Saturday, April 3, 2010

INTERCESSORS: PRAY Against ALL "Easter" Sacrifices



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

At this time of the year,
Christians are active glorifying and reminding people of the RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior and only Messiah, Yahshua/Jesus. Churches throughout the world are celebrating His glorious resurrection and victory over satan and death and the grave. And because HE IS RISEN, we too shall live! In Orthodox Churches throughout the world , people greet one another with "CHRIST IS RISEN!" And they reply, "HE IS RISEN INDEED!"

But for the Illuminati, the Satanists/Craft/Brotherhood, this is a very dark time. They of satan's kingdom HATE this Jesus Christ, Who came to defeat satan and his kingdom. The Illuminati/Satanists are taught falsely that SATAN DEFEATED JESUS CHRIST when He was arrested and crucified. They "celebrate" by sacrificing abducted victims, nailing them to literal crosses to mock out the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Such hapless and terrified victims, male and female alike, are secured to crosses, tortured beyond words to describe, and them killed, all to the screams of "hail satan!"

This kind of horrific sacrifice ritual happens all over the world at this time of the year. Only heaven can number how many Christians have been abducted because they were Christians, and then nailed to crosses is such a manner, including in these very United States. AMERICA'S SOIL IS STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE UNKNOWN MARTYRS.

Many of these abducted Christians will also be tempted to deny their faith and they will then LIVE to join the satanists. But IF they choose remain faithful to Jesus Christ, they will then be horribly sacrificed instead. Former satanist eye-witnesses told me personally about watching abducted Christians die true MARTYRS' DEATHS at the hands of the satanists in America, rather then deny their precious faith in Him. No, my friends, crucifixion and torture and martyrdom for faith in Jesus Christ has NEVER died out in this modern age, including in America. Just ask any satanist/Illuminati, if you dare...

And this year, at this season, your INTERCESSORY PRAYERS can make the crucial difference for these hapless victims!

I was very close friends with the ELAINE of the Rebecca Brown series of books,exposing Satanism in our nation from Elaine's experiences. After she separated from Rebecca Brown, both to go their own ways in 1990, I met with Elaine in Okeechobee, Florida, while she was under the counseling of my friend Chuck Lakin with Dunkin Memorial Camp (Christian Retreat) there.

I stayed with Elaine for a month in her home there, to interview her. She told me things that she never dared to previous put into the Rebecca Brown books, for legal and other reasons.

In the books, she denied in print that she ever participated in actual sacrifices. But when I pressed her, she admitted everything to me that she never dared to put into print. Her daughter, Claudia, being raised at one time to be just like her mother, also had later become a Christian and married a Christian man, Danny. Elaine admitted to me personally that thousands of innocent victims died on their altars in Indiana alone, in the 18 years she was the high priestess there. Plus, at least 6000 children of Christian background as well.

Claudia told me that their covens in Indiana devised brutal crosses that even separated in the middle, to tear the hapless victim into pieces after nailed to the cross. "We even used wooden nail pegs, to add more pain to the victims when we nailed them to the crosses..." she admitted to me. Satanists are taught, that the more pain they inflict on victims, the more money and power satan will give them. And they are taught that the more helpless and innocent the victims are, again, the more money and power satan will give them. Oh, what terrible "doctrines of demons" these Illuminati/satanists teach and practice!

I asked Elaine about the Christians they abducted for sacrifice. She told me that satan was demanding Christians for sacrifice, and the satanists obliged. "We stalked the ones satan wanted, and we abducted them, and they DIED LIKE ALL THE REST....Except that, in SOME cases, before we could even torture and sacrifice them, JESUS WOULD APPEAR TO THEM! We satanists could not see Jesus, but the Christians And they would start laughing and saying things like, ''ve come for me!' And instantly their spirits were taken out of their bodies and we satanists were left with dead corpses, smiling even."

"I tell you, nothing made me MORE OF A BELIEVER IN JESUS, than watching His Christian martyrs die in our rituals...NOTHING."

I then asked her about Divine rescues. She replied that while it did not happen very often, she recalled times in which the power of God interrupted their rituals and their victim was spared.

My Christian readers, what is your level of compassion for the many victims who have been abducted and held for brutal ritual sacrifice this weekend??? "By this shall all men know that you are MY disciples, if you have LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER," declared Jesus Christ.

Our love must be more than words: it MUST be manifested in PRACTICAL ASPECTS and ways that truly touch the lives of others.

Will YOU choose this weekend and during this season to be a concerned intercessor, and pray in depth for these helpless victims of wickedness beyond belief, abducted for brutal sacrifice?

Your prayers can truly make the difference. My prayers did, when I moved in with victims of satanist attack, and I personally saw that they actually made the difference between life and death, to the glory of God alone, in every case of the endangered families I worked with in various states.

We Christians are the only group on earth, authorized and empowered and commissioned by the Living God, to combat Satan and his kingdom through the authority of His Son in our lives, Jesus the Christ. If we fail in this task, God has no other to call upon. (Small wonder that satan and his followers hate the CHRISTIANS so much, for this very reason!)

Please do not fail God, and do not fail these victims as well. Your compassionate prayers, tears and fasting will make the difference, as the Word of God teaches us. Beseech God to pour out the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB over your households and over the intended victims as well.

IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT- Many years ago, my father tragically participated in a grim human sacrifice ritual in Virginia Beach, VA, with his satanist "other woman, " Florence "Pat" Jennings from England. My father's former satanist high priest, Jericho, told me all about it. A 16 year old girl was horrible sacrificed that Easter weekend.

My father never had any peace in his life following being seduced into satanism and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. I can never forget the horrible years in our home, after he joined the NWO and satanism that accompanies it.

For you satanists/Illuminati who read my blog, you know what I mean. All the pseudo-power and empty money that satanism provides, can never give you a minute of peace with your wicked lifestyles.

I beseech you this year,to release all your victims being held for sacrifice. Instead, come to the TRUE and ONLY GOD who can give you REAL power and TRUE riches and forgiveness for your sins and PEACE AT LAST. Come out of the darkness, and come to JESUS CHRIST! Only HIS blood and grace can forgive you and set you free at last.

-Pamela Schuffert

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