentary from Pastor Lindsey Williams - "He's a Muslim".

    (Extraordinary turn of events).

  2. Would any real Muslim (yes they worship ALLAH, the moon god/goddess, I know) actually promote BABY-MURDER (abortion) & SODOMITES around the world? Obviously Obama is just an Illuminati puppet that dabbled in "Islam" as many other false "Christians" dabble in SUNday churches for social/Satanic purposes.

    Excellent article exposing these near-future events...

  3. Revelation 20:4 speaks of beheading Christians.

    This is truth. Pray pray pray for the unsaved. And keep your faith till the end. For then you shall receive Gods promises.

  4. Well two scrtures place us at this point!the fall away of the church meaning fall from holy living and two the man of sin will be tevilled