Friday, April 20, 2012

To My Jewish Readers, With Love

My reports exposing the NWO/Communist agenda for North America are heavily read throughout the Jewish communities, and understandably so. I suppose that many Jews who read my articles revealing Jewish influence in the NWO (Communist) agenda for North America are thinking that my sentiments must surely be against the Jews by now. But they are wrong.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have lovingly interacted with people in the Jewish community for decades, and am doing so to this very day, presently taking care of two children from Jewish background parents who cannot afford to pay me... and so out of compassion I am performing full time work for free.

It is beneath my dignity to allow the love that God has placed in my heart, through Yahshua my Savior, to be turned into that defiling and disfiguring cancer called HATE. The one true God of Abraham, AND of Yashua the messiah, has placed in the hearts of all true believers His divine RUACH, or Spirit, who imparts LOVE within that is eternal.

While I as a Christian may understandably be opposed to such distinctly Jewish agendas that include Noahide Laws and the undeniable presence of the modern military guillotines on our military bases that will someday be used for tragic genocide against I and my fellow Christians in North America, the love of God in my heart will never be turned into dark hatred.

Even as God is Divine and His character is holy and incorruptible, so is His Spirit who comes to live within the hearts of every believer in the God of Abraham and His Messiah.

Furthermore, where in the teachings of the Messiah am I ever commanded to hate or take revenge on my enemies? Nowhere throughout Christian Holy Scriptures. We as followers of the teachings of the Divine Son of God are commanded to forgive and love others, including those who choose to make themselves our enemies.

From an early age, I have loved the Jews. I was born soon after WWII, growing up for several years in Germany in fact.Our home was filled with literature about WWII, including books written by immediate Jewish Holocaust survivors. Their accounts and the photographs taken by wartime photojournalists are quite genuine.

I have no tolerance for Holocaust deniers. While numbers can always be disputed, the fact remains that many Jewish families suffered unspeakable horrors under Nazi brutalities, as the books I read attest to. My heart broke as I read those tragic accounts by Jewish survivors, and I knew I loved the Jews then and always would.

Throughout previous decades I have interacted with the Jewish community, taking care of Jewish elderly and working with little Jewish children in Jewish homes and many summer camps. I love those Jewish children from those happy years til this very day.

I have also interacted with Messianic Jews who know and believe that Yahshua is the Moshiach, or Messiah. And have met countless Christians who also love and are praying for the Jews and Israel.

This is why my heart is filled with infinite sadness as I research the Communist/NWO plans for America, and in particular the typical Communist style agenda to persecute and in fact kill the Christians and seize their churches to secularize or destroy them, etc.

This breaks my heart because it is a heavily JEWISH agenda. Communism and the New World Order concept always is, although many are recruited from outside the Jewish community to the Communist NWO agenda.

And yet, so many Christians across America to this day are praying for Israel and the Jews...and loving them as well. It is very painful, when you deeply love someone, to find them both hating and even wanting to destroy you, as Communists have done to Christians in nation after nation that has fallen under Communism. The sadness in my heart is indescribable.

But this is apparently what it has come to finally in North America. Let the prisoner boxcars and detention camps now present throughout North America, reminiscent of a previous Russian Communist agenda against religious and political opponents, speak for themselves to the American people and her Christian populace.

Let the Noahide Laws  of Lubavitch Chabad signed into legislation by Bush Sr., coupled with mounting evidence of the clandestine military program to train designated platoons in how to operate these modern military guillotines, and further confirmed by numerous truck drivers delivering these modern guillotines to bases across North America, (including confirmation by CIA and military sources) speak for themselves to the American people and her Christians.

Future execution of all Christians who will not renounce their faith to join the NWO and become Noahides,  under distinctly Jewish auspices of the Noahide Laws, is planned against the Christians in North America.

But WHY this senseless fury directed against American Christians?There have been no pogroms to persecute Jews in North America.

Rather, Jews and the Jewish communities have flourished throughout North America. Numerous Christian organizations in America have contributed support to Israel and various Jewish causes. Yet distinct elements from within the Jewish communities have been laboring to destroy our Constitutional Republic, and to actually destroy Christians and Christianity from North America, following the Communist patterned heavily using political power and other means as well.

Should I not be saddened at such a time as this for both my nation and my endangered  fellow Christians?

Should I somehow be expected to remain silent over all this deeply disturbing information that my research has uncovered?

And should not my heart be grieved over the distinct role that certain Jews who support the Communist/NWO plan have played and will play in America's sad Christians are beheaded under the Jewish Noahide Laws for refusing to renounce their Christian faith, or as FEMA seizes churches and Christians are arrested and sent by prisoner boxcars and FEMA detention camps to be tortured and killed for their faith under a very Communist agenda...?

For these reasons I cannot remain silent!

While I have loved the Jews throughout the years, I also love my America and her distinctly Christian heritage. I love my fellow Americans. I love my freedom America has always been famous for. I love America's Christians from all backgrounds.And because of this, I will continue to lay down my life to warn my fellow Americans and my beloved Christian brethren: AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST OF THE INNOCENTS

In closing, I would like to repeat some important thoughts to my Jewish readers from one article previously written for Jews by Michael Skobac of  "Jews for Judaism." I encountered Michael many years ago in Brooklyn, NY, talking to him on the sidewalk near Cony Island Avenue and Avenue J.

In this particular article, Michael details the beneficial things that American Christians are doing for Jews and to support Israel. He then emphasizes that "...we Jews need to be careful what we do to the Christians because..." and then refers to the many beneficial things various Christian groups and organizations have done to support Israel and various Jewish causes. (The above words in quotation marks may not exactly verbatim as in his article. It has been several years since I read the article, and I cannot relocate it. But they essentially convey the message that it appeared Michael was trying to convey.)

Thank you, dear Michael. I couldn't agree with you more.

Personally, I have wondered  if Michael is a part of that inner circle of Jewish community that is privy to the kinds of insider information I know, about the Communist agenda under martial law, and the Noahide laws agenda with the guillotines to kill unsuspecting American Christians. Jewish friends tell me their families back in NYC know about these things and discuss this subject all the time.

And if so, I wonder if perhaps a soft place in Michael's heart might have been touched as he heard about Jewish NWO agenda planning that includes brutally shipping Christians off to FEMA camps or beheading them under Noahide Laws. Because lots of Jews already know about this agenda.

Perhaps even the same kind of compassion a previous Holocaust invoked from many non-Jews, who even gave their lives to save the innocents from prisoner boxcars and detention camps back then.

And perhaps this was part of his inner motivation to write this admonition to his fellow Jews. Or was it strictly motivated by the fact that Israel cannot make it without the continual financial and military backing of American, whose taxpayer dollars make this all possible...and whose majority consists of CHRISTIANS (80 percent.)
And let's not forget the prayers of Christians for Jews and Israel either...

Let me reiterate these words, "...Jews need to be careful what we do the Christians..." especially here in North America. And for many reasons. First of all, we are talking about innocents about to be horrifically destroyed in the wake of the insane quest to bring America under a brutal Communist-styled regime. And the potential for innocent Jewish victims to be affected under martial law is also very real as well.

Such agendas as I have uncovered and exposed will have far reaching consequences should they be carried out, and Israel and her Jews will suffer deeply if the NWO/Communist plans to destroy the Christians (and hence the US Christian base of support for Israel) under martial law proceeds as planned.

Not only that, but thanks to the Internet and alternate news media broadcasts, tens of millions of Americans now realize the truth about what I and many other researchers have reported on, and they are watching national events taking place in America very carefully.

And the vast majority of Americans I have interviewed from across this nation have consistently informed me of their utter opposition to the imposition of an oppressive New World Order agenda for their nation.

Think carefully about Michael's words.
Someday I may find myself shackled for my Christian faith into the very prisoner boxcars I have exposed and reported on for fifteen years now, and taken to the camps across North American to be killed.

Or standing before the military guillotines under a rabbinical court and challenged to renounce my faith in Jesus Christ and become a Noahide and "join the NWO..." or DIE.

My only response before Jew and Gentile in that hour can be:

"Jesus remains forevermore the Divine Son of God. He is my Savior and Savior of the world. He is the only Messiah God will ever send to His beloved Jewish people. Do to this body what God may permit for His glory, (kadosh Ha'Shem) but I REMAIN A FOLLOWER OF THE ONE TRUE MESSIAH."

And in fact He IS all of the above and more. I have worked for decades to share the love of God and His Son the Messiah with the Jewish people. I have witnessed the power and glory of God working in the lives of Jews who have discovered Yahshua ha'Mashiach, or Jesus, to be in fact their true Savior and Messiah.

My greatest sadness is not what I might suffer for my faith. Christians have patiently suffered and died as martyrs for their faith for 2000 years now.

It is rather the grief that I feel for precious Jews who have not yet discovered the wonderful power and eternal life that can only be found in THE ONE TRUE MESSIAH.
If I die, I have eternal hope through Messiah. If my persecutors die without salvation through Yahshua the Messiah, they perish eternally.

Behead this frail and mortal body, and my gloriously redeemed spirit is finally released to be taken into the Divine Presence of the World to Come. I have salvation and forgiveness of all sins through the final Sacrifice of the Passover Lamb, Yahshua ha'Mashiach.

Let me die for the One I love, Who died on the tree for me. 2000 years of brutal persecution and martyrdom has not been able to quench the torch of  the eternal Light of the World, Jesus the Messiah, nor the faith of His followers...nor can it ever.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. I agree time is short,there is much evil in the world mystified me why so many Jews are architects for satans horific plans.yet the messianic Jews are so powerful in the lord thanx for your truthful writings you would never hear in most if not all churches.