Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Most Amazing Encounter In the Park

And How God Answers Our Prayers For His Glory and Purposes in Today's World

-By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Only God can measure the depths of pain in my heart continually, due to where I know my nation is being taken by the corrupt elements of the NWO in our government. As an intercessor, I spend countless hours grieving before the Lord over all that I have researched and know is to come to our nation. And I fully realize that ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE THE ANSWERS WE NEED to counter the coming darkness.

My constant prayer is, "Lord Jesus, SHOW me the people you want me to reach out to, whose lives you want me to touch for YOU." I realize the the ONLY answer is found in the Person God sent into the world to bring everlasting salvation and forgiveness for sins, and changed hearts and lives: Jesus the Christ, or Anointed One.

This world is perishing all around us because of the nature of sinful and fallen mankind. Wicked men driven by greed and lust and inspired by Satan's corrupt influence, are the very ones behind the coming horrors of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" agenda. Former Satanists have confessed to me that the Satanists/Illuminati are the very backbone of the NWO, and that indeed it IS Satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13. Sin and it's tragic fruits are all around us. There can BE only one answer: REPENT AND TURN TO THE LIVING GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST HIS SON for forgiveness and salvation!

With these thoughts in mind, I prayed Friday night to ask the Father to lead me to people He wanted me to reach out to in the local city park, Pritchard, in Asheville, NC on Saturday. Rising early that morning, I went into Asheville, sighing deeply in my heart as I quietly meditated on all that my previous investigative journalism had uncovered regarding this sinful pagan mecca of the Southeast. I prayed for God to lead me to the ones He wanted me to reach with His love and compassion and Word that day.

I found a place to sit on the concrete stairs, and prayed within for the Holy Spirit to lead that person to me. As I gazed at the people all around me, I also prayed for the salvation of the many precious souls, lost in the tragedy of satanism and paganism of every kind here.

I also looked at the buildings, and remembered the repeat words of prophecy given to many credible Christian groups and individuals over recent years, of the great impending judgment of Asheville and these mountains, in the form of calamitous EARTHQUAKES coming to judge this region for the "shedding of innocent blood" (widespread human sacrifice rituals) and the sin of rampant IDOLATRY and worship of other gods/goddesses and Satan/Lucifer himself throughout this region.

Pagan DRUM CIRCLES are held in fact in this very park every Friday night. People with African type drums come, literally summoning demons and demonic forces through the chanting and drum circles. Some people dance themselves into a frenzy as well, reminiscent of tribes in distant nations summoning demons and becoming possessed themselves through such activities.

Reminiscing about all this, I carefully looked at the people around me slowly gathering on Saturday morning, and waited for the person or people God would send me to minister to.

And then, a young man crossed in front of me to get a bite of food from the "FOOD NOT BOMBS" program of feeding the homeless out of Warren Wilson college nearby. I made a remark, he responded, and we entered into a casual conversation. We discussed Asheville, and I mentioned some of my reporting on it. He immediately mentioned reading reports about Asheville, and I realized he was quoting from my reports! He then said, "You aren't Pamela Schuffert on the "EDUCATE YOURSELF' website, are you?" Rather shocked, I replied, "yes."

This led to hours of discussion as we sat and ate in the park. This young man shared much about himself, his search for work in the area, and his various needs. He was far from home, had no parental assistance at that point, and no vehicle to use, etc. In fact, many young people pass through Asheville, NC, in search of work on a farm, a safe shelter for the night, food for the homeless, etc.

He mentioned how uncomfortable he had felt sleeping in the woods surrounding Asheville, as he kept in mind my reports he had read. Thankfully, I was able to help him obtain free campgrounds in a Christian retreat setting outside Asheville, much safer, and obtain food and contacts. I was also able to spend time talking to his parents by phone as well.

He needed food and assistance in various needs, which God enabled me to help him with. He admitted to me that he had come from a Christian home and background, but had left home to begin a wandering pilgrimage across America, and had drifted from the teachings about Jesus Christ that he had grown up with. And now, years later, he admitted to me that he had witnessed many disturbing things and encountered many lost people in his years of wandering.

I gently reminded him that God had allowed all these revealing experiences in his young life, to reinforce the eternal truth that ONLY Jesus Christ is the light of the dark world we live in, and that those who seek to live without Him can only walk in spiritual darkness and futility.

This encounter blossomed into many days spent with David, sharing from the Word of God, praying for him, and encouraging him back into a meaningful walk with God through Jesus Christ. But David is still searching for meaning in his precious young life. Please, won't you add David in Asheville to your prayers?

God is calling ALL OF US as Christians to become lights of Christian outreach and testimony to our neighborhoods and cities all around us. Please choose to do as I have done, and to seek God continually for the people He would call YOU to reach out to and witness Jesus Christ to! Together we can make a difference in America's destiny.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

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