Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Personal Message for GEORGE H. W. BUSH, With Love

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Recently, the press has been reporting that George Herbert Walker Bush has been quite ill, hospitalized with breathing problems and a persistent condition that is not yielding to conventional medicine. Bush Senior is also 88 years old. Below is one brief article outlining his condition:

Former President George H. W. Bush Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

Posted: Dec 25, 2012 11:46 AM MSTUpdated: Dec 25, 2012 11:47 AM MST
 Former President George H. W. Bush will spend Christmas with his wife and other family members in a Houston hospital after developing a fever and weakness following a month-long, bronchitis-like cough.
  Bush's spokesman says doctors are "cautiously optimistic." But he says "every time they get over one thing, another thing pops up."
I have taken care of senior citizens professionally as a home health aide for over 30 years now, and realize that at his age, typically anything can happen at this point. The following article is written out of sincere Christian compassion for this man and his family.Because of  our family ties through LEVI REDFIELD to the Bush family, I have a holy obligation before Almighty God to write the following to Mr. Bush Sr.
For my Christian friends and readers who understand the true depths of God's mercy and compassion for the lost, won't you please take the time to PRAY for this man for the grace to repent and receive God's mercy and forgiveness at last, through Jesus Christ? And pray for his entire family as well for salvation. For this is exactly what Christianity is all about. Thank you!
-Pamela Rae Schuffert
George Sr and Barbara Bush

Hello, George. Ever since I first read the articles outlining your recent serious health conditions, I have increased my prayers for you

I have been praying for you and Barbara and your children for many years, for the power of the true and living God and Father of Jesus Christ to touch your heart and save you eternally. An eternal soul is a precious thing. Jesus said, in fact, "What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" 

And YOU have an eternal soul. A soul that will spend eternity in either eternal joys and peace and forgiveness with the true Living God forever....OR in the place of eternal TORMENT and JUDGMENT for every sin a person has committed against God and man...


I care deeply about where you, and every family member of yours, will spend eternity someday.

The fact is, we have ALL sinned, including me. I learned years ago that there was only ONE WAY to get rid of my sins that would otherwise send me to eternal torment and hell, and that was by repenting and receiving God's ONLY solution to SIN, His Son JESUS CHRIST. 
Jesus was sent by God to take the punishment we ALL deserve for every evil thing we have ever done. He graciously died in OUR place, for our sins to be forgiven. 

This means that when we accept His salvation and believe in Him, He takes our sins away and the punishment we deserve as well, and gives us INSTEAD, His mercy and forgiveness and ETERNAL LIFE! This way we are FREE FOREVER from the eternal damnation our sins are worthy of! He changes our hearts and lives from the inside, from wretched sinners to the children of God instead.

I used to believe in the New Age (NWO) and the occult at one time, when I lived in the Washington DC area. At one time I was completely caught up in the teachings of the NEW AGE and the occult. And my very own famous USAF father, working at the Pentagon and Bolling AFB (where I was born) was recruited into the NWO agenda for America through the USAF...and it's "religion" of satanism, or Illuminism/Illuminati. This served to turn him into a very cruel man...of course.

Satan, or Lucifer, always destroys people from the inside and turns them into monsters. He strips people of love, compassion, and tenderness, and turns them into murderous monsters filled with cruelty and depravity of every kind. And this is what happened to my once loving father. But I never stopped praying for God to touch his heart and bring him to salvation through Jesus Christ!
And over the course of thirty years, my father finally came out of the satanic darkness of the NWO and the tyrant behind it called Lucifer, and he turned to the TRUE and living God and Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation instead. Just like any Illuminati or satanist, my father too participated in satanic rituals and cruel human sacrifice (just like you....)

But when he found himself dying and about to face the TRUE God, and realized that without FORGIVENESS he would spend eternity in eternal torment for his terrible sins, he turned to Jesus Christ for forgiveness for his many sins, AND FOUND PEACE AT LAST BEFORE HE DIED! Can God forgive what satanists and Illuminati do? YES! Jesus hung on that cross and died for ALL sins to be forgiven...BECAUSE HE LOVES THE SINNERS AND WANTS NO ONE TO PERISH!

And that includes the ENTIRE BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE as well. Every night when I pray, I include YOU and Barbara, Bush JR, Jeb, Marvin and wife and two kids...the entire Bush family are in my prayers for GOD'S ETERNAL MERCY AND SALVATION to come into every one of your lives.

Yes, dear George, I know all about CIA drugs and your role(and you know that I know)...the NOAHIDE LAWS legislation you were more than happy to sign to pave the way for the guillotines to behead Christians nationwide...the FEMA camps you worked hard to help establish to kill the Christians and all other opposers of your NWO...Bohemian Grove and little children...and more.

However, I will state without apology from the written and eternal word of God, that there is nothing that you have done, that Jesus Christ has not died on the cross to take the punishment for. 
There is nothing you have ever done, that He cannot forgive when you come to him in repentance, seeking His forgiveness and mercy. God WANTS to forgive you! God WANTS to have mercy on you! God WANTS to save you from eternal torment and judgment! He WANTS you as His own!

However, Lucifer is the great deceiver of mankind and destroyer of mankind. Oh, how he wants to destroy YOU and the whole Bush family forever! Lucifer loves to lead people on with cheap thrills and rewards in THIS world IF you worship and serve him...and we all know that the NWO is simply Lucifer's earthly kingdom. 

But Lucifer also loves to deceive and DESTROY HIS FOLLOWERS IN THE END! And he will laugh at your stupidity for ever trusting or serving him, as you fall into the abyss and suffer eternal torments FOREVER...when you COULD have instead REPENTED of your sins and received the TRUE God's mercy and salvation and had eternal life instead, through turning to Jesus Christ.

I am so glad that my very own father began to realize all this before he died of bone cancer. My mother and I had to forgive him MANY times for his cruelties, BUT we would NOT give up praying for his salvation! And finally, six months before he died, my father repented of his terrible years in satanism and NWO darkness at last! He admitted that it didn't work anyhow! And he asked Jesus Christ into his life to forgive his sins and to save him from eternal damnation.

AND IT WORKED! God forgave him! LOVE began to replace the hate in his heart, and he became a changed man before he died! And following his peaceful death in 1998, God gave me a vision of my father's eternal soul IN HEAVEN! He was happy at last! 

In this heavenly vision, my father looked young and vibrant. He turned to look at me and smiled. And then, he turned to walk up radiant white steps into CLOUDS OF GLORY beyond which I could not see...and into what I knew must be the Presence of a holy and Almighty God and His GLORY! For, you see, Jesus Christ had taken ALL my father's terrible sins away, and given him mercy and forgiveness and eternal life. And the grace to spend eternity in HEAVEN with a holy God forever!

THIS, dear George and Bush Family, is what 
the TRUE and wonderful LIVING GOD can do 
for each and every one of you. 

Of course I know what an Illuminati family does and who they worship...because on my mother's side we ARE Bush Illuminati bloodline through Levi Redfield.

But thankfully, Jesus Christ got a hold of our lives and saved us from Lucifer's deceptions, 
and brought us to the TRUE AND LIVING GOD instead, and saved us eternally. 
Oh, how thankful I am 
for Jesus Christ and HIS MERCIES!

And dear George and Barbara...Jeb...George JR...Marvin and all the REST of the Bush family, the true God can do the same for each and every one of you today. All through His wonderful Son who died for ALL of our sins, Jesus Christ. His blood was shed on the cross, to atone for YOUR sins and to SAVE you from eternal damnation.

George, it is a fact of life. Young satanists and sinners must someday become old at last. Doesn't matter how much power, fame and glory they might have gained on earth. The hard truth is, saints and sinners alike must all finally die someday. And then stand before Almighty God to give an account for their lives!

My father discovered this sad fact of life as well. And only then did he begin to consider eternity, eternal truths, and where he might spend eternity IF the BIBLE WAS TRUTH! And dear George, the Bible IS truth!

George, at your age and in your state of health, you must realize that you could die at any time in the near future. 

There is NO SECOND CHANCE after death! 
George, please be kind to your eternal soul at this time. Please take the time to repent of your sins, and to get right with God. Come to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness you need for ALL your sins, today. You will never regret it! 

Look...I forgive you, because of Jesus Christ. The very detention camps program YOU helped to promote and establish to get rid of NWO resisters (Christians like myself included) under martial law, I stand to be hurt or killed in some day. The Noahide Laws YOU signed, knowing they would be used to someday behead millions of Christians in America, also apply to ME and my tender neck as well! The NWO your Bush Illuminati bloodline has supported throughout the years, plans to destroy Christians like ME in the future.

But in spite of all this, I WANT YOU TO KNOW, I choose to love and forgive you, and continue to pray for YOUR salvation. 

You see...if I die, I spend eternity with Almighty God my heavenly Father....I die a forgiven person! But dear, if YOU die, you have no such forgiveness or hope...UNLESS YOU RECEIVE GOD'S MERCY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! 

And this is all I want for you and your entire Bush family. Period. Forgiveness...peace with God...eternal life...deliverance from all the false promises and lies of Lucifer, corrupt father of the Illuminati bloodlines of the earth. Oh, what power and love and mercy the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD OF ALL CREATION has to give to you and ALL your family, in the day you all repent and turn to God with all your hearts and receive His salvation through Jesus Christ His Son!

I continue to pray for you and your health and salvation daily. I wish I could be at your bedside to pray for you and share God's wonderful love with you personally. But prayer knows no distance! And The moment you reach out to God for His mercy and salvation, HE IS THERE! Jesus has the power to heal you COMPLETELY as well.

May God graciously forgive, receive and save the entire Bush family.

Your friend, Pamela Rae Schuffert

(If YOU are a member of the Bush Family, and you happen to notice this article, please bring it to GHWB and read it to him, or bring it to his attention. Thank you. PRS)


  1. Just a few minutes ago I saw on facebook where he is sick and I thought to pray for his salvation, not knowing whether he is or not. LORD save the whole family.

  2. Ms. Schuffert, I have shared this many times with my FB friends. The love of YHWH shines through your words. :) ~Sunny