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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

One month ago, I was privileged to listen to a dynamic Christian missionary named Christian Zebley, who shared his powerful vision for reaching out to the afflicted Japanese people for Jesus Christ.
Christian Zebley

The meeting occurred in the home of former missionaries in Japan. They belong belong to a delightful Christian fellowship called CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH at Montreat (NC).

Christ Community Church is composed of loving and sincere Christians who believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and were compelled to break away from the PCUSA as it became more and more liberal and unscriptural, to finally form their own evangelical fellowship. Whenever I am in this region, I enjoy fellowship with this sincere and dedicated group of Believers, many of whom I have known for years.

Christian Zebley held our attention completely that Monday night as he shared exciting stories of relief efforts in Japan following the terrible tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster to follow.

Zebley shared how, through various relief efforts by Christians and Christian organizations, many Japanese were being exposed to the Gospel. And as a result were coming to Jesus Christ for salvation.
Shinada and Doumae-San, former Yakuza Mafia, now Christians

Two men who came to Jesus Christ for salvation were formerly YAKUZA, or Japanese mafia. One was actually a hit-man for the mafia, the other a gang member. These two men were deeply touched by the love of God manifested through the Christian relief workers, and both gave their lives to Jesus Christ and came out of organized crime at last.

Now Doumae-San is dying of cancer. But Doumae-San knows where he will go when his body dies! Jesus Christ came into his life through this crisis and the witness of Christian relief workers working with him.


So moving was the Christian testimony of Doumae-San and Shinada, that concerned Christians decided that a movie had to be made about them, that God would someday use to minister to thousands of Japanese people and help to bring them HOPE through the Gospel on a major scale. Christian Zebley later became involved and joined in this outreach involving the movie production.

The name of this powerful and compelling movie is "TWO CRIMINALS."  HERE is the link to the website for TWO CRIMINALS movie.

PAUL NETHERCROFT is the Christian producer of this film. CLICK HERE to read more about Paul. 

This wonderful movie production is being produced through DONATIONS to help make this miracle happen. And now YOU can be a part of this miracle.

Japan is a nation wherein less than 2 percent are considered Christians. 

The other religions of Japan are Shinto and Buddhism. 80-90 percent of the Japanese people consider themselves to be Shinto. Shinto beliefs incorporate polytheism, animism, and mythology, as well as ancestor worship. And even among these traditionalists, many have no real religious beliefs at all.
Shinto shrine

Japan has many problems today. The YAKUZA or Japanese mafia is well-known in Japan. Pedophilia and incest are common problems, due to the almost non-existent role that Biblical principles and commandments play in Japanese society. Some Japanese comic books even glorify pedophilia and incest and perversion, and children have access to these comics as well.

An alarming rise in child abuse has been taking place. The orphanages are filled with abused children taken from abusive parents. Japan's suicide rate is among the world's highest: 25 suicides per 100,000 people.

Japanese MANGA comic books filled with perversion

To every Christian reading this, it quickly becomes clear that Japan needs to find hope and peace by coming to Jesus Christ for salvation.There is no eternal salvation in polytheism and animism or Buddhism. SUICIDE provides no hope whatsoever. There is ONLY salvation and hope through repentance from sin and receiving Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life.

Fukushima Daiichi damaged nuclear power plant poisoning Japan

And now with the deadly Fukushima radiation affecting more and more people throughout Japan, with many facing cancer and death as a result, the Japanese need HOPE and SALVATION more than ever.

Please begin to pray for the endangered people 
of Japan today. 

And won't you consider supporting this wonderful movie production "TWO CRIMINALS" both with your prayers and generous financial support??? 

The potential is endless for countless Japanese to come to Jesus Christ for salvation after viewing this remarkable movie still in the process of being produced.
You can support this amazing movie endeavor to reach the  lost souls of Japan  for Jesus Christ, by going to their website, and click on the DONATE button.

Personally, I just did, because as a Christian I care about the lost souls of Japan, and realize that we all must try to make a difference in the lives of others who are lost and in crisis. If you and I don't strive to make the difference for Christ in today's world, who will??? Why assume someone else will do it, when God wants to use YOU!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. good post Pamela- my pastor In Oklahoma has been a couple of times now. there will be a major revival soon, we believe. Been praying it for years .