Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organic Farming for Christian Survival in the World Today

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

January 12, 2012
                                          Argentina farm
Every Christian should turn to organic farming and obtaining/generating pure water in the world today. While short term organic farming may be feasible here in North America, I recommend strongly  that North Americans consider and pray about  relocating  to Central/South America and purchase quality  farmland  that is suitable for raising organic crops, with a suitable water supply. Argentina is an excellent location, as well as other locations there. Costa Rica is excellent too.
                                          Costa Rica -National Park

Although I am helping my friend Lisa  here in Alaska to get started for now and am staying for a while to help the Native Inupiaq, my long term goal after this assistance is to relocate to Central/South America to pursue organic farming/ranching. With the money I earn I hope to do this. And that other Christians may join me. This is a peaceful solution to the problems coming to North America, and profitable spiritually and physically and for safety for families with children, non-confronting and non-combative.

Many concerned and Christian families have already relocated quietly to Central and South America, as I discovered when I lectured in Costa Rica in 2001.They became aware of the coming AMERICAN NWO HOLOCAUST. They prayed about this and they sold their home and contacted a relocation website or relocation agency and relocated safely to purchase or lease beautiful homes and properties in Costa Rica, as I found when I lectured there in 2001.
                                     Organic Farm Costa Rica
Sustainable life is what we all need. You will not find sustainable life nor sustainable lifestyles with what is coming to North America soon. Not with what I have been reporting on that is to come to America, and is unfolding even now, for fifteen years now!

Soon we will face financial collapse...nuclear strikes on American soil...a coming police state...and most of you know this. Why keep sitting back and bracing yourself and living in fear, when you can exit this nation and relocate to another that will sustain you and your family throughout the times to come?

There are excellent training programs located right on organic farms in Central/South America, for a minimal fee that provides housing and meals as well.
                                    Costa Rica wildlife
The food we are eating today in North America (fast food and commercial food) is making people sick. Whether false spiritual food, the things we watch on television, etc., or non-organic commercial food, non-organic is making people sick.
                           Organic Farming Produce
We need to get back to our roots. HEALTH is the key, spiritually and physically. Everyone needs to GO ORGANIC. Everyone needs to develop an excellent personal health program of exercise and nutrition and achieving  physical fitness.

Pray about moving to Central/South America to find a sustainable life and future with organic farming and ranching for you and your family. The drought they may be going through now in Argentina, is only temporary, and there are many ways to water your fields alternatively. And even this is better than what you will find in North America (Canada too) in the future. Many Americans have relocated already to Central and South America successfully and they are glad (especially now) that they did!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Pamela: how does one actually go about finding out more regarding cost for this relocation process. I am a natural health consultant, Raw Food Coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy. I recently opened my own consulting bus./health food store and teach raw food & juicing classes, I very much understand the importance of consuming Organic foods, and I too am a Christian and see what is coming here in North America, We don't have a lot of money, we have 5 children 3 are grown, not sure if they would be willing to relocate their familes and it would be terribly hard for me as a mom to relocate without them and my grandchildren. Although, I know nothing is too hard for God!!!! if you could forward any helpful information onto my email. would be much appreciated...

    Healthfully yours,
    Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
    QFA Clinician, Gaps Diet Practitioner,
    Raw Food Coach, Student:Doctor of Naturopathy

    1. christianpermaculture.orgJune 22, 2012 at 5:05 PM

      Hi Jodi, Anna and Pamela,Our site is, and we are glad to meet you all. We appreciate what you are saying. I find that no matter where we move, this is satan's world. But for sure , we try and exercise the best choices possible. We thought about South America but there is still some open doors here. If any body wants to visit, you're welcome. We really believe in the family under God's order, NOT in a religious and controlling way but in order to be complete, like a fish in water. Again, it is REALLY encouraging to hear about you all! In Christ's worthy name P.S. my husband is a GAPS practitioner too

  2. You can go to GOOGLE and then type in search "RELOCATE SOUTH AMERICA" etc. And "purchase farms in South America", etc. There are excellent relocation agencies in South America and Costa Rica. Get out of America while you can.Fast and pray!-Pamela

  3. My family grew their own food as I was growing up, until we moved to New Zealand when I was 10. I've always had an affinity for living a self-sustained, natural lifestyle in the country but since learning about secret societies and the NWO I feel that organic farming is the way to go. I have been put off working for any private or government organisation that isn't Christian, but unfortunately there's no NWO self-sustaining farming movement of Christians here in NZ. I would love to be a farm volunteer in exchange for provision of my basic needs. I'm looking for a Christian community who are diligent and open-minded in their study of the Bible, who are self-sustaining in food and water. We must support each other in these last days! I'm living on my own, a bit of a lone-wolf at the moment, and have no attachment to any place, so it's easy for me to move anywhere.
    If you are aware of any such opportunities, please email me on
    May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you

  4. I am curious how the NWO will not stretch its far reaching arm to central and south America. What makes this area a "safe" place. I came across your page searching for a Christian farming "magazine, site" that didn't cram the "green" agenda down my throat.
    I feel that we are very close now- I have an uneasy feeling about this and am trying to figure out how we will hide, how to keep my family safe if this crazy place gets worse. I would go to the ends of the earth. But of course am not sure how this part of the world is safer.

  5. Organic Christian farming is a catchy concept, and can thrive if embedded in an organic Christian society. But with globalism, there's no 100% safe haven. We must stand and fight the culture that is ruining America. I am involved in a book project on organic Christian society:

  6. Thanks for your excellent article.

    The Ozarks in NW Arkansas seem to be a safe haven for Christians.