Thursday, June 30, 2011

Montana "PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES" In Columbia Falls, Revisited

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Greetings from COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA, considered  by many to be the gateway to beautiful GLACIER NATIONAL PARK.

But Columbia Falls also holds some deeper and darker secrets as well. for it was in Columbia Falls in 1995, that Christian missionaries on a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA accidentally stumbled upon a suspicious sight of a long row of BLACK BOXCARS WITH PRISONER SHACKLES WELDED INSIDE EACH ONE. And something even MORE mysterious inside each one: A MODERN GUILLOTINE.

I personally heard this account first hand in a Christian retreat in South Carolina from the leader of the journey, Marie McCullough. She recounted her amazing experience to me in our living room. Marie shared how her group wanted to take pictures of the beautiful Glacier NP region, and so they parked their van and followed railroad tracks into the woods to take pictures, so they would not get lost. They were not prepared for what they discovered on those railroad tracks!

(The above black boxcars is only meant as a depiction and NOT the actual black boxcars sighted.-Pam)

Marie admitted that they became frightened after seeing the shackles and the guillotines, and quickly left the area. Her friend Rose had actually take pictures of the insides with the shackles and guillotines, but after this trip they all parted and she was not able to get into contact with Rose again. (How I wanted those photos!)

It was this revelation, coupled with ex-CIA and Pentagon source admissions to me of a coming MILITARY POLICE STATE UNDER MARTIAL LAW and FEMA camps and boxcars to transport prisoner to them, that fired up my curiosity and desire to come 2,500 miles out to MONTANA to find out MORE  about these mysterious boxcars.

And so, I came out to Montana first in 1997, finally to Columbia Falls. While interviewing locals about these boxcars, i received admission that they KNEW about these boxcars, and that the KNEW what the would be used for! But they also admitted to me, "These prisoner boxcars have since been relocated to remote sidetracks and higher elevations, to avoid any more public sightings...." Hikers and hunters reported having occasionally stumbled upon these boxcars in the mountains of MONTANA.

From LEE HARRINGTON of VALLIER, MONTANA, I discovered that the shackles had been welded into the boxcars by summer youth workers in Glasgow, Montana, then shipped west down the "Highline" (tracks that follow Highway 2). 

The boxcars then went through the Blackfoot Indian reservation, sighted by George Bullcalf and reported to one Christian intercessory prayer group. While slowly moving trough the reservation, some doors were open with the shackles fully visible to the native Americans. the shackles were welded in at GLASGOW MT.

I had also received a report of US MARINES UNLOADING MILITARY GUILLOTINES in a closed military base. This would have to be the one in GLASGOW as well, since the guillotines were also installed in the boxcars in Glasgow, Montana.

As I sit typing this report, I am only several miles from where my friend Marie actually first sighted these prisoner boxcars with shackles in 1995. It has been many years since I first received their initial report. 

Since then I have traveled thousands of miles across this nation, following railroad tracks and sightings of these prisoner boxcars and shackles that range from ASHEVILLE, NC to MONTANA to OREGON and beyond...all across our nation.


One woman who had me lecture in her home admitted that her husband was a high executive with GUNDERSON INC and that he told her they WERE under secret contract with the US government to produce these prisoner boxcars to take people to the camps under Martial Law.

My reports are well known and well read by now, both nationwide and worldwide. People I encounter all the time can almost quote my reports back to me about MARTIAL LAW and the boxcars! (I just encountered one such person at a Christian retreat near Columbia Falls.)

What is the Christian response to my reports? Many admit to me  that they are FINALLY WAKING UP TO THE REALITY OF WHAT IS TO COME TO OUR NATION, and they are preparing both spiritual and practically as well. Thank GOD!

One Christian woman told me a few days ago that God relocated her from ALASKA to this region AS AN INFORMED INTERCESSOR for the area! She was fully aware of my reports about Montana prisoner boxcars and shackles from my reports. And therefore she and her fellow intercessors are praying AGAINST this heinous NWO agenda for our nation and for Montana as well.

Friends and readers, THIS is how important my kind of investigative journalism is in this hour! An INFORMED people is an ALERTED people and becomes AN ACTIVATED PEOPLE!

For us as Christians, INTERCESSORY PRAYER is of major importance against this antichrist and Christian-persecuting NWO agenda for our nation and North America.

I lectured in Portland, Oregon a few years ago, and afterwards we had prayer. One person received a word of Holy Spirit prophecy stating, "THUS SAITH THE LORD: had it NOT  been for MY INTERCESSORS praying that I would hold back this NWO agenda for your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER IT RIGHT NOW!"

I knew this. That is why I have sacrificed everything for this work, on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans and fellow Christians as well. And now, I continue to live on the edge, facing dangers and opposition and many basic needs to CONTINUE in this urgently needed reporting. Food and gas are critical needs at this time.

Friends and readers, please support this important work! It is making a definite difference all across our nation. NO one can live on the road, out of their vehicle as I do, to perform investigative journalism WITHOUT RECEIVING READER SUPPORT! Christian readers, you know from Scriptures that, as the Apostle Paul stated while on his missionary journeys, NO one can perform such work without support from those who directly benefit from it.

Are you enjoying reading these reports? Are you benefiting from them (as many tell me continually that they do)?

Then I need both YOUR prayers and YOUR financial support at this time. I am in a region where there has already been a previous death attempt on my life, threats against me, and my personal laptop stolen by an admitted CIA operative following one radio broadcast of mine from here two years ago.

But this work MUST GO ON in this critical hour of America's destiny. I KNOW what their cruel and brutal NWO intentions are for my fellow American Patriots and my fellow Christians under future POLICE STATE USA. And for this reason, I cannot be silent!

Again, thank you for your prayers and your support. 

God bless you and protect you ALL throughout the times we face. Christian intercessors for AMERICA (and CANADA as well), do not be silent in this hour! YOUR prayers are needed!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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