Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Comments on "Is Obama God's Servant?"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In response to my article discussing Obama, the evident servant of satan to bring oppression, suffering and death to many in North America, I have received many positive responses agreeing with my Scriptural views. As I has stated before, God is not schizophrenic. He is of one heart and mind, and one with the revelation of Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

There are some Christians today declaring that Obama is God's servant in America to bring sifting and purging. However, this theory is fatally flawed. Communist dictatorships do NOT go after the sinful and the compromised and the lukewarm in churches of whatever nation they seek to take over. They LOVE this kind of fallen pseudo-Christian! They are happy to let them live and become a part of their apostate church system under communism.
And yet, the Bible reveals that this is the very kind of false Christian that God WANTS to purge and rebuke and discipline.

Communist/globalists instead attack the genuine Christians, knowing that they will never compromise their faith and the word of God to go along with their NWO agenda. And former insiders have told me so to my face.

What these murderous Communists are planning to do to the REAL Christians in America is inspired by the devil himself, who is using them directly to come and steal, kill and destroy in the name of Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER.

And none of it is of a holy God and His Son  Jesus Christ. God is not schizophrenic. His word is clear about His holy judgment against those who reject Jesus Christ His Son, and who worship the devil in God's place. And that is exactly what NWO supporters do. Lucifer is the spiritual leader of the NWO, and his followers are the backbone, the movers and the shakers. And such people have admitted this to my face.

What satanists/Illuminati do to abducted Christians by NIGHT in secret on their satanic altars (brutal rape torture and murder), they will be fully released to do by day under martial law in America to America's Christian "resisters of the NWO."

As satanist and NWO supporter Barbara MARX Hubbard revealed in her book THE REVELATION, "...god [Lucifer] selects, WE DESTROY...we come TO BRING DEATH."

My friend Elaine, who was formerly working for the CIA when Bush Sr.  was director of it, discussed with me how the satanists hired by the CIA used to sit around discussing their NWO takeover of America.

"We satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA more than any other group, because we knew above all that they would never accept our NWO agenda."

"We lusted for the hour of martial law, when we could finally get out hands on the Christians....I tell you the truth: it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they get their hands on the Christians under martial law..."

And a holy and just and merciful God is in none of this. The "NWO" is satanism raw and uncut, destructive and terrible. These are the very works of satan that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy. These are the very plans of satan against God's elect. Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross to defeat satan and his works.

And the coming persecutions under martial law are not directed against the very ones in the churches of America today that are the sinful, the compromised, the fallen and the fake. The communists and the satanists love this kind! For they know that such "pseudo-Christians" will gladly sell out their brethren for "30 pieces of silver."

Communists  know that such pseudo-pastors will gladly cooperate with FEMA coaching designed to lead the sheeple up the ramps to prisoner boxcars with shackles and to their certain torture and beheading and death, all in the name of preaching ROMANS 13 and "submission to the higher PTB."

I marvel at the lack of discernment in some Christians in America today. "Obama is God's servant" heresy is very misleading,deadly and dangerous.

And for those who continued to be deceived, this very heresy will come back to haunt them, as it rises up to fatally bite them someday.

If Obama is "God's servant," then you better not complain when he sends his goons to close down your seize your food supplies you have carefully stored to feed your children and family...when they break down your door and arrest you and your family members to be hauled off to FEMA camps to be tortured and killed as NWo resisters.

You better not resist when Obama's military elements (both domestic and foreign) lay siege to your home, your neighborhood, your church, and your nation. You better not resist when they attempt to rape your wives and daughters, and erect the modern guillotines to behead the real Christians in this nation.

You better meekly SUBMIT to all these crimes against humanity and sins against God if all that the NWO satanists are planning is somehow "of God" and if somehow "Obama is God's servant."

And please... when this all begins to unfold in America, I really don't want such people to come running and whining to people like me, who have patiently spelled out for Americans year after year what the devil has planned for our nation and against God's people.

If "Obama is God's servant" and all that is coming to America through the plans of wicked people under satan's leadership, is somehow "of God," then shut up and comply!

Meekly hand over your emergency food supplies to Freddy Fema and his black ops boys when they come banging on your doors...and then watch your family members slowly die of starvation. Hey! This somehow must be "the will of God," according to your "Obama is God's servant" theory!

(Oh, how satan revels in doctrines of demons that promote his evil will as somehow being "the will of God"! And how he laughs at Christians who fall for his tactics!)

Quit your complaining when NWO goons come to torture and murder you! Don't you dare complain when men in black sweep you off your feet and ship you off to a black hole prison under NDAA, to be tortured and killed just because you are a Christian and against the NWO.

Alternative journalists like myself have warned the American people and her Christian population repeatedly what is planned for this nation. And foolish are the Americans who refuse to heed the warnings and prepare realistically for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

Mark these words carefully: those of you who insist that Obama is somehow "God's servant" will someday be bitten fatally by this viper and his NWO communist/satanist brood. And you will rue the very day you embraced this fatal heresy, sat back and meekly complied, and failed to prepare to stand against satan's tsunami of the coming horrors of martial law.

But again, don't come running and whining to journalists and analysts like me, who have laid down our lives year after year to warn the American people and her Christian population. What you do with the truth you are presented, or FAIL to do, is not up to me. IT'S ALL UP TO YOU. And you WIN or LOSE by the way you choose. It's as simple as that.

And one more practical insight. What will Jesus say to those who have murdered, oppressed and imprisoned His elect? What is their eternal fate at the hands of a just and holy God? Jesus will command them to depart from Him, into the very place prepared for the devil and his angels. They will be cast into a fiery furnace of everlasting torment and eternal destructions.

This is the future fate of every earthly leader and those people who support satan's NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA and oppress God's Christian children. And that includes every president of the USA that has ever worked for and supported satan's agenda for our nation.

Servant of God? Or servant of satan? You figure it out. In the New Testament teachings, God richly rewards his servants, and they enter in His kingdom. God does not cast His true servants into hell! Get into the New Testament's updated teachings outlining exactly who is a servant of God, and who is NOT.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


And, by the way, let's not forget to ask other Christians' opinions on this subject. Let's ask the Christians in Syria who are being murdered by Obama's Islamic militants he is arming with our US taxpayer dollars.

Let's ask those Christians who have been forced from their homes, even as their churches are being bombed and their fellow Christians beheaded, raped and murdered with the assistance of Obama's foreign aid and arms to these Islamic militants. I wonder how many of them will tell you, "Oh, yes, I believe Obama is God's servant..."

Let's even ask those who are not Christians (we don't want to discriminate, do we?) Let's journey to Waziristan and ask  grieving families who have been burying their dead infants and children and loved ones for a long time now, alongside grieving Pakistanis and Afghanis, how they feel about Obama being "the servant of God" with his murderous drones program and their high civilian death rates.

Muslims don't count, you say, because they are not Christians, and so it's okay to do this to them? Funny, but I don't read anywhere in the  Bible where Jesus told us to hate and terrorize our enemies. As Christians we are called to forgive and pray for them, not drone them out of existence.

Sorry, but those who insist that somehow "Obama is the servant of God" are rapidly becoming a shrinking minority as more and more people are being tragically hurt or killed, directly or indirectly by this man and his shadow government and useful idiots.

I read recently about the harm coming to innocent victims of OBAMACARE already. One family with severe genetic-related illnesses have discovered they can't get the coverage they need under OBAMACARE. Some will die without it.

And the kill/wound/maim list goes on and on.

Thank God for those people, Christians and otherwise, who finally get it, and are realistically preparing according for the hell and the horror and the heartache to come to our nation someday. And a holy God is in none of it. He grieves over the sheer wickedness of depraved sinners who have planned such crimes against humanity, and brutal martyrdom for His precious children.

Did I say He could not work through this, or in this, for His glory and purposes? No. I am not that foolish. God cannot be shut out of the affairs of mankind in this world.

But He is not the author of their satanic madness. Nor is He on the side of the wicked who are dedicated to eradicating His people from the world today.

And if this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda be of satan, then every Christian of this generation has a holy and divine obligation to stand against the works of the devil, and to stand up for the Kingdom of God and His will to be done in the world today.

We further have a Biblical obligation to stand with every fellow Christian undergoing persecution and tribulation for His sake

Today it may be Christians in Syria or Egypt that are going through great pain and suffering and loss...but tomorrow it MAY BE YOU.

Always remember: the mercies you sow TODAY is what you will then reap TOMORROW. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, " declared Jesus Christ. Are you praying for the persecuted Christians worldwide, and doing what you can to help?

May God open the eyes of His people, that they may understand the truth in this hour, and act accordingly.



  1. AMEN and AMEN, Pam!!!! You have laid it all out very simply and very effectively!

    Maybe you have dealt with this in one of your previous postings, but another false teaching that is linked with what you have tackled in your current posting, is the argument that :

    - God is sovereign
    - nothing happens without God's approval
    - so everything that happens is God's will

    The A + B = C argument.

    If the above arguments are true, then we should be offering no resistance to, and praising Jesus for,

    - the billions of souls who perished and went straight to hell during The Flood

    - the billions of souls who have perished over the thousands of years since the Flood, without hope and have gone straight to hell

    - the 50-60 million fetuses that have been butchered in their wombs in our nation

    - the countless millions of Christians (and others) who have been slaughtered by Communism

    - the NWO takeover of America, and the world, and the coming slaughtering of millions of Christians (and others) throughout the world

    - the lying, cheating, double-dealing, traitorous members of our government

    - Obama as .. "God's servant"

    - child sex slavery, and porn in all the media

    - the very existence of Satan himself and his demon hordes!

    - .. the list is endless, but you get what I am saying ..

    And along this line of thinking, is that God created Lucifer to become Satan - that Lucifer had nothing to do with his transformation into Satan - it was all God's perfect sovereign will, because after all, God is sovereign over ALL His Creation, and nothing happens without God's approval.

    But as you have stated many times, God is not the one with the split personality nor with a dual persona ..

    It was Lucifer/Satan! who was the author of the split personality, and of the dual persona ..

    and the creator of ..

    the "Matrix of Iniquity"!

    WHICH, was ALL outside of God's "sovereign will"!!!!

    But understanding all of this, gets into some very, very deep Scriptural understanding, that the dumbed down Christian sheeple would never understand .. so that they will never be able to stand up .. and stand against ..

    the devil and his hordes in all their guises!

    but instead, be willingly led to the slaughter of their very own souls!

    Keep preaching it, Pam!

    1. Loren:

      Yes, That's Truth.

      An good example about "God's Divine Sovereignty"

      The part of the choice is controversial to some, but ... "We must examine everything and retain what is good".

      Sorry for my bad English, it's my second language.

      God bless you.

    2. To avoid misinterpretation, the previous message leave to try to "balance the scales" on the one hand we must discern and denounce evil, "knocking down every argument of the enemy."

      2 Corinthians Chapter 10

      3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

      4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

      5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing That exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

      We must pray and seek God's Holy Will, once this is done, we need rest assured of TOTAL control of God over ALL things ..

      That is the meaning of my comments.

    3. In this age of grace the collective sins of mankind were put on the back of Jesus,if God punishes America for her sins,then he will have to apologize to Jesus for a meaningless sacrifice....we agree God is not scizzo he wouldnt send obama to do the devils bidding against Americans and at the same time warned you over and over in his word against such things he WOULD NOT violate his own principles.

  2. Thanks, Pam, for sharing your insights about the NWO agenda and Obama's part in their diabolical plans! My eyes have been opened during the past six years or so, since the 2008 economic crisis. We need to pray that believers will be able to discern both good and evil so that they will not be deceived in these latter days.

  3. When I looked up the name Barack Obama in hebrew, I found the translation: lightning serving high place (Barak O Bama). An servant to the demons.
    Btw, Barry Soetoro seem to be his real name.