Wednesday, June 1, 2011



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This morning, I prayed with Solomon, the son of the Appalachian family I am now staying with in order to provide some help for them. I prayed with Solomon that the Lord God would graciously bless me with a newer vehicle, so I could continue in ministry on the road.

And I promised the Lord God that IF HE WOULD DO THIS, I would GIVE my present older (but functional) car away to this family, especially to help their 16 year old son. The son agreed with me in prayer. I then told Solomon that, whenever I made a promise to others and before God, I kept that promise, even as God keeps HIS. We are instructed by Jesus to " ye therefore PERFECT as your Father in heaven is perfect...."

I THEN went to the computer and sat down to answer my many emails. I received an email from a "Tim" stating that he had a nice  car to donate to my ministry, a LEXUS!

I was stunned at first. And THEN I began to give thanks to the Living God for His mercy in answering prayer so rapidly! (Actually, I have been praying for a LONG time for a newer car to be donated. My present car, a 1993 Buick donated by my church, is in good shape and great for local use but NOT for extensive travel such as I perform.

But it is perfect for local use and for their son to train in as his first car he has ever driven. This family needs a second car.

Solomon could not believe it at first! He KNEW that THIS was the POWER OF THE LIVING GOD answering our very prayers this morning! Halleluia!

And so,  I will soon be going to the DMV to sign over the title of my car to this family, to become their very own and Solomon's beginner driving car. I fear God: I have learned throughout the years to keep my commitments to God and to others.

The donor of the car lives 750 miles away. I will have to come to their home to pick up this precious gift of their donated used car .

Pray for me however to have a financial miracle. I have exhausted all my recent donated fund to help this Appalachian family, and they are so grateful. But it will take approximately $200 in gas to come to their home, and more besides for me to get back on the road again.

Simply join me in prayer about this. God WILL provide for HIS people, and He CANNOT fail!

Are YOU praying for A MIRACLE for your many needs and personal crises? NEVER give up!

Your answer is coming too. God's eternal word tells me so. We may have to wait. I have had to wait MANY times on answers to times even over 30 years. But God will always come through, through His eternal promises and through His precious Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hang in there: a miracle is about to happen!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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