Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus Christ COMES That "We MIGHT HAVE LIFE!"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

...And this means LIFE in every dimension. Jesus Christ is NOT in a "NEW WORLD ORDER" bringing death to the world and to millions of her inhabitants targeted. Look at the people behind it and their dark belief system! God Himself is against it completely...just read His Word in REVELATION  elsewhere. But Jesus Christ wants YOU to have LIFE.

"I am COME that they might have LIFE and have it more abundantly!"-Jesus Christ

LIFE begins with God, Jesus Christ and His Word and His commandments, and His Holy Spirit.Believing in Jesus Christ should be all inclusive in our lives, including not only first SPIRITUAL health, but also practical physical health and nutrition. It is His will for His people to be healthy so they can serve Him and have and share life more abundantly!

In fact, an entire culture, community and life-style based on His Word and total application, plus practical knowledge of health in every aspect is very important. It is very hard to do anything for God  or others when we are UNHEALTHY! God GAVE us healthy foods to being with! "In the BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth...."

He put goodness in all healthy foods (vitamins, enzymes, etc.) and pure water for our benefits! ( Witness how sick unhealthy foods and IMPURE water can make a person!) And now we all must learn to fully  USE them for optimal health! Organic Farming is one way to help bring life to this dying world. We can GROW healthy foods...USE them...DISTRIBUTE THEM TO OTHERS so they too may have LIFE...even as we are to distribute the WORD OF GOD for SPIRITUAL LIFE to the world. Life must become ALL-INCLUSIVE, IF we are to experience LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Terrible events are coming to North America, planned for decades by the New World Order communists/world globalists. This will not be a sustainable lifestyles continent any longer, once martial law and ultimately WAR comes to this continent.

For this reason, I advocate moving out of North America, to places that God through fasting and prayer will lead you to. Starting your OWN self-sustaining/God-sustained organic farm is essential for LIFE in the future, to live independent from the system and "off the grid." They will prohibit people from purchasing foods in the future under a one world government. This is WHY you must become independent. This is WHY they are making laws in the USA forbidding your own gardens, etc. They do not want you living healthily or having food at all of your own, to live independent from the system!

 Starting a health food diet is LIFE, with consuming organic foods and fruit and vegetables, is important for your physical life. Growing you OWN foods for life, is LIFE in the physical realm of our God-given bodies. (Heirloom seeds, by the way, are excellent for planting and growing organic foods.)

How many Christians today are UNHEALTHY!

"Faith without works is dead." This is the Word of God. You are what you eat, both spiritually and physically. Our bodies were made for healthy foods and water and lifestyles. Christian readers, ARE you eating healthily and LIVING a healthy lifestyle? Or have you allowed the world and this  flawed society to force you into an unhealthy mold and unhealthy lifestyle? Are you studying the Word of God, AND practical health studies through websites and books and seminars  to discover keys to YOUR optimum health?

So much more can be said about this subject. Jesus Christ is for LIFE!

Pray against those who plan to bring DEATH.

Think and pray about this. North America's days of freedom are numbered. This is a vast world with many possibilities for re-location. To remain here and physically fight is death, fast or slow. America will not be saved by GUNS and fighting under martial law, but ONLY by NATIONAL REPENTANCE.

But I am telling you, that judgment is coming to North America and it is too late to hold it back, except through fasting prayer and repentance and for a season longer. The Holy Spirit has been showing America Christians this for a long time.

Of course, there are times when God calls His people to forsake all, to move to potentially unhealthy locations to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. This is also Scriptural. We are called to lay down our lives for the Word of God to reach others. We are to do so whenever He calls us to.
But even when you KNOW you are called to such locations for the sake of the Word of God, you can do EVERYTHING possible to ensure the best of health in the midst of such circumstances! This too is Scriptural. It is hard to do anything for God or others when you are sick!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


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