Friday, February 14, 2014

URGENT NEWS from Across the USA

Winter snowstorms continue to pummel North America in 2014

(And of course, how many of these storms are the result of  military weather modification designed to create a state of disaster, paving the way for Federal intervention and MARTIAL LAW???)
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from  Biblical Christian perspective-

No single investigative journalist has all the answers and all the information.That is why we often network and learn from one another's research. And that is why I publish guest articles and links to other informative websites. It is important to gather information therefore from many other quality sources to make it available to my readers.

Is America on the brink of a thermonuclear war now? 

What role is military weather modification playing in the horrific and freakish snowstorms hitting North America relentlessly? 

What is the military role in the wierd "snow," filled with artificial fibers, depleted uranium, and strange microorganisms that has fallen across much of America? And what will it do to US, the soil and the environment? 

Is the US government covering the truth about DEADLY FUKUSHIMA RADIATION and why do we need to be concerned about it now?

Click on the links below for excellent articles covering all this and MUCH more.


Experts and scientists fear wave of FUKUSHIMA RADIATION hitting west coast USA.

Southern US struggles through catastrophic winter snowstorm.

Listen to LIVE BROADCAST 02/14/2014 EXPOSING Military Weather Modification, HAARP, and Directed Energy Weapons!

CHILLING: Legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies terminating Americans!

IF AMERICA GOES DOWN the same path as Europe, what will happen?
And please, continue to quietly and safely prepare for the coming "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST", or the emerging police state under martial law. 

Seek now to obtain the necessary survival food and equipment that you will need to keep your family safe and secure in time of crisis...
Empty shelves are coming to a city like yours

I am sharing the following advice based on years of pioneering investigative journalism. in order to be afford to travel across America to research and report live on locations at times throughout the years, I have had to learn to operate and live out of my vehicles.

Enduring bitterly cold winters without running my engine for heat at night to conserve gas, I have learned what works  to keep a person insulated effectively from the cold and the elements, and what does not. Living in Montana the great Patriot survivalist state, I learned from other hearty survivalists what the best gear and tactics are to survive in the cold and stay safe and warm.

QUESTION: What IF the grid were to go down NOW in the midst of winter snowstorms and bitter cold? What IF an EMP were to strike at this time? Are YOU and your family members prepared to survive such deadly cold without HEAT and ELECTRICITY?

I don't care if you have a nice expensive home in a high-end neighborhood! If the power is OUT, what will you do to survive???
Fallen tree pulls down neighborhood electrical power lines in New York

During times of war throughout Europe, many of the civilian fatalities were women, children and elderly IN THEIR HOMES who died due to no electricity or fuels available to effectively heat their homes in the winter months. Many elderly perished right in their homes due to the cold weather and no heat. Infants and toddlers are also more vulnerable to the cold. Don't YOU be one of them when crisis comes to North America!
Ahhhh! Here's one family staying nice and warm!

Purchase and then get your alternative heating methods set up in your home as soon as possible. Wood stoves and fireplace inserts are excellent ways of alternative heating, and also outdoor furnaces.

But even without these, you CAN survive IF you have the proper layered clothing and boots or shoes and sleeping bags and blankets for warmth in emergency situations.
Also, how can you cook and  feed your family without an electric stove if the power goes out? Or if gas supplies and propane are cut off? Do YOU have alternative forms of cooking on hand to feed YOUR family?

Personally, I do.

 I have had to cook many a meal or heat water, right on the back-end (trunk or tailgate depending on which vehicle I had) of my vehicle as I set up my survival camp stove that I pulled out of my survival backpack. 

I have several portable alternative fuels camp stoves: one that runs on white gas, one that is powered by propane, and also one that even cooks and heats effectively using local fuel (twigs and branches, etc.) Always make sure your have at least one that will fit compactly inside your backpack for emergencies.

 Make sure that your emergency preparations include PROPER WINTER SURVIVAL CLOTHING AND GEAR. Are you prepared to survive outdoors or without heat in your home should you be forced to evacuate, or the power grid goes down? Do you have SLEEPING BAGS rated ZERO OR BELOW (preferably down filled) to keep you warm throughout a night with no heat, or even sleeping outdoors in the winter? 

DO you have proper foot gear? Warm and sturdy, waterproof HIKING BOOTS and woolen socks for extra warmth? A survival expedition quality parka or coat to keep you warm and dry in the winter season? Quality gloves and extra hand warmers as well for emergencies? A warm and waterproof hat with ear flaps?

Woolen sweaters or fleece jackets to layer under your coat? WOOL IS THE PREFERRED AND PROVEN FIBER FOR EXCELLENT WARMTH AND INSULATION IN THE COLDEST OF WINTERS! All the quality outdoor shops in Montana sold woolen sweaters and gloves and other gear, because of it's excellent ability to hold the heat and insulate, even when mildly wet.
Behold the power of WOOL for winter warmth!

I have learned to primarily use wool (or high percentage wool blend) socks and sweaters and mittens for ultimate protection from the cold in the winter season. Yes, artificial fleece clothing can be used too, but nothing compares to real wool.

Yes, it is true that such important survival gear costs extra money, especially for quality and long lasting equipment. However, think about yourself and quality of life and ability to survive when the crises strike America. Think about your children and their vulnerability to the cold in such crises.
 Do you want to be warm and relatively comfortable when these things happen? Or will you find yourself cursing the the fact that you did not attempt to obtain quality survival gear WHEN THEY WERE STILL AVAILABLE???

You will pay and arm and a leg if you try to purchase them on the black market, as price gougers chuckle and then charge you ten times the normal amount under martial law!

Many Americans are learning all this the hard way as power outages are occurring in various locations across this nation where the winter storms are hitting hard.

Some people are prepared for this emergency...and others sadly are not. Don't you be among those who failed to prepare wisely!

And my spiritual advice? 

Be certain of your relationship with Almighty God, by following the Bible's pattern of success to assure your salvation, and access to God's help in times of trouble such as we face. Receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, and live in obedience to His word, and God will help take care of the rest. He remain ALMIGHTY GOD, and His promises can never fail!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. A very good thing is a entire congregation preparing for this, because is a team, a team work better than one single person or two or three. The Church of Christ is not for Sunday morning only.