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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Here is an excellent article confirming my deepest suspicions regarding the HUTAREE militia and the infiltration and subsequent sting operation of the FBI.
(SEE my previous article expressing my suspicions: )

The following is WHY I wrote a previous article about NEITHER FORMING A MILITIA NOR JOINING A MILITIA at this time in America. ALL militias are infiltrated, used to spy on potential NWO resisters under martial law, and some are even created by government infiltrators as well. TRUST NO ONE in this hour.

Instead, do what many of the good people of Montana, for example, are doing. Knowing how widely their state has been infiltrated with government spies, especially targeting patriot groups and militias, they are not forming new or open militias. Instead, as they admitted to me while being interviewed, "'s like every other home is now it's own personal militia...families are preparing...we don't form open militias anymore..."

They are quietly getting prepared for the coming police state, they are becoming legally armed, and purchasing their food supplies and survival supplies, and being very quiet about it and trusting NO ONE outside close family or long term trusted friends.

-Pamela Schuffert


The Manufactured Menace From Michigan, Take Two
by William Norman Griggby William Norman Grigg

When the stranger materialized a few years ago, nobody really knew much about him. He seemed like a suitably sympathetic figure and quickly ingratiated himself by offering whatever help he could. No task was too menial for him, and he had a way of finding just what the group needed right when it was required.

Most importantly, he seemed to share the group's antipathy toward the government. If anything, he was just a bit more emphatic than the rest in denouncing official corruption and endorsing violent "direct action" against the state. He seemed eager to shepherd the group in a more militant direction, eagerly out-bidding every expression of outrage and hostility. One of his favorite recurring themes was the idea that a criminal state could only be fought through the use of criminal means.

When the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) staged an armed raid to arrest several members of the group, the helpful stranger was nowhere to be found. He did leave a parting gift, however, in the form of detailed allegations recorded in a federal indictment alleging that the group he had infiltrated on behalf of the JTTF was involved in extensive criminal activity – most of which was either suggested or directly facilitated by him – and an ambitious plot to wage war against the United States Government.

In broad outline, this is what most likely happened within Michigan's Hutaree militia during the past couple of years, a period during which – as federal authorities now admitthe group was infiltrated by both an undercover FBI agent and a "cooperating witness."
One of the FBI's plants, significantly, "posed as someone who could provide the group with custom-made explosives," observes the Detroit News.

That revelation is critical, since it means that the alleged plot to manufacture of improvised explosive devices – referred to, with hysterical hyperbole typical of the Regime's pronouncements, as "weapons of mass destruction"was quite possibly instigated by the FBI's informant/provocateur.

The "Hutaree Conspiracy" was the second installment in the FBI's ongoing Homeland Security Theater in Michigan. The Bureau's campaign against the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Dearborn followed almost exactly the same script. The final act of that earlier melodrama was an October 28, 2009 FBI raid against several of the mosque's adherents that ended with the death of its imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah.......-End (This article has been abbreviated to only post the relevant material from a much longer article.)

This kind of activity goes on far more frequently than most Americans are ever told. And in this tense hour of final preparations to bring America down under their martial law/NWO agenda, "disaster capitalism style," we can expect many MORE such infiltration/sting operations tactics to be deployed against the concerned and wary American Patriots. You have been warned.

-Pamela Schuffert

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