Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Satanic Power BEHIND the NEW WORLD ORDER-Exclusive Article

What EVERY CHRISTIAN Must Understand in This Hour of Imminent Martial Law
in North America

Revelation 12:11
"And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony and because they loved not their lives unto the death."

"We satanists in the CIA hated the Christians in America more than any other people, because we knew that the Christians would never accept our New World Order...
because Satan is the leader and we satanists are the backbone of the NWO."

"That is why we designed the detention camps you're now researching, to get rid of the Christians that stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER MARTIAL LAW."

"And I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they get their hands on the Christians and take them to the camps under martial law..."

-admission of Elaine Knost, former CIA assassin and NWO planner under Bush Sr. when he was head of the CIA.

"And the DRAGON gave to the BEAST his power, throne, and great authority..."
Revelation 13:2
I am in a desperate race against time to warn and wake up the Christians throughout my nation. Many remain naive and uninformed to this very hour regarding the future of America and  it's "kill the Christians" mandate of the satanic NWO.
And because of all that I now know, I have found myself with no other option, but to take on the role of a modern Christian "Esther." I am compelled to lay down my life to warn my fellow Christians, and even more compelled to fall on my knees before God Almighty my king on behalf of my Christian people, already marked to be delivered up unto DEATH.
For 15 long and difficult years now, I have cried out to God to restrain this dark NWO agenda for my nation. I have wept with fasting and prayer and countless tears on behalf of my fellow Christians and Patriots, for God to spare and protect them from the plans of brutal persecution and termination by the NWO police state.

You must understand: this will be a globalist agenda, patterned after brutal military communist regimes throughout the world. It will brutally oppress and in fact seek to destroy freedom-loving citizens and Christians, just as communism has done in every other nation. Whenever you see the term"NWO," just think "Communist," because in fact that is what it is. The roots of the original founders of Communism, the Rothschilds and associates, are utterly satanic: they are all ILLUMINATI.
I have written thousands of reports as I traveled back and forth across our Nation and various parts of the world, researching and reporting on evidence of the NWO agenda emerging. Every Christian throughout our nation needs to read and understand what is planned for America's future AND against the Christians of our nation.

Actually, it is quite simple to understand. Simply research the history of COMMUNIST TAKEOVER in every nation, and study their brutal repression or elimination of Christians, and you will understand. This is what is coming to America.
Through actually interviewing insiders that include former planners and supporters, I have discovered that  I and my fellow Christians have in North America have been SENTENCED TO DEATH IN ABSENTIA by the advocates of the New World Order agenda, to be facilitated by martial law.Their names can be found by the millions, already on secret government and military computer files and marked for round-up and termination under martial law.
Through modern technology , the intelligence community has been able to monitor billions of phone calls, emails, faxes and every other form of communication in North America. They know through modern surveillance techniques  exactly how to monitor the public, and that includes detecting and tracking Americans whose faith is CHRISTIAN and whose sentiments are for FREEDOM and decidedly anti-NWO.
As I have been warned from the inside, they plan to spare NONE under martial law. Old and young, sick or handicapped, they will show no mercy as they seek to ruthlessly root out all NWO resistance, and especially Christians and Christianity utterly from North America.

(That is, of course, IF THEY CAN. Thank God for the response of millions of freedom-loving and God-fearing Americans, including various military and gun owners, that I have encountered all across this nation, who will never surrender to this heinous plan of tyranny for our nation. God bless and be with THE AMERICAN PATRIOT.)
The NWO also plans to hunt down and destroy: gun owners who will not surrender their weapons, Patriotic Americans/Constitutionalists who refuse to surrender  and abandon these ideals, outspoken opponents of the NWO agenda on the radio and Internet, etc.
                       Mobile FEMA prisoner unit

The prisoner boxcars/detention camp system, following the pattern of the former Soviet communist gulag camps, has been fully established throughout the North American continent, including Canada and Alaska. I tell you, everything they need to carry out a Martial Law/ NWO takeover is firmly in place throughout North America.

What I discovered through years of research and interviews, is that the NWO IS SATANIC TO THE CORE. It is considered by Illuminati, and by every branch of satanism and related occult groups including the Masons, to be Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Lucifer/ Satan is the leader, and his deceived followers are the backbone. And how could it be anything ELSE, when they will demand that RELIGIOUS FREEDOM BE ABOLISHED AND CHURCHES SEIZED AND CHRISTIANS DESTROYED?
Many Americans are unaware that there are thousands of satanist covens in operation secretly throughout North America. Members often include governors, mayors, DA's, judges, police chiefs...in essence the power people of any region. Such people all know about the NWO/martial law agenda for America, and that Christians are among the major targets for elimination at that time. And many of them are also networking together behind the scenes for the realization of this evil empire in America.

There are also numerous NWO Communists and certain sects of Zionists who are supportive of the NWO agenda for America.

Many Illuminati Communists and satanists also plan to work closely in the coming persecution against Christians in to authorities, alongside the military elements that will control America at that time. And they are all actively involved in continual rituals which frequently involve human sacrifice.
In fact, Satan is worshipped primarily through human sacrifice. Satanists are taught that the more acts of human sacrifice they bring, the more wealth and power he will give them. Throughout my years of research and interviews to write articles to expose satanism, I learned what few outsiders know. They told me that they were also taught that the more acts of human sacrifice they committed, the more power Satan will give them TO BRING FORTH THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER.

Guess which group of people Satan is demanding most for human sacrifice? THE CHRISTIANS, as former satanists admitted to me. "Satan was demanding more and more Christians for sacrifice, and we obliged. They were targeted, stalked and abducted...and they died like all the rest," explained Elaine.
"And men worshipped THE DRAGON, who gave power to the BEAST..."
                                  Revelation 13:4

Elaine came to Jesus after 18 years of being a high priestess over Indiana, and even working for the CIA as an assassin under Bush Sr. at one time. The CIA frequently hires satanists as assassins, because they are ruthless and without conscience when ordered to kill. 

Elaine parted with her former interviewer/author in 1990,(see below) and moved to Florida, where I interviewed her for one month in her home in Okeechobee in 1995.
Revelations of dark activities she never dared put for legal reasons in her three previous book interviews, she finally shared with me...and primarily because I challenged her to do so. I told her that after 18 years (!)of butchering Christians, young and old alike, on their satanic altars in the name of furthering their NWO, she finally owed it to Christians in America to TELL THE TRUTH about the satanist plans endangering them now. And Elaine agreed.
Former Illuminati and satanists like Elaine have told me that, therefore, every Christian arrested and taken to the boxcars or camps to be terminated, or beheaded with the guillotines, would count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN TO OBTAIN POWER TO BRING FORTH THEIR NWO. The military guillotines are present in many of the prisoner boxcars, according to insiders and eye-witnesses. I have personal friends, missionaries traveling across America to pray, who witnessed the boxcars with shackles AND guillotines on a sidetrack in Montana.

One credible insider from Asheville, NC, a former satanic high priest in fact, admitted to me that their prisoner boxcars had one more devilish device in them: satanic altars. He admitted that the satanists of that region planned to help the government round up Christians under martial law, take them to these boxcars and SACRIFICE THEM before they ever reached the FEMA CAMPS ALIVE.
                          Train in Asheville NC railroad yard

I know his words are true: he was my father's former satanic high priest in Virginia Beach, many years ago...before my father finally became repented and became a Christian in 1998. I interviewed this source at Bradenton Christian Retreat in Florida, where my saintly mother had been working, that same year. How hard my mother and I prayed throughout the years for God to save my father from the terrible darkness of satanism.

(You can read more about this exciting testimony of how thirty years of intercessory prayer by my wonderful Christian mother and I finally brought my father out of military NWO darkness and satanism, by going to other reports found in this blog and other websites.)
Countless Christians, both young and old alike, have already been abducted for human sacrifice by the Illuminati, both nationwide and worldwide.  Such Christians were often tempted to deny their faith and instead join the satanists and work with them. But if not, they would DIE. According to eye-witnesses, they all died horrific deaths at the cruel hands of America's satanists when they refused to deny their faith.
And most of you will never hear about it, because a corrupt and compromised news media blacks out 99% of all satanic cult related crimes committed in North America.

Throughout my 15 years of journalism, I have written numerous articles about this urgent subject. Numerous former Illuminati and satanists have shared their personal testimonies with me, and I have written extensive articles about this, under the title of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

And every one of these former satanists admitted to me that when martial law is imposed and the NWO agenda emerges, that this would be the dark hour of Illuminati/satanist and Communist persecution and brutal attempts to eliminate Christianity from North America.
                      The NWO will not spare elderly.....

And the same kind of brutality these abducted Christians experienced at the hands of satanists for refusing to renounce their faith, will be used openly against Christians who refuse to renounce their faith and join the NWO for this nation.

After all, the New World Order is a satanist creation and agenda from it's beginning. It is also fully a COMMUNIST AGENDA. To learn what Communists do to Christians, go to these websites:
                        The NWO will not spare little children...

My friend Cisco Wheeler, former Illuminati mind control victim and former satanist, (now Christian exposing this) told me that in their NWO planning sessions, they determined that their satanist covens in Oregon would prolong the torture of Christians arrested under martial for 13 days before finally sacrificing them. You can read some of her interviews here:

Hard-core satanism and Communist traitors are rampant throughout the US government, the military, the intelligence community, and law enforcement. The NWO has planted their satanist people throughout all of these, especially the military, to enforce the brutal policies of the NWO agenda in America under martial law. Professional torture and rendition is also rampant and widespread throughout the military and the CIA especially.

Such NWO people will have no problem ruthlessly arresting, imprisoning, persecuting, torturing and murdering Christians under martial law, including in military and intelligence facilities such as FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY boxcars and camps.
Why should they? The Illuminati/satanists and Communists have been doing this to abducted Christians and other victims in secret for a long time now, in countless satanic rituals and under Communism worldwide.

Many of my reports remain on various websites across the vast Internet, exposing NWO satanism and warning my fellow Christians of what they can expect in America's future.

I am forewarning my precious brothers and sisters in Christ, so that they can PREPARE TO FACE SUCH TIMES AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS.
Beloved Christians in America, as strange and bizarre as my reporting may sound, this is all fact and painful reality. Now is the time to stop being naive and to stop retreating into denial. If you refuse to wake up and start preparing to confront this insidious plan of persecution, many of you simply will not make it. And some of you will even deny Jesus and perish in the coming persecution, because you did not seek God now for grace and strength to overcome and endure to the end.
God forbid.
Can you understand now
I cannot be silent in this hour?




-Pamela Rae Schuffert


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