Friday, November 19, 2010

Are YOU Preparing For What America Faces Soon?

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

More and more Americans are waking up by various means, including alternate news on radio, websites exposing NWO agendas, and books addressing the coming destruction of America.

Many are finally perceiving that America faces tragedy and destruction from both enemies within and without.

And many are taking precautions and beginning to prepare for what they perceive could indeed become AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

It is NOT enough to merely read this kind of information or listen to it repeatedly on various Patriot networks. This is a time to seek the wisdom of God in order to adequately prepare to face the ominous future in our nation.

I write this article because throughout my years of research and spending time with Americans everywhere I go to discuss these issues, so many tell me they are aware of these truths such as I outline and document, BUT most of them have done little if any practical preparation.

You cannot imagine how sad this makes me. I have personally laid down my life and all I hold dear in this world to research and report on these subjects regarding America's future, BECAUSE I CARE! The Bible states that "...a faithful witness saves lives."

I have been striving to be that faithful witness to my fellow Americans and Christian in this nation. My hopes have been that many would wake up, realize that there are many tragic hidden agendas for this nation, and begin to practically prepare, so as to be equipped to successfully withstand and counter the coming darkness we ALL are to face.

Complacent Americans and Christians in this nation, do not be so foolish as to think that America will not face the coming crises of famine, nuclear strikes on American soil, martial law, persecution of Christians, foreign troop enforcement under martial law, attack from both Russia and China eventually, massive earthquakes in various regions, and much more.

Bible-believing Christians, you are without excuse! You have the precious Word of God outlining many of the end-time tragedies we will face, spelled out clearly in Bible prophecy. God's word has spoken clearly of worldwide persecution and martyrdom we face under a satanic world government (Revelation 13). God's word has spoken of the beheading of the saints who will not deny Jesus Christ nor His word, nor accept this antichrist world government and it's financial system(Revelation 20:4).

Yet how many complacent Christians I encounter every day, who choose not to respond to warnings and the truth, who insist that "...these things can never happen in America!" And the enemy of Christianity is laughing in the shadows at the naivete and ignorance of the very Christians they are preparing to attack and persecute and destroy...if they can. Right here in America.

Please do not be like those who choose to mock and ignore God's words of warning from His word, and from those who are faithfully proclaiming the truth to this generation. Do not put off practical preparation for the future America faces in this hour.

When God warned Noah of a great flood to come, and immediately began to prepare his ark unto the saving of his entire family and more. Noah did NOT sit back in an easy chair, kick up his feet and say to himself, "Well, God has found me righteous in His sight! I don't need to worry about future judgment at all...God will take care of me!"

Many Christians I have spoken to have this attitude. THEY ARE FORGETTING WHAT THE WORD OF GOD SAYS:


How many of you know that the Bible says "God will supply your needs through Jesus Christ"...BUT at the same time you also go out to work every day as well. Why? Because you know that faith without works is dead...we are called to do our part as well. While we ask God to do the impossible, we are called to do the possible.

"Be DOERS OF THE WORD and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

Many years ago, God warned Noah of the destruction to come, so he could then take obedient steps to prepare an ark for safety. And today, God is warning His people in many ways, so that they too make take measures designed to protect and save their lives and that of their loved ones as well.

If you have not begun to take measures for practical preparations for the times we face, consider beginning to do so now. There are many excellent websites that outline what your basic survival needs should be, and that sell such equipment and supplies as well.

Postscript-After writing this article, I went to visit the local RED CROSS offices. They have excellent literature for disaster preparedness, and also first aid kits for emergencies, and much on the internet as well. I just signed up for a basic first aid course and CPR training as well, something every American should attempt to do.

Begin your wise preparations TODAY. And perhaps the first place to begin is, on your knees in prayer with Almighty God, seeking His wisdom and guidance in this critically important matter.

-Pamela Schuffert

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