Monday, June 20, 2011

Greetings from the Great Patriot State of MONTANA:Special E-REPORTS NOW AVAILABLE

NOW You Can SUBSCRIBE to My Special E-REPORTS With Information NOT PUBLISHED On This BLOG!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Well, well, well...Pamela is finally BACK IN THE SADDLE in the wild and woolly WEST! This IS "BIG SKY COUNTRY!" The state of MONTANA is FILLED with Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, independent ranchers and farmers, gun-owning and law abiding citizens, and MANY fine Christians as well! And ALL of them LOVE THEIR FREEDOM!

Unfortunately, all of the above has attracted the complete attention of the Federal government and the US military. This straight truth is, many of these people know all about the New World Order agenda for America, and have chosen MONTANA as their state of THE LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM IN AMERICA.

Many are gun owners. Many have long term survival food supplies, ammunition stores, survival gear of every kind, and some have even ordered underground nuclear fallout shelters installed in their back yards! As one person put it, "We no longer join militias in this state, due to Federal infiltration of militias and related groups. Now it's kinds like every other home is it's OWN PRIVATE MILITIA."

One militia member I interviewed told me that, "...It will be outta my COLD DEAD FINGERS they pry my guns, because we are NOT surrendering our freedom nor our guns under MARTIAL LAW to the NEW WORLD ORDER..."

Strange things are being reported to me in MONTANA by many reliable sources. Sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, sightings of MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES, foreign troops, building of new detention camps and more have all been reported here. I have been one of the chief investigators and reporters on these subjects.

And NOW, I have just received MORE alarming information, new, from several reliable sources. I was shocked at one Christian truck driver revealed to me after church last Sunday, that he and other truckers are now aware of in Billings, Montana.

Friends, it costs a lot for me to now to be living and traveling on the road performing this kind of  important and informative research. Gas costs are rising, costs of living and food costs are rising as well. Due to these factors, I am now forced to charge financially for my costly and hard-gained investigative information. This kind of information is obtained at great cost and personal risk, and I can no longer afford to make certain reports free of charge (although I will continue to provide general reports on my blog regularly.)

I am ready to send out THE MONTANA REPORT. This report is filled with critical information gathered over the past 15 years and  recent information just obtained as well. Every freedom loving American and  Montanan (you Christian also!) needs this information I have researched and uncovered personally.

You can subscribe to my special E-REPORTS through email. The cost to subscribe per month is $30.00 . Simply send $30.00 (US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY) to:  

Pamela Rae Schuffert, PO Box 494, Montreat, NC 28757. (Everything is immediately forwarded to me as I am on the road.)

Include your email address to which you want me to send you the SPECIAL REPORTS throughout that month.  

These SPECIAL E-REPORTS will be filled with information I have uncovered and researched which is not published on this blog to the general public.

This is how you can keep my ministry of investigative journalism uncovering the NWO agenda for America (and the CHRISTIAN RESPONSE) going at this critical time. The ONLY finances I have to keep me going now ARE YOUR SUPPORT AT THIS TIME! Don't let me down. Throughout my YEARS of reporting to my readers, I have not let YOU down!

Thank you for your critically needed prayers and financial support. Through your support of this important work YOU are  helping to keep America FREE and INFORMED for a season longer.

REMEMBER: An INFORMED people is an ALERTED people is an ACTIVATED PEOPLE. The MORE people who are informed and alerted, the MORE people then begin to pray and prepare practically as well. And when Christians are informed, many then FAST AND PRAY for God to restrain the darkness a season longer. AND IT HAS WORKED....or we would be under martial law NOW!

So subscribe TODAY and keep this work going for the glory of God and the alerting of our nation. EACH ONE OF US can make a difference...and we ALL should! Because the ignorance and complacency of many Americans (including some of you Christians as well) will only serve to kill you in the end. ("My people perish for lack of knowledge.")

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

(PO BOX 494, Montreat, NC, 28757)

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