Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The NWO Resistance Movement is Growing Across America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every day, as I pray for God to lead me to the right people to minister to or encounter, I find myself amazed at the kinds of people I meet.

Yesterday, as I was driving down a local highway, a truck passed me. I was jolted as I read the words spray-painted on the tailgate of the truck: WWW.INFOWARS.COM. INFOWARS is the website of Alex Jones of Austin Texas, who has presented much information exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. I was once a guest on Alex's program, as he interviewed me on the subject of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES in our nation.

I remember thinking as this truck passed me, "Huh? Could this possibly another NWO resister in these parts?" I immediately followed him into a parking lot and engaged excitedly in conversation. He was a local resident who had been doing his homework by researching on alternate news websites and radio broadcasts to uncover THE TRUTH about where America is sadly going.

And thank God, he told me was NOT planning to be just another "dumb American sheeple" to be led stupidly to slaughter! This good ol' mountain boy was getting all his "NWO resistance" ducks in a row! Practical weapons of food supplies, weapons of self defense and more were all in his practical preparations arsenal. He also admitted to me that he was a born-again Christian attending a local congregation that I have also attended periodically. But the kinds of people responding with preparation to resist this NWO agenda are by no means limited to Christians alone. MANY are concerned over where America is being taken, and they are formulating practical plans to ensure they can emerge as VICTORS and not VICTIMS of NWO insanity.

Everywhere I have traveled across America, I have actually encountered such people. It appears to me that more and more Americans are slowly waking up to the truth, they are choosing to reject the lying propaganda of the controlled news media channels, and are wisely turning to alternate news websites and programs and publications.

The vast majority of people I have interviewed on this subject of NWO aggression in America, generally agreed that they were under no moral or spiritual compulsion to meekly cast down their weapons of protection under martial law, and to allow foreign forces to arrest them for "crime" of being committed American patriots or Christians, to be taken by prisoner boxcars to the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY/HALLIBURTON camps located all across our nation, to then be brutally disposed of.

Americans I interviewed as I traveled all across this nation informed me that they would fight to defend their homes, their families, their cherished freedoms and religious faith... TO THE DEATH. That they would never surrender their weapons, their food supplies and property, to then be taken to FEMA camps to be brutally killed. "WHY SHOULD WE?", they frequently explained to me.

I have often been amazed at the intensity with which Americans spoke to me of this subject. One ex-Navy SEAL I spoke with in Wyoming, told me that he knew all about the NWO agenda for this nation. He became very passionate as he expressed his concerns for America to me. He finally concluded by stating, "If they EVER come to MY home to seize MY weapons and take me to the camps, I will blow their %*##!!!# brains out!" This American military vet was passionate about preserving his freedoms in this nation!

NWO resistance I encountered everywhere throughout the Pacific NW, especially in Montana, expressed the same sentiments. Many are doing their homework, and many have extensive preparations in place: food, ammunition and weapons of self defense. Some are even having pre-fab nuclear fallout shelters installed on their properties (these can be ordered through various website dealerships on the net. Look them up on search engines like GOOGLE.)

One mountain man in Montana informed me, "Yeah, lady, I know all about this NWO agenda. And they will have to pry my gun outta my cold dead hands, because I will never surrender to the New Word Order...and I will never be taken alive to the camps!" He then bragged to me that he had a stash of 27 guns, and some of them were even hidden up one tree!

And of course this is kind of truthful yet volatile kind of information that the news medias will NEVER admit to the American people!

The Patriot movement remains alive and well across America, and it appears to be growing every day.

However, it is not enough to fight such darkness with material weapons alone. People must remember that the historical roots of the NWO, or world globalist communism, are utterly and factually satanic in nature. Satan cannot be terminated with a handgun or M-16!Former NWO satanists admitted to me that the NWO in in fact Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Christians recognize this as the kingdom of darkness and tyranny described in Revelation 13. This is why the NWO globalists hate the Christians so intently, and are seeking to destroy them from the face of the earth.

Resistance to such spiritual darkness must begin ON OUR KNEES IN PRAYER. It must begin with the WORD OF GOD. We must be clothed with the FULL ARMOR OF GOD, covered with the devil -defeating BLOOD OF THE LAMB. And there must be a willingness to suffer and die if needs be for that truth of God's eternal word.

The Bible states, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they were faithful unto death."(Revelation 12:11 paraphrased)

You must fully understand the following: the NWO adherents are COMING TO DESTROY YOUR FAITH IN GOD! They are coming to obliterate the very testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ from the world...and someday from North America as well. They are coming to tempt you to fall away, lose your faith, and to deny Jesus Christ. Behold what world globalist communism has already done in every nation they are taken over, and are doing to Christians in those nations to this day.

An excellent website to go to to more fully understand what Christian in North America soon must face, is found on VOICE OF THE MARTYRS founded by Richard Wurmbrandt. I tell you, this generation of Christians in North America faces all this kind of persecution and suffering in the times to come.


Fellow Christians in America, purpose therefore to prepare not ONLY with practical preparations, but more importantly with the SPIRITUAL PREPARATIONS that are able to keep you and your faith intact when the times of testing come to our nation.

Your very eternity depends on this.

-Pamela Schuffert

(Postscript-In conclusion, let us fervently pray for one another throughout our nation. Because of all I have researched, I cannot stop praying for my nation and my fellow Christians at this time. I am tormented every hour that I think of what these NWO mass- murderers have planned for our nation and my fellow believers. And let us pray for Christians around the globe who are suffering for their faith. I refuse to be silent in this hour: Americans must be warned. But no one can publish reports such as mine, without realizing that persecution will inevitably follow someday. However,we must be willing to suffer persecution for obedience to Jesus Christ, even as He suffered persecution and death for His obedience to His Father in heaven. Pray for me to be given the grace to continue His testimony to the end. And remember to pray for our suffering brethren throughout the world.

Thank you-Pamela Rae Schuffert)


  1. How do all come together? A place of meeting for preparedness.?

  2. Seek Gods leading for preparedness...not all Christians will refuse 666...be prepared 2 b hidden

  3. I'm thirteen and I'm willing to fight till I die to protect the freedom each and every one of us have. God bless <3


  5. you can't resist the new order, we are your gods we do the opus , is the finish of the chatolich church the public enemy of the man
    bye christ dismissed with your damned pope

  6. it is time to UNITE all patriots in AMERICA to resist the NWO unite the millions and we will WIN this WAR

  7. The NWO elites are visibly scared s**tless right now.....And undestandably so----thus why king wannabe Barry just recently announced his intentions to rule by executive decree (couldn't get his way through congress). We are getting VERY close to the breaking point. The NWO statist movement has not been as successful at implementing their agenda as needed and are waaaaay behind at this hour. They know this too and have publicly admitted as such (one needs to dig to find these admissions though). You communist pigs are going to lose. There is NO strategic realistic way of overcoming the MASS GUERILLA WARFARE numbering EASILY past 100,000,000 armed Americans spread across the United States.......

    1. It is so good to hear about the number of Americans that will fight. I need to feel connected.

    2. I appreciate the connection between current affairs, this NWO, and the need for Jesus. Unfortunately, too many of our preachers are leading us to slaughter telling us we should only resist by patience waiting for the return of Christ. I DISAGREE. The Holocaust was our lesson. Those who went peacefully and waited only died in the gas chambers. Those who resisted recieved life and rebuilt a country called ISREAL. This coming is similar but different. We must resist. The life and nation we will recieve this time will be HEAVEN. Better to be sitting at Its gates with Peter than swimming in thefire of Hell.