Monday, November 1, 2010

So YOU Wanna Be A Member of the "IN CROWD"???

Think AGAIN young person...because it is NOT what you may think!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I want to clarify for my readers my brother John's present status: he is a truly committed born-again Christian at this time in his life, who has learned many truths the hard and painful way. We were discussing his previous lifestyle in the lost world of "the IN CROWD" and what it meant to "be cool." And he fully agreed with me when I pointed out the Bible verse:

"For the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ."

We sat and reminisced about the past together. So many of his former friends in the "in crowd" are now either dead from drug abuse and alcohol, or in prison, or in mental institutions, their minds "fried" from continual use of illegal drugs. Many of their marriages have ended in divorce. Some are homeless. Now, so many years later after John initially decided to reject the path of salvation through Jesus Christ and a fulfilling lifestyle of serving God in the 1970's, and chose instead to go the way of the world, he fully realizes how foolish this tragic decision was.

Forty years of living in that world of "drugs, sex, rock and roll," including eventually dealing in drugs, brought him no lasting peace and security, no steady income, and no viable future. His health once strong and excellent, has been practically destroyed through drug and alcohol abuse. Although having turned to Jesus Christ completely for the forgiveness of his sins, and now pursuing a Christian future and career, John lives with the painful consequences of his past physically every single day.

He wakes up in pain and goes to bed in pain. He cannot even walk and must rely on a wheelchair. However, John is now using all this tribulation to grow ever closer to God in constant prayer and meditating on the Word of God. And it is now John's desire to warn young people of today about THE TRUTH about choosing such a lifestyle. The Bible says, "CHOOSE LIFE that YOU may LIVE..." And it is none other than JESUS CHRIST, Who was sent into the world to bring LIFE to each one of us, by saving us from sin and it's dread consequences.

Right now, my handicapped brother is living in our one room cabin in Montreat, NC. It has steep stone steps, and he cannot climb them on his own. If he needs to get out for an appointment, etc., we must contact the local rescue squad for assistance. So John does not get out very often, and has much time to pray, and to think. It is John's deep desire to bring his personal warning to every young person he can reach for Jesus Christ, to prevent the identical tragedy from occurring in their young lives. If you know anyone lost in this world of darkness and sin that John once knew, PLEASE direct them to this website and link for a powerful Christian testimony that can change their

Thank God for sending His Son Jesus Christ into this dark world, to save each one of us from the consequences from our sins!

And some fools THINK that the world does not need JESUS CHRIST??? My friend, take a good look around you at the state in which the world is in today, and THINK AGAIN!

John Schuffert's powerful and moving testimony TO BE CONTINUED...

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from North Carolina

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