Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sylvia's CANCER CRISIS Continues: We NEED Your Support!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective

Many of you know who precious Sylvia is from reading my blog.

Sylvia is actually one of my precious readers for several years, who decided to personally contact me in February of 2014 due to severe and life threatening crises in her life.

When she could bear no more heartache from the tragedy she was experiencing in her home, she sent me several emails beseeching me to come down to Florida and stay to minister to her for a while.

After much prayer, I felt this was a divinely appointed situation and drove to her former home in Florida. 

My heart was broken by what I encountered. Sylvia was physically ill, compounded by a very abusive marriage situation. Her husband was also facing major heart surgery and she simply could not cope any long without support.

And so I remained with her throughout his heart surgery, getting prayer from readers. It was a success!And though her husband really gave his heart to Jesus, it may take what is now left of his life to learn to conform to His example and teachings on how to treat others. 

The abuse continued after his return home. I was witness to it, and it was terrible. With Sylvia's health deteriorating as a direct result, she knew she would have to separate from him.

From that time on, I have taken Sylvia into my care as a home health care provider, free of charge. When I insisted she have a CAT scan in May of 2014 due to strange back and abdominal pains that persisted, the results were grim.

The scan indicated that Sylvia had stage 4 (usually terminal) pancreatic cancer, with it metastasizing into other organs as well. 

We were both devastated by this news, BUT we turned to God immediately for HOPE and a plan of LIFE.

Sylvia is an amazing woman of faith and perseverance. She told me then that she would never go through chemotherapy, and instead would use what God has provided through His creation, organic foods and supplements to help restore her body. This would be coupled by THE POWER OF PRAYER and standing on God's promises for healing.

And so we have embarked on a true JOURNEY OF FAITH and hope. I have been  providing Sylvia with health and organic foods, smoothies, juicing and supplemental vitamins daily to help her body maintain strength and to help it overcome this deadly form of cancer, typically with a very low recovery and survival rate.
I only shop for and prepare organic and non-GMO foods, and the purest of water as well. Cancer lurks today in much of the water we drink, and so this is important to consider as well.

Because of Sylvia's recurring problems with severe weakness, I have been the only one able to go shopping and prepare healthy meals and drinks to help her continue in her daily regimen of consuming foods that specialize in fighting cancer and tumors.

But now, after almost one year of providing this vitally needed service for Sylvia daily, my resources have been almost completely exhausted. The organic diet Sylvia's recovery requires, plus health food supplements and vitamins, are very costly.

Thankfully, after living in tents during the summer because I had no home to take Sylvia into after rescuing her, a home was donated to this ministry by a reader. We are thankful to have a home to live in now that winter has struck with a vengeance here.

But the funds to continue in Sylvia's life sustaining health food/supplements protocol are exhausted. We barely have enough to pay for RV lot rent and utilities at this critical time.

We have both noticed that Sylvia is struggling more and more with weakness issues as time goes on. This is very disturbing 

Therefore it is critical that I continue to provide her with the essential vitamins and supplements and foods to give her body strength to fight pancreatic cancer at this time. And to give her strength to live.

Only because I have finally reached this point of our funds being exhausted, am I making this urgent appeal for emergency support.

Sylvia cannot make it on her own, and I cannot help her as I need to without your emergency support at this time.

You can either give through GOFUNDME by clicking on the tab at the top of the article (or on :, or contributing directly through PAYPAL below. 

Our goal through GO FUND ME is also to raise support for poor Sylvia so she can finally have a home of her own to go home to.

When forced to flee her abusive husband, she was forced to leave her home behind and sacrifice all of her furniture, etc. She has nowhere to live now but my small RV trailer. The living room here has become her "bedroom," while I sleep in the rear of the RV in my private bedroom. 

But should she further deteriorate physically, she will need her own bedroom and medical type bed and equipment that simply cannot fit into an RV setting like my home. This is why she needs her own home to go home to.

Sylvia's situation is tragic. But thankfully, Sylvia trusts in a MIGHTY GOD, Who has graciously brought her safely to this point, and by His grace she hopes to BE HEALED COMPLETELY so she can fulfill her lifelong desire of training to serve Jesus Christ in full time ministry.

Your compassionate support is so gratefully appreciated at this difficult and challenging time for both of us. I can honestly state that we cannot make it without the support of the Body of Christ at this critical time. Your prayers are urgently needed as well.

I will keep readers informed as support comes in, so you can know how close we are to achieving our goals.

Thank you so much!

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