Friday, November 12, 2010

"You Can't SHARE YOUR FAITH In The Workplace!"

-My personal response when faced with this ultimatum recently in the workplace-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many of you, my readers throughout the years, are dedicated and practicing Christians. And if you adamant about living up to the Word of God's requirements for your life, you have realized that there is no room for compromise of the Word of God, regardless of your circumstances or whereabouts. God's eternal word and commandments are binding regardless of whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in . The Early Church recognized this truth from the very beginning, and chose frequently to face persecution, suffering, imprisonment and torture and ultimately death for the sake of their Christian beliefs.

Disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the centuries have also understood these Biblical principles, and thus suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ has occurred at various in every continent, and in every nation throughout the world.

"In the world ye shall have tribulation..." declared Jesus Christ to His disciples. How true this word has proven to countless saints and martyrs of our Savior throughout the ages!

Christians in North America are by no means exempt from suffering for the Gospel, either. Jesus declared that we would be hated by ALL nations ultimately for His Name's sake. "ALL NATIONS" must therefore include North America as well.

Some of us have suffered more for His sake in America, than others. Personally, I have been to both jail and prison for peaceful Christian pro-life outreach that saved more than one innocent baby's life during the years I was involved. I have suffered death attempts on my life for my bold Christian witness to the Satanists in various parts of this nation, for aiding their victims, and for my journalism exposing them. I have been set up to be abducted and killed. One government agent broke into a home where I was staying to research and stole my personal notebook and laptop computer. I have endured threats from the government for my in-depth investigative journalism exposing a future coming military police state and massive persecution planned for the Christians and all Patriotic Americans who will resist the abolition of our Constitution and it's rights guaranteed therein, and a transition to a communist type regime.

When I discovered that a terrible plan secretly exists in America, to someday seize our churches and arrest millions of unsuspecting American Christians and patriots under a well planned martial law scenario in the future, I felt compelled to lay down my life and all I held dear, to pursue the truth about this matter on behalf of my endangered fellow citizens. Leaked out information by several CIA whistle blowers and Pentagon sources initially sparked a passion in my soul to uncover the truth, and to make that truth known to my endangered fellow Americans.

Much persecution and suffering has followed that decision. But I knew, after much prayer, that God was calling me to this task and to take the risk, regardless of difficulties.

Frankly, accomplishing anything worthwhile on behalf of God and others, will always have it's risks, perils, and pain involved. And yet, what we will have finally accomplished for His glory and purposes, is worth it all in the end.

At one time in my life, I began working with one health care company in order to help fund my ministry in journalism. My work involved home health care, something I have performed periodically for 40 years now at various times.

The various clients I came into contact with were often very ill. One patient had a colostomy and was very weak. Others could not stand and needed assistance with equipment designed to transport them. Some were bedridden and close to death.

Small wonder therefore that I felt compelled to compassionately and gently share hope from God's Word with various clients when deemed appropriate, and offer to pray with them. And with some I was compelled to share the words of life and salvation, knowing clearly from the Word of God that if they were to die, they would face the terror of eternity without the forgiveness and salvation that is only available through Jesus Christ. This is the truth from the Word of God.

So many of my patients were grateful for my Christian witness, prayer and compassion!
And they told me so frequently.

But inevitably, we will always encounter those people who oppose their very own soul's well-being, who will attempt to silence our witness of Jesus Christ in the workplace.

In a recent meeting with my health care agency, I was informed that two prior patients had complained about my Christian witness. One person was a very open idolater, his home filled with idols from India and photos of his favorite guru. This patient had been very weak, suffering a horrible skin condition on much of his body, and had a colostomy as well. My heart filled with sorrow and compassion for this man, as I realized that his idols were providing no hope for healing nor eternal salvation. The Bible states that all idolaters shall have their part in the lake of fire, or eternal damnation. And there before me that day was an idolater, very sick and possibly facing death soon.

I was compelled from the word of God to gently share hope for both healing and salvation with this man. He never uttered any complaint during the conversation. Had he done so, I would have respected his request and said no more. But he said nothing, only listening intently. However, later he complained to my company, and this complaint was brought up in a subsequent meeting in the office.

Here are excerpts from my response to my superiors, when informed by staff that I was ultimately not allowed to share my religious beliefs with any of my patients.

First of all, it is illegal for any business or company to discriminate against any employee based on their religious beliefs or to hinder their free exercise thereof. To do so is to be guilty of religious discrimination in the workplace. IT IS ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY EMPLOYEE FOR THEIR RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS IN THE WORKPLACE.

Furthermore, CHRISTIANS HAVE THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No company, business, corporation, etc., can make or enforce rules that attempt to negate that which is already guaranteed to each and every American in the Constitution.

I informed them that had either of my patients complained in the course of my sharing love and hope through God's Word with them, I would have instantly refrained...but neither one complained as I shared. I am not a mind reader! People must express their thoughts and desires clearly for anyone to understand and respond.

Finally, I informed them that I would not have to stand someday before their company to give an account of my life, but before Almighty God. And woe unto me if I had failed to share the eternal witness of Jesus Christ with those patients in my personal care, who were without salvation and about to die! God holds me completely accountable to testify of Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation to everyone He sends me to, and that includes in the workplace.

Let's be honest: you can't shut God out from ANYWHERE! He remains OMNIPRESENT!

We as Christians are commanded to bear witness of Him to everyone, everywhere. To fail to do so, is the same as denying Him before men, as a sin of omission.

I have told employers in the past, that if you do not want Jesus Christ in the workplace, then you do not want me, because He and I are inseparable, and His witness accompanies me everywhere I go.

One nurse told me that it was considered "unprofessional" to share my religious beliefs with clients. Frankly, the Bible-based Christian does not care what the world considers unprofessional!

What is "professional" about refusing to share loving words of compassion and hope from the Bible with a suffering patient? What is "professional" about refusing to share helpful words of healing and the promise of eternal life with those who are suffering and close to death?

The sad but realistic truth is, the vast majority of today's businesses care about one thing only: money and making a financial profit through their business. The dollar sign rules! This health care agency was so determined to profit financially from each patient, that they were terrified of losing any client because of someone "sharing their faith" with them. Hence, to avoid any patient perhaps becoming offended, and losing their business with that client, they were adamant about no Christian witness in the workplace. But for the reasons I have listed above, to try and enforce religious discrimination in the workplace is illegal and unethical. So is attempting to restrict freedom of speech.

Here is the strategy that many companies use, when they see that the Christian employee will not compromise on this subject in the workplace. Realizing that it is indeed illegal to discriminate against any employee on the basis of religious beliefs or to restrict their Constitutional rights, they will then begin to find fault of any kind with that targeted employee. Faults or errors overlooked with non-targeted employees, will then be regarded as serious offenses with this targeted person they seek to remove.

The truth is, you can find fault with any person's work performance if you look hard enough, or have a reason to. And companies do this all the time for their own purposes.

I have personally suffered this kind of discrimination in the workplace, suffering even humiliating situations designed to force me out of one job position when higher-ups informed my supervisor to "...make sure that she fails...we don't want her here!" Quite by accident, I overheard this conversation my supervisor had with her superiors over the phone regarding me . Drugs and illegal activities were going on clandestinely in this large corporation, and they feared my investigative journalism background. They also hated my Christian witness!

Following that conversation, I was then systematically humiliated, ridiculed, my work performance attacked.They even arranged to have 40 dollars disappear out of my cash drawer while I was at lunch, then blaming me for ineptness in handling money with customers. But I realized that my superiors had removed it themselves, since the $40 was not missing BEFORE I left for lunch! It was locked securely in the cash drawer.

These are the tactics that Christians may encounter, who refuse to compromise their faith in the work place. Be aware of this tactic.

For those of use who strive to be Biblically-based disciples of Jesus Christ, we can honor no law or rules of men that attempt to hinder or restrict the witness and testimony of Jesus Christ, at any place or at anytime.

WE ARE COMMANDED to confess Jesus Christ and His testimony before men.

WE ARE INSTRUCTED to lay hands on the sick and pray for their recovery. Especially in the field of health care, Jesus Christ and His promises and love and healing are especially needed, as we deal with those who are sick, in pain, and close to death.

I have no apologies to make at any time for sharing the love of God and the witness of Jesus Christ with anyone! I furthermore refuse to be silenced when Jesus Christ has commanded me to speak the WORDS OF LIFE to a lost and dying world!

Who is Lord of my life?
My WORKPLACE? The money I earn in my workplace? My boss? Or Jesus Christ? Every Christian must ask themselves this question when persecution comes in the workplace for their Christian witness.

God will never call us to compromise His work, at any time, at any place. To refuse to confess Jesus Christ before men, for any reason, becomes the equivalent of denying Him by sin of omission.

I choose to embrace the Cross and follow Jesus Christ to the end!

Since that meeting, they have not contacted me back for any work. They know where I stand and I will never compromise the Word of God in this matter. I now suffer loss of income and have many needs with my handicapped brother now living with me. But WORTHY IS THE LAMB! He WILL supply our needs when we are persecuted for righteousness' sake, and His promises can NEVER fail! My job is not my ultimate source of provision, but JESUS CHRIST IS!

Please, never compromise your Christian testimony in the workplace. This is how the enemy whittles away our Christian freedoms throughout America, whenever Christians can be bullied into COMPROMISE. Choose to stand boldly for your religious freedoms in America, and against discrimination based on religion in the workplace. Stand up for your First Amendment and Constitutional rights. And above all, stand up for Jesus Christ!

There is a great reward laid up in heaven for those faithful Christians who will confess Jesus Christ before men without wavering. EVEN if it costs your job, your freedoms, all you hold dear, and your very life.

"Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, God's truth abideth still, His Kingdom IS FOREVER!"

(From "A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD" by Martin Luther)

-Pamela Schuffert

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