Thursday, April 15, 2010

RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS: Learning from Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Before your read the following report, I encourage you to click on this link of Russian Christian praise and worship music, and listen to it in the background as you read this report. It doesn't matter if you cannot understand the WORDS: the Holy Spirit will clearly communicate to you the MEANING as you listen to the beautiful music. Thankyou DANIEL SEREBRYANY of NIZHNY NOVGOROD for sending me your link:

Recently, the Holy Spirit has been communicating words of infinite sadness to my heart. Normally, we associate JOY and HAPPINESS with the Holy Spirit. But remember: Jesus Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit and BORN of the Holy Spirit. There is NEVER any account of Jesus laughing! But there is more than one account of His weeping or groaning within His spirit.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem and the horrors to someday come upon it for the rejection of their one and only Messiah, Jesus Christ.There is an account of Him being so filled with grief that was almost unto death, notably on the night of His betrayal. Jesus wept over the death of his friend Lazarus and as He beheld his friends weeping over him as well.

And all of this was inspired of the Holy Spirit, moving on the heart and emotions of the very Son of God. All of the depths of His compassion for the lost, His ability to love and forgive the very people who rejected Him, nailed Him to a cross and mocked Him as He died for them, came from the Divine Holy Spirit issuing from the very heart of the Living God.

I know what is coming to my nation, to my fellow Americans and to my fellow Christians as well. I am fully aware of the sheer wickedness and cruelty and darkness of the many people and groups behind the planned forced imposition of a world globalist totalitarian regime over our nation and the entire North American continent.

Doesn't "NORTH AMERICAN UNION" sound suspiciously reminiscent of "THE SOVIET UNION?" IT should. The same dark satanic and greedy forces behind world globalism under communism and repression of all individual liberties, are behind the coming NWO takeover of our nation.

We as American Christians have much to learn from those who have gone before us. Especially from the Russian/Slavic Christians who suffered many decades under brutal communist repression of their faith. I learned so much, training under the SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION in Wheaton, IL, at that time, and then working among Russian and Russian Jews to bring the glories of the GOSPEL into their lives, after their being brainwashed by years of communism.

Recently I made a new friend on FACEBOOK. Daniel from NIZHNY NOVGOROD is a wonderful Russian Christian, who writes and performs Christian music as a witness to his country. I told Daniel about how my Russian Christian friends in America are telling me how RUSSIAN SPIES ARE BRAGGING TO THEM: "As it WAS in Russia, SO SHALL IT SOON BE IN AMERICA!"

He sent me a reply, admitting how many Christians in Russian now it is true. He told me they are getting disturbing words of prophecy about OBAMA in Russia, about how he will be used to bring forth this NWO antichrist agenda. I find his words fascinating. Whether or not OBAMA will be the "antichrist" I don't know. It is doubtful that the Jews looking for "their new messiah: will accept a man of his background and non-Jewish. But this does not mean that satan cannot use a Marxist unbeliever to do much damage to Christians in North America and worldwide. PRAY for OBAMA, his wife Michelle, and his two children. Remember that Jesus Christ died for THEIR salvation as well.-Pamela Schuffert


Daniel's reply to me on FACEBOOK:

Re: What RUSSIAN SPIES are saying in AMERICA
It's clear...

God has told us in Russia that when two years later Obama will be the Antichrist, Christians from all over the world are will hiding in the forests of Russia....

Бог говорил нам, что когда через два года обама станет антихристом, христиане со всего мира будут прятаться в лесах россии. именно поэтому ее всегда ненавидели - гитлер, наполеон, чингизхан, черчиль и другие.

Knowing what I know from many years of research, my heart deeply grieves over the future of North America, and for Christians worldwide. But beautiful CHRISTIAN MUSIC does wonders to lift up our hearts and emotions into His comfort and joy.

The music link Daniel sent me utterly ministered to my heart as I listened to it. GO to his FACEBOOK site and listen to his music postings on YOUTUBE as well.

I encourage my readers to go also to websites such as VOICE OF THE MARTYRS, and to read the testimony of suffering saints such as RICHARD WURMBRAND, HARLAN POPOV, and many others. There is also an excellent series of books, put out by DC TALK: Jesus Freaks' VOICE OF THE MARTYS 2 book series. This is an excellent collection of accounts of both Christians martyrs of the PAST and present era Christian martyrs of our times as well.

I cannot put this book down by DC TALK!

We must be willing to learn now from Christians who have suffered and died for their faith before us. Because our turn to suffer and die for OUR faith in North America is coming, and soon.

Thank you, dear Daniel Serebryany from Nizhny Novgorod for your wonderful inspirational music! I was blessed by it, and I trust all my readers are too!

-Pamela Schuffert

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