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"There is NO PLACE like HOME!"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian persepctive-

This is the last article of this nature I will ever write to my readers. Because once this critical need is finally met, I will never need to mention it again. I will be in a position to fully support and fund myself and this ministry, so my Christian outreach and journalism can continue unstopped.

This article is written out of desperation and great need. I know you will understand when you read this....

My readers who have followed my reports for 18 years now, know that I have literally  "lived on the road" to bring them my investigative journalism, live on location. 

Because it is too expensive to travel and spend each night in a motel room, I have been living out of my vehicle to investigate, report, interview information sources and perform radio broadcasts live on location.

My "homes" over the last 11 years have been: an old minivan I installed a mattress in, an '86 Buick, another older donated car, etc.The reason I have used such older donated vehicles is simply because I have provided my quality reporting an articles throughout the years free of charge to my readers. For this reason, I never had the funds to be able to afford a quality RV or motor home for my work.

My philosophy has been that NO ONE should be deprived of the precious truth in this hour we live in, because they do not have the money to buy a book, CD, or DVD, etc. And so I have none, and instead publish everything I research freely on the Internet for ALL to read.
Did Jesus ever deprive anyone of a miracle, or His teaching, or anything else because they did not have the money to pay? NEVER! My goal is to BE LIKE JESUS. This is also why I performed my work free of charge for my Christian friend recently for a year in the Arctic Circle.

My journalistic work is performed as a ministry to my fellow Americans and fellow Christians. What has frankly cost me everything for many years, I have provided free of charge through my journalism to all my readers. I rarely ask for support, and only in actual emergencies throughout the years.
I have just returned from a very difficult year in the Arctic Circle in Alaska, ministering to Eskimo youth and to the family I was living with, taking care of several children free of charge so the mother could fly to Eskimo villages to care for the sick in their clinics.

Due to severe cold and very hard work to survive, my health was severely compromised during this past year. 

 I knew I could never make it through another Arctic winter. I was already beginning to develop severe arthritis and crippling conditions in my hands and arms due to prolonged extreme cold. And without my hands, I cannot even work to support myself. 
And so, the decision was regretfully made to leave before the severity of the Arctic winter set in. In fact, I am still in a state of recovery from crippling pains in my hands and severe nerve pain in one leg that is aggravated by both cold weather and standing for prolonged periods of time. 

I should not be standing in the cold for hours, on my legs, ringing bells for Salvation Army, in my physical condition. But this is the only job that has opened up for me at this time, and so unfortunately I have no other choice.

I knew I would have no home to "go home" to when I returned to Montana from the Arctic. The truck I had used to travel in and minister out of, had been sold at a loss to provide money for my plane ticket to get to Alaska. It was also my only "home" to sleep in at night.

I am presently staying temporarily with my elderly Christian friend, Pat, and providing free home health assistance to her while here temporarily. But she is living in government assisted housing, and I can only stay here temporarily.
A "Fifth Wheel" RV

I have been praying desperately for God to lead me to the right answer for an inexpensive home at this difficult time. After looking at small used trailers and RV's in one sales lot, the manager informed me of a Christian couple nearby who were trying to sell their RV, and would be willing to deal directly with me, instead of through a bank and a loan. Due to no credit history, and only working now for less than one month, I sadly discovered after visiting several banks, that I cannot get a loan at this time.

Steve and Aubrey called me yesterday to see their RV. It was beautiful! They have to move because of growing children. When I told Steve and Aubrey of my background and present financial situation and health needs, they said that they understood and were planning to sell their RV for $6,500 (an incredibly low price)...BUT that they would let me move in for $2,000 cash, the amount they need to help them move into their new place. 

And then, I could pay monthly payments to them according to my income until it was all paid off.

This is indeed a miracle! We took hands and prayed for God's grace to quickly provide the funds all three of us need at this time. Steve is a young Christian, as Aubrey told me, and he is waiting to see what God will do through prayer in this situation. She and I are confident, however, that GOD WILL COME THROUGH. How desperately I long for a home to "go home" to this Christmas season!

I cannot afford to do this alone at this time. My take-home pay for ringing bells for Salvation Army last week was only $157.00. Just to fill my gas tank costs $85 every week, to transport me to my bell-ringing locations many miles away.

After consulting Christian contacts, they felt that this was indeed a legitimate need to bring before God's people at this time in my life. And so, at this Christmas season, I am sharing with you my desperate need for "a home to go home to." 
I have not had my own home now for 11 long years. 

I lost my original RV and truck in 2001 due to a terrible family tragedy. 

My elderly mother and I were traveling across America for my radio broadcasting and journalism at that time. One day, while I was gone to perform journalism and Christian outreach in Germany for six months, she fell from the outdoor top stairs of our RV.

Almost severing her leg, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to reattach it. Everything had to be sold at that time to pay for unexpected hospital medical bills and to place her in a recovery nursing home. But back in Germany, I had never been consulted about this decision. I returned from Germany to find myself instantly homeless, and with no transportation as well...a terrible shock!

I have been homeless ever since, choosing to remain on the road for this important ministry, and living out of whatever vehicles God provided so my work could continue unstopped. For me, this is true Christian discipleship, wherein we lay down everything to follow Christ and serve others.
But now with health issues following my Arctic outreach, I must finally seek God for a home of my own once again. An inexpensive RV trailer is perfect, because I can then travel to minister or research whenever needed and take my home with me, as I had done prior to my loss in 2001.

Will you please pray about assisting me financially in meeting this critical need at this Christmas season? 

With a home securely beneath my feet, I can then both minister and work out of my home, and will never have to mention my personal needs to my readers ever again (except for prayer of course.) I am proud to work hard to be able to financially support my journalism and outreach. But without even a home to go home to, this is almost impossible.

Steve and Aubrey, the used RV sellers,  are praying with me for this miracle, because they too need this financial miracle to take place to meet  THEIR needs as well.

My mailing address is: Pamela Rae Schuffert, P. O. Box 2396, Columbia Falls, MT, 59912. If you would like to contribute directly to the sellers, Steve and Aubrey, who will confirm all of the above, contact me and I will put you into contact with them.

RV exterior and interior

God bless you all! God bless all those who CAN contribute, and those who CANNOT give! Because remember: GOD'S GIFTS ARE ALL FREE! God cares for us and loves us regardless of whether we can ever give, or not. Jesus already PAID for our blessings, when he died on the cross for our sins to be forgiven and to bring us to God! Take the time to enjoy HIS blessings and free gifts this wondrous season...and always!

And please remember the underlying reason for all the celebration at this time of the year. Although we may never know the actual date of the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, it is appropriate to set aside a time to celebrate and honor, in a Scriptural Christian manner, His coming to this dark world.

Please take the time to remember in your prayers all of the homeless throughout our nation at this time as well, including the victims of HURRICANE SANDY. Unless you have been through this kind of painful situation, you may never understand the struggles, heartache and challenges one faces who is homeless.
Although I remained homeless by choice for many years, to continue in ministry as inexpensively as possible, the challenges, loneliness and heartache remains the same. 

 I have forgotten what it is like to sleep in my OWN bed, to prepare food in my OWN kitchen, to find rest and solace from the world in my OWN home.I long for my OWN bed to lay my head on at night, and a place to call HOME.

Wouldn't YOU???

However, regardless of whatever trials I may face, I never fail to take the time to pray, to seek out others to minister to, and to give out of what little I may have. All of us as Christians must seek to do the same as we follow Jesus Christ. 

The testimony of Jesus Christ to our world 
MUST continue to shine through us all, 
regardless of our personal circumstances!

Thank you for caring at this time of the year.......and always.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

P. O. Box 2396
Columbia Falls, 
Montana 59912

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