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A Christmas Miracle-"Martin of Oxford Street"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
The greatest GIFT we can give, is God's love through Jesus Christ!

The year was 1998. I had just spent several months in Israel and Jerusalem, praying therein and lecturing to international crowds regarding my research about the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, including during Feast of Tabernacles.

Suddenly I received news that my father had peacefully died, following a prolonged struggle with bone cancer. The prayers of my saintly mother and I for 30 long years had finally been heard: Daddy had repented of his sins and had received Jesus as his Lord and Savior 6 months before he died. Considering all the darkness he had been involved with for many years, as a recruit into the NWO agenda and into it's accompanying cult of satanism, this was indeed a great miracle that we had awaited for many years. Halleluia!

And now, it was  time to return home to speak at his funeral in Arlington Cemetery, in Washington DC.

My flight home was arranged. It would first take me to London, England, home of my Pilgrim Christian ancestors, to remain for one week before departing finally for the USA.

London, England

While in London, I stayed at the Salvation Army hostel for one week. Praying there one evening soon after arriving, the Holy Spirit startled me with an unexpected revelation. He impressed upon me that there was one particular person in great need that He wanted me to witness and minister to that Christmas season. 

Puzzled, I prayed for God to tell me how I would find this person. He simply told me that I would be led by His Holy Spirit to that person.

Intrigued by this revelation (I have always enjoyed an adventure and a little mystique) I called a London cabbie to come and pick me up from the hostel. Taxicabs in London are very different from the ones in New York City or Washington DC! I also noticed immediately that their steering wheels are on the WRONG side! And everyone drives on the wrong side of the road as well in the UK...or do WE drive on the wrong side back in America!

I asked the cabbie about London. "Tell me...what is a good street to go to during the Christmas season?" Without hesitation, he replied, "Oh, that would be Oxford Street...of course!" And so I asked him to take me to Oxford Street, where all the tourists love to go and the action takes place. 

Soon I found myself in the ritzy shopping center of London. Christmas decorations hung from every lamp post. Show windows were filled with decorations and Christmas trees and the latest elegant fashions of that season in Europe.
My cabbie deposited me right n the heart of Oxford Street's shopping district. Thanking him, I paid him and tipped as well, and hesitantly stepped out of the cab into the bustle of this busy shopping season. Taking a deep breath, I prayed for God to simply lead me to the person He had in mind for me to minister to. 

I glanced at the people walking around me. Many were dressed elegantly, the latest fashions peeking out from under expensive coats and elegant winter wear. Others were carrying shopping bags in both hands, bearing names of expensive stores. People and the air of holiday excitement and anticipation were everywhere!
Slowly, I began to walk up one side of Oxford Street, praying quietly for God to lead me to that special person in need. There seemed to be no end of stores and services offered on that busy avenue! But where was my special person that cold evening???

I finally crossed the street and began to walk towards where I had come from on the other side of Oxford Street. 
Homeless victim in London at Christmas time

As I continued to pray, I glanced to the side, where there was a store closed for the evening.  I suddenly noticed what appeared to be a human figure sitting there 
in the dark, at the entrance, obviously seeking shelter from the winter cold under the overhang.  There sat a young man with his back against the wall, huddled under a thin and worn blanket, looking very depressed and distraught. I noted that Christmas shoppers rushed by, oblivious to this homeless person.

Amazingly, as I prayed, the Holy Spirit began to then tell me that THIS WAS THE ONE! I became very excited, even as compassion began to fill  my heart for this young man.

I bent over and began to talk to him. He acted surprised that anyone would even notice him or take the time to speak with him. I asked him what his name was. "My name is Martin.." he replied. I asked him then why he was sitting out there in the cold. A look of sadness came over his face.

"It's my mum...she has some mental problems...she and my father always fight...I finally could take no more abuse at home and had to leave, but I have no where to go now..." His voice faltered. His eyes were clear and he did not show the typical signs of drug abuse. I believed him.

Previously, I had never read the articles about the high rate of homelessness for youth in the UK at that time. But it remains a serious problem there, as many articles I have reviewed recently reveal.

Praying about how to respond, I said, "Martin, has anyone ever told you that Jesus Christ really exists and that he loves you and can save you from your situation?" He looked up at me with his blue eyes and said, "No...nobody has ever really talked to me about Jesus before..." I was immediately stunned. Here I was in London, England, the home of my Pilgrim ancestors...and Martin was admitting that in this same city NO one had ever shared Jesus with him before!

With that revelation from Martin, the Holy Spirit came upon me in power, and with tears in my eyes I began to share the wonderful love of Jesus Christ and what he could do for Martin. I noticed that he listened to every word I said. Finally I said, "Martin, would you like to pray with me for Jesus Christ to come into your life and change it?"

Martin was actually excited at that statement, and almost shouted when he said "YES!"

I quickly took his hand and we prayed together on that cold street. Martin meant every word he spoke as he prayed for Jesus to forgive his sins and to save him and give him hope for a new life, and to heal his mother and save his family as well. 

What a change came over Martin after that prayer! As I looked at him, I was suddenly reminded of the words of Jesus, when He spoke of the good shepherd leaving the flock to search for that one sheep that was lost. SO THIS was ultimately  why God brought me to London!
The Holy Spirit then convicted me deeply, and impressed upon my heart a timeless Bible truth as revealed in the Book of James. "Faith without works is dead..." What good does it do to say to someone in great need that "Jesus loves you" and "God bless you..." IF we do not MANIFEST that very love in practical ways, even as Jesus commanded us? I wish more Christians would read and then act on James 2:14-17:

 "Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing.If one of you says to him, 'Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,' but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by actions, is dead."

I looked at Martin, still shivering in the cold under that ragged blanket. Busy shoppers continued to bustle by us, appearing to not even notice Martin.

Homeless youth on the street in England

I then quickly went to get a fast food meal for Martin, and something warm to drink as well. Nearby was their local McDonald's. While certainly  not the most nutritious, it was the closest and quickest food I could find. 

Actual McDonald's  on Oxford Street, London,
where I purchased a meal for Martin

I brought it back to Martin, and he was so grateful. He had not eaten for a while, and began to eat immediately. 

Then God further convicted me.
"Martin, God has spoken to my heart to give you a 50 pound bank note...but you are not to thank me, but JESUS ONLY! He loves you and HE is your Savior, and this is HIS gift of encouragement to YOU..." We are called as Christians to be ambassadors of HIS love and compassion to the world. Everything we do must be done to glorify HIM and bring people to HIM, for only He is the Savior of the world and mankind.

I will never forget the joy on his face as I gave him that British currency. He finally threw off that dirty blanket, stood up smiling, and told me excitedly that he was going to return home to tell his mother about what Jesus had done for him that night. 
It was then the Holy Spirit told me that my assignment was finished, and THIS young man was the one He had sent me to London to minister to. I watched him slowly disappear into the crowd shopping on  Oxford Street. And then, I summoned a taxicab and went back to the Salvation Army hostel. 

What an amazing miracle! I had never experienced anything quite like this before in my life. But this is exactly what the Bible calls, "being led by the Holy Spirit." The Word of God also declares, "...but as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the SONS OF GOD."

And every Christmas season following this amazing God-led encounter in London, the Holy Spirit reminds me to continue to pray for MARTIN OF OXFORD STREET and his family...and now for the many OTHER homeless youth in the UK  and throughout the world (America included!) today facing similar crises as well.
Dear reader,  and what about YOU this Christmas season? There may be another "Martin" in YOUR area, that God wants to lead you to, to show forth His love and compassion to, and to share Jesus with. And maybe a warm meal or clothing with as well....

And why limit such increased compassion to the Christmas season? "The poor ye have with you always..." declared Jesus to His followers. People  are in need of compassion and the testimony of Jesus Christ and His love every month of the year....and not just at the Christmas season only.

May God bless you richly, as you consider His word encouraging us to reach out to those in crisis and in need.  You can make a difference in the life of SOMEONE at this time! And always remember that the mercy you SOW, is the same measure of mercy you shall someday REAP through God's grace.

NO matter how destitute I may find myself at various times and seasons in my life, I always remind myself to put God's word into action throughout my life and remember to take the time to love and to GIVE of such as I have to others in crisis.

And NEVER has God failed to provide for ME, as I helped provide for the needs of OTHERS for His glory throughout my life. For example...

Earlier this evening, I responded to a job interview to care for a woman, Nicole, paralyzed from the neck down by an accident. She appeared very weak as I spoke to her, as she lay in her bed at her home. "I know I need good vitamins, but I simply cannot afford to buy them anymore..." she told me as we talked. I asked her what kind she preferred. She mentioned "NOW, " an excellent brand of multivitamins at quality health food stores.

She did not know that I had been praying earlier for God to show me who He wanted me to bless especially this season, and once again, I KNEW this person was THE ONE. "I will be going to the health food store tomorrow to pick up something, but I just can't afford the vitamins at this time..." she said.

Following the interview with her, I went to the closest local health food store in this area, and bought her a bottle of the vitamins, plus another item she requested. I told my friends at the health food store (Withey's in Kalispell, an excellent health food store) to put her name on the bag that contained the vitamins, and to give them to her when she came in the next day. 

I left the store feeling very happy. What joy you can experience in  showing forth the love of God through Jesus Christ to others! No, I don't have a regular full time job as of yet. And I only have 1/3 of the funds needed to fully purchase the RV I mentioned in the previous article. BUT, I ALWAYS have enough grace and funds to obey God's word and to bless others that He leads me to! God always supplies for His kingdom and purposes.

Please join me in prayer for Nicole. Her situation is very sad. She is not a Believer ...yet. I shared my testimony with her during that interview, in fact. Pray for Jesus to encounter her life in a very special way!

At this wondrous time of the year, may God lead you to those people He wants you to reach out to as well.It may be someone homeless, or sick or elderly, or unsaved,or afflicted. 
Won't you allow HIS love to work through your loving and giving, and make a great difference in today's tragic world???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."~Jesus Christ

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  1. What a good article, and what a good blog you have about the need of a moralist christian global revolution in this world of so many people evil. Of people who kill for money, in a global hell where a few live real well and the majority are in extreme poverty and in pain. Thanks