Friday, January 20, 2012

REPENT AMERICA! Jesus Christ is Your ONLY HOPE Today!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Jesus Christ is your only hope for forgiveness and eternal life. There is no other available to save your soul and to change your life. There is no forgiveness apart from Him. There is no redemption apart from Him. There is no eternal life apart from HIM! Come to Jesus Christ TODAY!

REPENT of your sins. RECEIVE His salvation NOW!

Judgment is coming to America (and the world.) In an INSTANT, nuclear strikes will someday come to our nation and continent. In an INSTANT, deadly chemical/biological warfare elements will unleashed across our nation. Untold MILLIONS of Americans will suffer and die unexpectedly.

EARTHQUAKES AND OTHER FORMS OF NATURAL (AND UNNATURAL LIKE HAARP GENERATED) DISASTERS shall strike this nation in various regions, and many will be injured and killed in their ruthless fury.

Expensive motor vehicles will sit idle in the driveways across America, because SOMEDAY there will be NO GAS for the common people.

FAMINE is coming to our nation! There is coming a time, when you will SEE the shelves of the great grocery stores across America EMPTY! Major riots will follow as starving people cannot feed their families,and  the troops will patrol the streets, and MARTIAL LAW will fully be here. People have died before from great famines, and the same can happen here in AMERICA.

Disaster after will come to our nation, because AMERICA HAS NOT REPENTED AS A WHILE FROM OUR SINS! We are guilty in the sight of God, from the highest corrupt leadership elements, down through the most humble of Americans.

DO you think God laughs at sin and abominations, and will NOT judge this nation for sins such as:

-over 50 MILLION dead babies from abortion,

-rampant satanism that kills up to ONE MILLION innocent victims every year, and some of the most powerful and influential and rich people in America are involved,  from the highest levels of our Nation's Capitol, to every one of our 50 states...

-the vicious drug trade destroying millions of lives, that leadership is NOT fighting but rather using to get money for their hidden agendas...

-organized crime filling the cities of our nations...

-behind-the-scenes snuff films and vile immoral and perverse films coming out  from America's own "Hellywood" repeatedly, to defile not only AMERICA but the entire world and intended deliberately to lead them AWAY from God and His commandments...

And so SO much more!

How MANY unprepared Americans will die in the coming judgments, and perish eternally in the horror of these judgments God will FINALLY allow because of SIN?

Ron Paul CANNOT SAVE AMERICA! America cannot be saved POLITICALLY! A NATION is composed of her PEOPLE. If the PEOPLE of this nation do NOT repent and turn to God for forgiveness of their sins and STOP THE SINNING against God and man, ONLY judgment can follow. This is a logical conclusion from the WORD OF GOD.

If we literally had Jesus Christ  sitting in the Oval Office as PRESIDENT tomorrow, this nation STILL COULD NOT BE SAVED, unless EVERY AMERICAN chose to REPENT of their sins and turn to God and Jesus Christ for salvation. God has given mankind FREE WILL, and the freedom to choose to REPENT or PERISH.


Please, reader, CHOOSE today to repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and Redeemer! FLEE from the wrath to come!

And SHOULD you be caught up in these terrible tragedies coming to AMERICA, you will enter into the glorious Kingdom of Heaven, and there have ETERNAL LIFE and find eternal rest at LAST from this dark world. To DIE without Jesus Christ, is to face DOOM and DESTRUCTION ETERNALLY.


(And by the way, the ONLY way to deal with sin effectively in leadership throughout this nation, is by falling on our faces in fasting and prayer and intercession for all in leadership. The Bible exhorts us to do this! As angry as some Americans may be with leadership in our nation, using violence or assassination tactics is NEVER God's higher and greater way! Jesus died for ALL sinners! None of what I have mentioned above, is intended to move ANYONE into a violent mode to confront these problems in our nation. Rather, we MUST turn to God's solution as revealed through His Son Jesus Christ and His Word instead.-PRS)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from ALASKA

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  1. This is very true. Read 1st Romans in the scriptures. This nation has been given over to the most sinful and vile crap that was never seen in such acceptance. Abortion is MURDER as you would see if you have seen an ultrasound of one. The baby lets out a scream as it 's legs and arms are torn off, but you can't hear it.
    Women have become murderers of their own children and flagrantly boast of abortions, sometimes several. Feminists have the most
    hateful and vicious ideology I have ever seen. We are warned that a nation that turns against God perishes.